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What is best?

Gilles you shut up

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no idea, i have 900 golem and never made any gains with it, btc would have been better all the time

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RLC is clearly superior because of its scope within the cloud computing industry and all of the different use cases.

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There used to be a table comparing them, sonm and render token.
Golem was far ahead of them all.

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In the end I only care about which token is more likely to be a good investment

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Its RLC i would buy a suicide bag and wait two years. If it moons u rich as fuck if it bombs you didnt lose too much money. Perfect risk/reward scenario

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Golem is run by jews so it will probably have some major pumps coming up.

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> Gilles detected
Shut up

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iExec is far superior, team os tech as fuck and have a ton of undisclosed connections within the industry. Their communication could improve by a lot. Also they own more $ in ETH, BTC and € than it's market cap, which is fucking retarded, but this is crypto where vaporware is worth billions so...

Golem is a "good" project but I doubt they'll archieve something significant tech and partner wise. Also it's overpriced so I would stay away from it.

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