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Why am I the only one with extremely bearing vibes about Chainlink right now? Frens hear me out, I think you're walking into a trap.


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No. We're not "frens" here. You're a bitch

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Name a single time when /biz/ was sure that link was going to pump in the near future and the price DIDN'T nosedive.

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Same, nick fuentes just shouted out chainlink to 2500 live viewers. Fucking brittanty venti the e thot is big on it. all the normie fags are in on it now. big sell signal

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Never selling

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they both have talked about it months ago and recently. they come here. they're pandering.

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meh ignore ignore ignore

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>And so it began. And for 3 straight years the Linkie holders were selling right and left and the price kept rising. Waves of FUD flowed freely through the /biz streets and the price kept rising.
This is going to be a fun year

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We weren't even top 100 in mcap a year ago you fucking mongoloid. /biz/ has been nothing but correct while other shitcoins have plummeted.
Nice attempt with getting me to sell my bags to you though

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To be fair, we've had decent number of "they're SURE to announce something HUGE" before and after mainnet. Price never took a nosedive afterwards, thou

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You literally have to be retarded to sell now. Yes it could go down. But you’re gonna lose your stack if you’re wrong. And this thing could just keep going straight to $5-10 given possible announcements. Swing some other coin or wind up poor. Trust me on this one goys. You’re a going to be so sad if you’re not on this ride. This coin has moved from 101 to almost the top 20 in market cap. Normies and investors take note of coins that make it that high in valuation. Of course crypto is highly speculative and you could see a retreat to pennies, but that’s why you don’t put more than 10% of your net worth into crypto assets. It’s a roll of the dice. But if you’re a young person you may not get many chances like this to make a windfall profit this easily again, whereas you have many years to make money more conservatively. You don’t want to be the guy that sold all his BTC when it hit $100 for a profit of a few thousand bucks.

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there's never a bad time to buy link, and it's doubtful the few thousand people who browse this board are going to significantly affect the price tomorrow if FB doesn't happen

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anon you have to understand that the people holding link have been holding since 15 cents and still didn't sell at 1.30 at the peak of the 2017 bull run. People are still holding and we are at 2.00. They are at a 13X with their link right now. You think some dump tomorrow is going to phase these hands? 1000 EOY is fud. Link is truly that last 100x coin

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