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This is why we got that green dildo.

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$3 by july


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Another Twitter fag opening the floodgates for normies -fuck twitter

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what even is the problem you faggot
if they pump link to like 3-4$, its only good

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Just accept it. We were all given 2 years.
Time to reap the benefits.

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you’re not special

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Delete this fggt



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i actually fell for the link filter threads and filtered all link threads and even fell even more for some guy shilling AE to me and pic related. good thing i got my bag before the google pump.

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If you didn't secure your stack by now, you're a pajeet. The plan was always FUD before mainnet so everyone can get their stacks, then let the dumb normies pump it. You are ruining the plan because you're a poorfag that wasn't able to afford your 10k stack.

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The FUD was designed to keep you dummies out so you don't deserve any extra time now. Congrats on getting in before Google at least.

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Isn't that pic true though? There's literally nothing decentralized about LINK so what is the point again?

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Probably going to be used to give to companies who use it first. Or it's all for SWIFT.

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dude F
make a binance or huobi account if you're not from the US.
go to your binance/huobi account, go to balances and click 'deposit' on eth. copy the address.
on your coinbase account, go to your eth account and click 'withdraw', then put the money you want to withdraw and the address you copied before.
i recommend eth as it has much lower fees and faster time

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But still the price can pump regardless purely based on hype so.

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If it goes through this fag will take credit and if it doesn't we get pumped and dumped on.

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So who's going to pump the price to $1000 if the big guys get in for free?

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everybody report this motherfucker

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>0.41% of the gloval gdp


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I actually don't understand why you explained the process of obtaining Link to me. I said I was wanting to get more, not that I don't have a comfy stack at all. I'm just painfully aware of the fact that the more i have at this point, the sooner i can cash a tiny bit out to pay off debts, diversify comfortably, etc.

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yes, fuck this inbred

why not?

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done before you even said it
fuck this cucc

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Stealthmode is over

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This news ~two years ago got me to invest

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i think you are a massive faggot but i do agree with you on this

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half of the commits are from a Norwegian university student. calm down

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Fuck fuck fuck. With a handle like this I bet his followers wouldnt like frogposters though, so there's still a chance

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Why, are you selling at $3? This is what I don't get about all these newfags desperate for a pump. What fucking difference does it make in the short term unless you're planning to sell, and who the fuck is planning on selling after a measly 2x from here?
The one thing that makes me feel better is that it's confirmation that most of these newfags really have no idea what they're holding, and will sell after measly gains before asking "OK guys, what's the next Fantom/Lition/LINK" not knowing that one of these is not like the other.

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LINK FUD'ers have a severe non-understanding of how impactful psychology is to speculative markets and long term value

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BTC was fudded by the mainstream media for years and it still hit 1k. What makes you think LINK will fail because some 4chan dwellers FUD it on reddit?

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Isn't that what it's all about? Buy lower and dump higher? :]

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Absolutely fucking disgusting.

@SatoshiFlipper has 25k followers and was PnDing Link last week before Google.

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I'm not saying it will fail. I'm saying this level of long term FUD will have 3-5 year negative impact on LINK's potential ATH in that timeframe. Could be the difference between 500usd/link and 300usd/link

Still a success, but could be greater.

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Can't believe those retarded twitter handles are going to be allowed on this moon mission, fuck this clown world

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>This is why we got that green dildo.
No it's not.
It's been known since 2017 that Evan Chang was a Chainlink advisor.

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I'm not trying to FUD, I'm 100% in LINK; I'm just saying 3$ worst-case scenario. I actually don't know what it'll jump to, nobody knows, it's the future.

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"The plan" was to pass link to us so that the big players can get their shit straight while we fud the shit out of it so the normies don't get it in, and pull pump j dumps and make the project look like pajeet shit.

Google, fb, Amazon etc they don't give a fuck that Sergey is white nationalist frog loving Nazi with a $32mil/year BigMac habbit.
They care that they monetize cutting costs.
They only want us to run interference while they wreck the middlemen

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Do you really think that some autists from 4chan are able to make such a huge difference?

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i saw you in another thread. godspeed anon

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Question for you
Do you really believe that he can answer you that?

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Well what would your intuition say huh?
Also, have sex

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Meme magic works both ways, my man.
Never underestimate the power of negative thought.

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>Do you really think that some autists from 4chan are able to make such a huge difference?

As said before. I know for a 100% fact that one of the U.S. largest Healthcare DME companies was looking into smart contracts for insurance payments and chainlink as an option was laughed and cringed out of the room once non-tech senior partners googled it

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>Google Chainlink
>Only high authority websites with legit info, not a frog in sight

Have sex

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you tell me

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was not always the case, desperate nulinker

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Wow, how sensitive are you cucks. Reporting someone is such a petty thing to do, but my expectations of you guys was already at such a low threshold, it really doesn't surprise me anymore.

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>ethereum mooned, therefore my shitcoin will too!

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