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Part IV: link thot continues guerilla warfare against the mods

Any more requests?

Ether chain: 0x16E6b9880A7f3546312BC52292A85f963C47d787
BCH: qq9ygv6arj2k0afcg2ftcanzzqgkc3kuag0zemc0th
BSV: qq9ygv6arj2k0afcg2ftcanzzqgkc3kuag0zemc0th

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>against the mods
the only good thing about the jannies right now is that they have to ban you

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I've been banned like 3 times today kek

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Repost all previous answered requests. I just got here

>> No.14200980

fuck off and kys you mentally ill fag

>> No.14200981

more like traps, get the fuck off this board you degenerate

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I have never seen a stronger sell signal for ANY ASSET ANYWHERE than this thread

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Thottrap, if you will

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degenerates like you belong on a cross

>> No.14201060

ew something is so off about this body

>> No.14201064

Good thing I'm a Jew too :^)

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>jewish FUDding discord trannies are real

>> No.14201100

Result of starting HRT before I was done with puberty.

>> No.14201101

Part 4? Fuck I missed two threads.

>> No.14201115

probably the fact that it has a dick

>> No.14201128

^this, report this pajeet mtf street beggar and move on

>> No.14201137

Your collarbones are nice. Do you have a cat tail butt plug?

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Is this a literal discord tranny

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That's oddly specific, but no

Here's one from a previous thread. Thought it was pretty funny

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>it's not gay

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Write "snip" on your foreskinless dick.

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Except now it is

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what the fuck is wrong with you fucking losers bumping this mentally ill faggots thread, all of you kys unironically SAGE

>> No.14201358

Post armpit

>> No.14201364

Pay first anon

>> No.14201380

You are beautiful, why are you doing this?

>> No.14201388

What the fuck, this is disgusting, I would pay you to stop infecting my feed, kys

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How do you get a pair of tits? Serieus question

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I'm leaving when I get to 100 linkies desu

One pit coming up

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If you are in LA I will make chain link themed porn with you - i have a verified pornhub acct. You can wear a mask.

55k marine here

>> No.14201435

Estrogen does that, results differ from person to person tho

Because I'm in a tough financial position kek

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That's a dude

>> No.14201581

Why are your pits clean shaved but you wont shave your pubic area?

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In case anyone cares, here's my deal. I finished my MA program, no more scholarship, my savings are running out, and I'm not having any success snagging a job. Just trying to get some money until I get hired in the safest way I know how.

I'm trans lern2reed

>> No.14201612

Not shaven, started taking estrogen before I developed much body hair

>> No.14201614

>I'm trans lern2reed

So you're a dude.

>> No.14201664

If you say so. Can't say I'm >triggered

>> No.14201714

Too bad I haven't made it yet. Can you find a temp job?
I'm a nice chaser, would tip you if Link's at it's full potential. How much LINK do you have?

>> No.14201721

Can't say you're a girl either HUEHUE

>> No.14201754

You have some ugly ass nipples 2/10.

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Marker in the pooper, anyone?

Everything that isn't in my educational field that I'd be qualified for isn't enough to earn a living wage over here. I have 12 link.

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>jewish fudding discord trannies are real

>> No.14201830

Why are all thots on imageboards 35, childless and most probably guys?

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lmao, I knew it
4chan taught me to identify trannies

>> No.14201860

No idea

>> No.14201884

I never said otherwise

>> No.14201913

where are you from OP?

>> No.14201936

Seppoland, won't get more specific than that

>> No.14201953

(didnt mean to greetext that)

>> No.14201960

You get the rope anyway degenerate, but for the sake of the point. I didn't saw the dick when I made the first post

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You know what, someone in a previous thread asked me to write snip on my (((penis))), here you go

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show full frontal nude

>> No.14202299

What's in it for me?

>> No.14202317


nice ballsack skin texture

>> No.14202391

just sent 10 link cause you got double dubs

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>> No.14202459

How much money have you received thus far?

>> No.14202491

I don't see >>14202317's transaction yet but if he's for serious I'll be up to 22. I'll do some requests if you pitch in

>> No.14202502

How are you by passing the bans?!

>> No.14202526

He came through, thanks fren. Request coming up

meme magic

>> No.14202533

No way f.am, I was just wondering if doing this shit if better than delivering food for Postmates. Doesn't seem like it

>> No.14202544

No seriously, I've tried so many ways and have had no success. Is it skywire?

>> No.14202641

Where are you from, OP? Have you considered prostituting your boy pussy for some link?

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Sorry for potato quality, couldn't do it without a mirror and lighting over there is shitty

I can't drive

I'll tell you for 30 link

>> No.14202744

>someone paid 10 linkies for this bullshit
Lean your phone against something and set a timer on the camera.

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Arya, is that you?

>> No.14202780


Is your face feminine or manly? Be honest

>> No.14202783

Send me 15 and I'll get you a quality pic ;)

>> No.14202807

It's mostly feminine except for a few features that really give me away and I'll need surgery to fix

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>> No.14202835

mfw I do more to damage link's reputation than stinky linky troll patrol

>> No.14202845


Nice, straight dude here but would definit of blow my load down a trannies throat at least once. Hell if we all make it you can be our link yacht concubine

>> No.14202887

I think Kek wants you to send me some linkies if you want $1000 EOY anon

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I think it's worth reminding you lads that I have big milkers by tran standards

>> No.14203054

Yeah but your small nipples give it away, also try to get chubbyer

>> No.14203117

If you send more crypto I can eat more anon ;)

>> No.14203266

No way, you already scammed me with this shit quality pic

>> No.14203322

Okay, dubs, guess I have to go take a decent pic. Sec

>> No.14203384

somebody DOX this street beggar, this is asinine

>> No.14203470

She hasn't shown a full ass pic, so I don't see how you're already rating it a 9.

>> No.14203475

all fours spread asshole. also what do you look like in clothes? are you passable?

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Did I do good fren?

>> No.14203523

fucking faggot

>> No.14203588

Much better. I hope you become a porn star, so that there's yet another tranny out there who started her career on 4chan. The first one from /biz/.

>> No.14203602

No ass pic, sorry, I have a Hank Hill ass I'll tell you hwat

Send linkies and we'll talk

Not yet passable because tfw neanderthal brow ridge

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Yes ty
Cant make another request atm but keep making threads in the next days

>> No.14203660

Mods will probably figure out a way to ban me by then :(

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