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You are a summerfag brainlet or cuck and probably all 3

That is all. Good day gentlemen

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Do you WANT it to drop?

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Fuck reddit

They buy at $50, not a penny less

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>mfw im going to FUD it to everyone I know

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exception for reddit; r/cryptocurrency and related subreddits literally cannot be saved

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I want to buy as much as possible retard

Even when it hits $10k I’m gonna be posting fud on reddit from my majorcan villa while 3 Russian nubile teens fellate me

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No one cares what swinglinkiers think. Go buy a rope.


Yeah he does, he's a swinglinker.

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Kek, they are all 100% convinced it's a scam. Even after a blog post from GOOGLE.

Well done boys! Bahahahaha

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You just want to remain poor into perpetuity because you wouldn't be able to deal with not being a loser anymore.

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Yes. At this point you want to FUD it now that the goods are confirmed. Shake out weak normie hands, accumulate what extra you can and then wait for institutions to pick up the rest for the moon mission.

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Yeah we get it swingies, you faggots are so desperate you'd probably FUD Sergey's AMA on Reddit and ruin Link for everyone.

10k Link will never come if you don't stop FUDing.

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No dumbass, I want to be a billionaire not a millionaire

I can wait an extra year or two for that

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Link could unironically collapse on itself because of the aggressive and systematic fud, not to mention the price manipulation.

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People already know ya maroon, it’s plastered everywhere. You’re a normie just admit it

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FucKing THIS. We are literally in a race against time to accumulate as much as possible

Stupid fucjing brainlets want a moon today

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You're not going to be either. You will remain a hundredaire all your life you sack of shit. You will keep yourself poor, you will keep /biz/ poor, you will keep all linkies poor, just because you wanted to keep reddit poor.

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You had two years

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THIS! Only us OG linkies deserve to stay poor, by our very own hands

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procrastinating, like all losers. Procrastinators never accomplish anything.

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Lol just look on Twitter it’s a sea of link pleb lemmings. Good luck w that when the tides turn

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Cult of link is getting kinda dangerous. It's gonna be jamestown all over again except in basements across the world.

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Never stop fudding
Simple as that

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Specify age of teens to integer precision please

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Dude, LINK literally depends on pajeets buying it. I haven't read the whitepaper, but I'm sure that we will never see $10 without the normies on board. How do you expect to moon without adoption? We NEED to shill to reddit to pump the price. No one is actually going to use this token for it's designed purpose. Shill it retard.

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17 year olds on their 18th birthday at midnight

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shit b8
stop larping

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I completely agree.
Fuck reddit cucks.
We are in a huge culture war, and in the future our generation will be competing with eachother to run the world when the boomers die off.
We do not need those cucks to be rich.

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I just launched an app that publishes the shoe size of every model in Russia .! I used big query to make my public data on chain with link! This is straight profit bro, it’s only a matter of time before we’re rich.. put all the public data you own on their for a few link and I’m going to be rich!

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Exactly. I’m done circle jerking and whinin about what needs to be done. It’s time to actually fucking DO something

That starts with financing

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Literally room temperature iqs

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$50 link is a meme and will never happen. reddit will buy at $10 next May or so though.

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Piss off, you had 2 years.

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Fuck off faggot nolinker

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I own 300k so suck my cock brainlet

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They deserve to be poor

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$100 xrb. conservatively. lol.

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