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>a fucking google only caused 50% shitpump
What do we do about the fudster problem?

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It's not even a partnership faggot
It's just a tutorial selling Google cloud products

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Fuck off tranny. Only non retarded amswer from now on please

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omg linkies so eternally BTFO!! xDDD

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>I only want answers that validate my view!

Close yourself in an empty room and listen to the sound of your own voice faggot

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There are like 100 similar tutorials on their blog just for boosting their sales

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But the Russian apigee tutorial was so based I want to improve my Russian home using google api!

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I dont know who you are fooling with your fud, delphi tranny so fuck off.

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even doge is on there kek

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Is this the best delphi trannies can do?

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your shitcoin is overated by a bunch of 4chan neets

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you faggots have had two full fucking years to accumulate.

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>literal fucking integration
>muh partnership

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