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going to 4.20 guys. im all in

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Time to have yet another thread about this stupid whore and women in general!

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Post your trades or fuck off faggot

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why is this whore's face so punchable?

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god forgive me for the unspeakable things I would have done to this pieace of fuck meat

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Women have no right to exist

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Wanna know why they are allowed to exist?
Because of that first thrust into a pussy, you won't find a better feeling.
Fuckin women.

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who is this semon demon?

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screepcap this faggots

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> Le sexy ahegao may may face xD

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Belle Delphine

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more like you sold at 2 and bought in at 1.90

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ty fren

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Checking trips of truth

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post trade with screencap

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there are alot better feelings anon
you ever win big in the casino?
win big in a trade?
sell a shitcoin for massive BTC gainz?
DMT, Shrooms, Acid
i can think of 500 things that feel better than sex, it aint that deep anon

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There are literally a dozen boss-eyed drooling girls in any special needs school - fill your boots.

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I don't give a fuck about this girl, what I want to know is how do you call these types of girl shorts in english.

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i've done all of those things and none of it compares to fucking a tight cunt

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agreed. tight cunt feels amazing.

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>bought back in
Typical no-holds-barred behavior

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she gets paid for this??

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Makeup is satanic

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Only true based cucks think braces
and make up are hot

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And your painted lady’s gone now...
And you’re on the outside looking in...

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If you bought at 1.76 you are going to lose money.
This is on an eternal dump due to libra.
Sorry anon

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that's a guy, isn't it?

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Gym shorts

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$1 soon

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Anyone who doesn't want to blow her back out is gay

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>not that deep
for you...

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Belle Delphine. Not.

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used to be, did a transition surgery and now just looks like a cute little girl

wouldve been much better if she kept her small benis.....she wouldve been perfect

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get yourself some XRP it's the future!
trust me

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Post boi pucci.