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How does one go about explaining their newfound wealth to normies? Is it safe to say I just made some money off of Bitcoin Or is it better to let no one know? There's no point of even wasting your breath trying to explain decentralized oracles because most normies cannot even fathom the smart contract capabilities of Ethereum and see Bitcoin as gambling.

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only women feel the need to do this

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A good rule of thumb is to never talk about personal finances generally (and especially if you're loaded). The upsides are few and the downsides many.

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"Hey Anon nice car wow you must have a really good job!! There's no way you're one of those... incels right?"

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Here’s a protip, don’t tell anyone if you make it

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why would you need to explain anything to anyone? especially after you acquired fuck you money

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this, there is no sense in revealing your power level

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The truth is stranger than fiction.

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>this, there is no sense in revealing your power level

I've only told my closest friend that I have 50k Link but he's a Linklet himself because I advised him to pick up 1k. Will you guys tell your family?

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how much u got op?

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Tell no one. The normies brain does not have enough power to mentally model what your situation. They will knee jerk react in terrible and destructive ways.
Hire them instead, and give very clear instructions for simple jobs.
You will learn why bossmen behave the way they do:
Normies are very very brainless.

If your instincts drive you to brag, do it separated by one layer:
E.g. Use your money to hire a band and a venue and make yourself the front man and impress dumb girls.

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Secrecy is a skill that, like writing, we are not born with, but must develop in order to compete.

You will find that you are not "good" at secrecy whatsoever. One would immediately dismiss such a statement with "hah! how hard is it not to tell someone something lmao" - and that's fair - but, you will find out exactly how bad you are at secrecy when you make it.

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then he kill you off, take your wife, house and ledger after $1K eoy

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I'll just say to them "kneepads". Maybe I say employee of the month at taco bell for 2 months in a row. I'll have a different answer every time.

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just say you are a trader.

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My mom knows. But all I had to tell her was "could be used to automate bond swaps" and she threw 20k at it.

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Your mother is financially literate. My dad is a doctor and doesn't understand crap about money. But he thinks I'm smart so he gives me a hundred here and there (when I demand it) to invest in Link.