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>Among the various companies signed up to invest around $10 million each in Libra are credit card giants Visa, Inc. (V) and Mastercard, Inc. (MA), digital payments company PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) and ridesharing powerhouse Uber Technologies, Inc. (UBER).
All of these companies will run chainlink nodes

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Facebook acquired Chainspace which provides API calls at 0.00001 per and 1 millions tps. Why would they ever need to run nodes?

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This. When did people miss this?

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Why am I holding this shitcoin again? It's made me gains but...utility where? when?

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>Facebook acquired Chainspace
They just bought all the employees, not their technology

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Evan Cheng

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but can they request the price of ethereum?

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Wtf chainlike is just a meme

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Unironically top3 EOY. It sounds ridiculous, but I'm absolutely certain of it. Chainlink is an integral part of the Facebook crypto offering and this will be made public in the next 30 days. This will melt your face. Screencap this.

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it's a smart contract platform and no where close to being done.

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my body is ready

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What does an oracle do? What does Chainlink do?

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lets you buy big macs

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This is the kind of shit you post when you have no idea what oracles even are.

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Facebook has nothing to do with ChainLink

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>Facebook has nothing to do with ChainLink

Apart of the Director of Engineering being a Technical Adviser of Chainlink.

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big if true, true if big.

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>All of these companies will run chainlink nodes
why would FB run a CL node when they got 1000000x better partners in 2 weeks than CL did in 2 years? Seems to me like they could literally overtake link's marketshare in a month by releasing their own product.

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>Chainlink is an integral part of the Facebook crypto offering
absolutely not, FB would never use CL, they can write the code and launch a more successful and decentralized coin in 2 months max.

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>All of these companies will run chainlink nodes
All of these companies will use an unregistered security

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No one's gonna buy this shitcoin, its just xrp 2.0 with even more kyc bullshit

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>>more decentralized
Do you see how stupid you sound?

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>top 3
unless an insane bullrun for every coin up there, that puts link at like 50 dollars
which is FUD of course

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kek, you are so fucking retarded it's painful to read

There's clearly money to be made with "decentralized oracles". Sergey already made 32mil + owns hundreds of mil worth of tokens.
Yes, facebook will make decentralized oracles and make millions from it.

They won't use some other's company's code and enrich someone else than themselves.

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What if FB is buying out ChainLink?

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why would they buy something with a 100mil valuation when they can build it in a few months for less than 1 mil?

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One of the most alpha sounding names I've heard. Are Chinese our new overlords?

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Tech companies buy startups all the time

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> tHeY wIlL jUsT mAkE tHeIr OwN
Hey, failed swinglinker.

2017 called. They want their FUD back. Not sure why though - It's extremely fucking stale and completely obliterated by TC ownership and patents.

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>ownership and patents.
that has never stopped anyone form competing in any tech industry, how fucking stupid are you with those comebacks? Is your IQ literally 80?

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How fucking retarded are you? Can't you read? I fucking explained that why would they buy it for 100x the price they can make it themselves?

Sure, they buy companies, when it's at a good price. CL's code and adaption can be recreated for a few mils or less, patent or not, yet it has a valuation of hundreds of millions because of its "assets" in link token and ether.

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Imagine not checking this

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checked, I don't see why not if contracts start being used. Daniel Kochis said derivatives and shipping insurance by EOY.
Take XRP's market cap, ~$50 EOY.

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They will monetize that data faggot. Big fishes are in a race to become the main data providers. Big data is the new oil

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Why do you think Sergey and Vitalik don't see eye to eye?

Vitalik is passionate about taking down centralised giants and creating a fairer future.

Sergey is passionate about process efficiency and doesn't care who the beneficiary is.

With the chainlink oracle network both giants and people can benefit, and will with hyperledger or public chains.

People still aren't grasping the magnitude that Chainlink will have on improving efficiency in almost every industry.

I can't guarantee it, the market can be irrational, but Chainlink has a better chance at dethroning BTC than ETH does. I may be delusional, I've been researching none stop for two years but in terms of value to people I only see LINK as King. BTC may forever stay on top as the longest running, most secure blockchain, but the best contender today is LINK followed by the previous best contender a few months ago ETH

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>Vitalik is passionate about taking down centralised giants and creating a fairer future.
>Sergey is passionate about process efficiency and doesn't care who the beneficiary is.
This is probably the best sum up I've read about their weird relationship. They have a lot of things in common, but still they can't see each other

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Well said anon.

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the fucking delusion. Vitalik has no respect for Sergey because he's a simpleton that doesn't know programming, and because he knows oracles aren't worth shit and that this scammer used HIS creation to scam 32mil

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What is this week kwetching shilling even?
shills on /biz/ are being fucked, shills on /pol/ are being owned, shills on h8 have resolved to blatant spam, jewtube and other boomer platforms resolved to just shut it down panic and the main propaganda outlets read like they have given up completely

The desperation is strange, I know we, the white wing, is strategically very well placed, our tactics work great, the supply routes have been made so resilient, they are impossible to break, the switch from chaos to distributed networks has been finalized two months ago, but your kind has still more disposable funds do to public funding and unlimited credit lines, and still it all seems as you have accepted that you will lose. Tell me my dear enemy, what is going on in your little brain, have you given up, have you accepted that you will either kys or be killed. If so, it was a great fight, but we haven't nearly finished our march of destruction.

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>sounds ridiculous, but I'm absolutely certain of it. Chainlink is an integral part of the Facebook crypto offering and this will be made public in the next 30 days. This will melt your face. Screencap this.

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He hasn't watched every single Sergey video
He hasn't watched Sergey hammer that derivatives are going to come first
He hasn't participated in discussion after discussion about Sergey always talking about derivates
Facebook comes out with a derivative and he's clueless
It all adds up perfectly

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Microsoft Azure is up next.
Let's keep this among frens, don't let normies know.

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How the fuck did that guy know about this is February 2018?

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been wondering the same thing since i saw that post yesterday, really makes you think about who the level of autists on this board

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What did he know? I don't get it...

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Here is another fb coin prediction a year ago

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Your FUD sucks. I am a professional LINK FUDder and you need practice

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Reminder that the threads showing the facebook usb leak were being deleted very quickly by the mods.

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lmao this. The most delusional part is Sergey gifting his tokens ahahahahahahahahaha
>him owning 2/3rds of the total supply AFTER receiving 32million is totally acceptable since he will just give it away for free (source: dude, trust me)


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If i were a counter party to a multi-million dollar contractual FB add-campaign, where Facebook is the other party, why the fuck would I trust their oracle?

The entire purpose of adopting Decentralized Ledger Technology is so that my corporation doesn't have to fucking trust a behemoth like Facebook to not meddle with data pertinent to a contract i may wish to enter in with them.

Fucking christ, anon....get a clue.

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It’s incomprehensible to you because you’re a myopic retard. Glad you’ll never manage anything besides evacuating feces out of your bowels.

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This is actually pretty compelling and I’d venture is the same poster since a lot of the language is similar (though the biz post is more flamboyant in regards to language).

I would venture a guess this is a Facebook employee with actual insider info who clearly doesn’t really like his workplace. Probably still browses /biz/, would love to hear from him again.

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everyone point and laugh at these disgusting subhuman shitskins

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it's all true. Every word

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big 77777 incoming.

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You people are fucking retarded. They didn't buy Chainspace or their employees. They just absorbed the fucking company. This means it no longer exists as its own thing. There are no longer Chainspace employees or even their own building, it's all just Facebook. Stop trying to spread bullshit fud. Libra is going to be huge because of this. Sucks for linkies but we all knew it was a meme.

Speaking of does anyone know which exchange libra and chainspace are going to be listed first? coinbase verified?

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How do you know though

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1000$ EOY confirmed

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Holy shit!!!!!!

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Or just follow europe
Don't cuck yourself
Unibright is coming up

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One day chainlink token will be worth $10,000.

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That was upgraded pasta, or the same anon as here from 2017

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With chainlink you just win

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care to explain this image?

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yeah, I'm thinking we're vertical

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Also see pic related from same thread

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check'd and kek'd

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Posts like these show that I'm super early in investing in chainlink. Doesn't understand the difference between an API and an Oracle.

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oh my god im fomoing rn

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linkies are in Kek's graces confirmed

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No one needs to.
Gamble if you want, all a hodler like me can do is wish you luck and hope you don't end up like the dozens of stories of swinglinkers who started with 100k+ and lost more than half of it playing the same games.

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Thanks for reconfirming for the nth time
checked, keep believing, if you are to retarded to know private.

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I'll be generous and buy you gold plated rope for when you decide to end it.

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Checked. Toasting in epic bread

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>spending irresponsibly
Just use a stone laying around and smash in his head. Cheaper and same result

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I want to be in the screencap too.

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Graph analyses won't mean shit when Google and Facebook announce that they'll be using LINK

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Kek wills it. Chaos be upon him

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I like this post because it doesn't feed the most important information, that facebook will lose control over its flow of data do to greed and the most hilarious thing is to who they will lose it

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yay! Anon snagged em!

was wondering who would >>14177701

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This is the second XXXXX I've seen in 2 days now, the other


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Fukking buy ubt

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How does this keep happening

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holy fucking checked, mate!

1K is still fud tho.

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Hi mom!
Look I'm on the news!

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We will all make it

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>what are scripts

>> No.14178253

The problem here is that link is used for the DECENTRALIZATION of this data to be used with smart contracts

What smart contract are people going to write over the Facebook social graph? This isn’t financial instruments ffs, this is analyzing user data and which “friends” people have on a social network

>> No.14178307

Does chainlink have to do with PSD2?

>> No.14178329

maybe Facekike will implement a fiat-to-crypto gateway

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>tainted meme
you are either a retard or a traitor

>> No.14178481

Hey Evan Chang, congrats on being promoted to director of blockchain for Facebook while keeping your title of director of engineering for Facebook.

How do people not believe that chainlink and Facebook are not going to be working together? Do they not realize how important his time is and he talks to the chainlink team everyday

>> No.14178507

google announced that they're using LINK. what happened?

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No, no
You guys can be a bunch of pol fags and say nigger and stuff whatever I’ve finally gotten over the gamer gate faggots who came here but no
I won’t do this gay fucking twitter lingo get the fuck of this website you low tier wanna be frog posting queer and off yourself

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This. FB coin is just a fucking tether clone. I have no doubt that FB will be using link eventually, but I have serious doubts that they're just going to roll out a complete smart contract ecosystem on a limited mainnet this month. All this unfounded hype is going to dump the shit out of LINK in the near term.

>> No.14178625

I tell normies all the time about chainlink and how it will enslave them. Collectively, guess how much LINK they all have bought since I told them? 0, because they're normies.


>> No.14178645

Literally never. Hopefully it gets to $2 soon so I can sell and start trading something worth while.

>> No.14178654

Only the whitepaper is this week. Release is 2020

>> No.14178723

seems like pure, unfounded linky hopium to me. Jew zuckerburg is not known for being charitable. I just want it to be over so the speculation can be put to rest, but I'm guessing there won't be a concrete announcement but maybe some hint that slightly suggests they're using an oracle in some capacity.

>> No.14178761

You have to go back...nigger

>> No.14178779

>Jew zuckerburg
Ironic link FUDders ladies and gentlemen. they just don't hide their disorders anymore.

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50% pump?

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Oh boy

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what the fuck are you talking about dipshit? i've had link in cold storage for 600+ days, and opened up a margin trade as a soon as the google news dropped, haven't closed it but I'm seriously worried about a dump coming up because of all this stupid nothingburger specuation. i'm not gonna be disappointed if FB is using link, I just don't think it's going to happen and all these expectations are bad for short term price action

>> No.14179213

This. I’m also a link holder. But I just don’t see any fucking way link could be useful to Facebook. Why would they need to decentralize their API data? The entire point of decentralizing data is so that it can execute securely on a decentralized smart contract platform

What fucking smart contracts is going to be executed over facebooks social graph? Yeah it would be great if they could but realistically tell me?

The use of facebooks api data is not in smart contracts but in targeting users with ads and analysis of human social behavior. Not for financial agreements

This is just pure fucking hopium and is going to result in a price dump Tuesday

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>> No.14179265

thanks anon always nice to know that people who actually understand link on some level beyond 'muh partnerships' is still around

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It's how Facebook skirts GDPR.

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>What fucking smart contracts is going to be executed over facebooks social graph?

pic related

>> No.14180045

Paul Holder tried, Eric Walker verified.

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>> No.14180079


Im gonna be fuck you rich

>> No.14180105

>Betting on China
>Past 1970
Buying the top, every time. Boomers

>> No.14180113

This is the only plausible explanation I see and it’s literally fucking insane. We’re going to enter a totalitarian state with currency awarded based on our social behavior? Nighas gtfo

>> No.14180141



>> No.14180198

A true statement if I have ever read one.

>> No.14180214

good point. but how did that anon call it over a year ago? doesn't seem like a coincidence at all. we need a high iq autist to explain the link usecase for fb

>> No.14180235

>We’re going to enter a totalitarian state with currency awarded based on our social behavior?

we're already more than half-way there. Bake that cake bigot. Believe all women. its NOT OK to be white.

It doesn't even have to be rolled out in the US at first. They'll roll it out in the EU or the Middleast, and use it to track who gets to move through certain areas of the schengen zone or who needs to get their hands chopped off by the sultan today.

Do you think Erdogan doesn't want a tool like this? Do you think Macron doesn't want to track the yellow vests with this? What about the brexiteers in the UK?

There is a demand for a social CRM by the people who engineer society. This is exactly what facebook coin means, and the immutability of smart contracts are literally going to result a perfect cage. They only way to survive it is to get rich off of it.

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We're all gonna make it!

>> No.14180309

Oh, no. All non-whites will start with maximum score. Any criticism of that policy will reduce your score.

>> No.14180310

>lowest score
>cheating in online games

I take back every bad thing I said about this system.

>> No.14180326

Is it luck? How do you do this?
Also $1000 eoy

>> No.14180331

I have 10k sitting on chinknance just in case. I don't believe half your sperglink bullshit but just in case...

>> No.14180349

that spacing
you are such a retard
like the first semester sociology student who lives under the delusion he will be part of the central committee.

>> No.14180368

>Oh, no. All non-whites will start with maximum score. Any criticism of that policy will PERMANENTLY reduce your score.


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>> No.14180426

I hear link guru anon suggests $1,000 - $20,000 link prices end of year? Definitely something worth investing in. A $1000 link eoy could return huge amounts on investments and probably outperform all other stocks globally. As it is masternode perfection. I'm not a robot.

>> No.14180433
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>> No.14180445

>facebook, a datamining service that provides enough information to 3rd parties like cambridge analytical that they are able to sway national elections is introducing a cryptocurrency which will incentivize certain types of engagement on its platform, and disincentivize other types either by with-holding payment or hiding that behavior from view like it already does today
>its totally not going to be a tool that governments and corporations will used to monitor and control their tax-piggys

yeah, but my spacing though right?

>> No.14180456

That’s exactly the part which is freaking me out. How did he call that fb would release it’s white paper right after link mainnet? What the fuck is going on?

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>mfw the glorious flash pump green dildo straight to $15 on tuesday

>> No.14180801

Eric Holder lied, Paul Walker died

>> No.14180974

>oracle OR oracles site:chainspace.io ext:pdf
>0 results
Do THEY even know what oracles are in the first place?

>> No.14181009

checked. 747 ready for takeoff

>> No.14181033

They don't need oracles because Chainlink will take care of them.

>> No.14181160


link is the ideal oracle solution for the fiat prices that will underpin their stablecoin

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CHECKED. Include me in the screencap