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Bought the VIDT Autism dump

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Since your line only touches two points on the chart, just redraw the line

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This, you should learn to paint on the blockchain OP

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How about this one?

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Was so close to buy this shitcoin

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Two touches is a potential trend, three a confirmed.
But at the end of the day meme lines don't mean shit.

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Still wrong. Why you draw through candle?

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I drew thru a wick and 1 green candle. Are you saying that the trend line is broken and we're heading for sub 60k?

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you cant fuck up buying this as long as you hold

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you did good desu

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Yeah this. If you want to fuck around hoping to get in at an 8% better price, go for it. Good luck. But if you want to be a chad and buy a 25% flash dump on a future top 100 coin then fucking market buy and stop drawing on charts.

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You're gonna be fine, OP.

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thanks to vidt, i only send verified dick pics

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ah, I see you're a man of art as well

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If anyone tells you to buy the news they are scamming you. You never buy the news. It’s going to dump even more desu

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Unironically holding until $1 with my 10k stack

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we'll see tomorrow

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