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are facebook insiders FOMOing in?

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Its Microsoft insiders

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maybe it's both

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Facebook unveiling more information about Libra on Tuesday. Public knowledge.

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Facebook will not be using Chainlink, the people pushing this narrative are trying to make you believe they will and when its revealed that they won't there will be a huge dump, DO NOT listen to them.

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But you're wrong.

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You fudders are getting really desperate

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I am not fudding and I am not fucking wrong, people like you are the reason we have red candles at all, you guys are the people who are trying to suppress the price with false news

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Facebook needs Chainlink more than vice versa, it's in FB's interest to get on board. For Chainlink it's just another team of thousands that will bend the knee.

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I'm sorry anon but kek is on our side. You're out of your element

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how do you know you're not wrong?

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>Facebook needs Chainlink more than vice versa
please stop falling for memes

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we dumping

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because you are wrong therefore I am not

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>any American company using an illegal unregistered security token for some vapourware shit that doesn't even work as a concept

Your rent is due linkie, stop buying cyber cube tokens on Chinese exchanges.

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heh, funny

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Have you emailed Google to warn them? They probably overlooked details like that.

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Just converted some BTC to Link.
Let's see how this plays out.

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facebook directly infringes the US constitution every single day so i don't think they care about whether using chainlink is legal or not

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No, this is Toshiba outliers.

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>facebook directly infringes the US constitution

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they do a lot of censorship which is against the first amendment

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4th amendment

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Its xiaomi

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