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This place is the evolutionary pit of truth. Here only the strongest ideas survive against the strongest arguments until only the truth remains.

So tell me, anons of /biz/, what else do you know to be true?

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Link 1000K eoy

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Israel has no right to exist

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Link 1000 EOY

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Based linkbro

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pi-zz--agate is real
craig wright was part of satoshi
the higher powers worship saturn
fidel castro is justin trudeau's son
chester bennington was john p--odestas son
pharaos descendants are ruling part of the system
ufo technology and aliens are real

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You will know them by their fruits.

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Wtf is pic related and if we get rich off link are we indirectly worshipping Saturn?

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yes. we don't worship saturn but what is inside

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w-what's inside?

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Theme song for this thread:

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post related

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Schizo-cath from yesterday, i-is that you?

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>I'm on dablock-chain-link

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going to watch some twin peaks with my girly
spent all day yesterday channeling 42 and look what happened today
cheers friends, might be on later to see if this thread is still up
let the "grokking" begin

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thank you anon. I really thought this footage was scrubbed

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based 42 poster

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mfw I'm watching twin peaks right now

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2012?! holy fuck I'm getting old. cheers

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a US-based recession looms over us and great catastrophe is coming to americans in several years. now is the time to strategically invest without emotion to later secure a location outside of urban/suburban areas and stockpile necessities/munitions. a fortress made out of shipping containers can be made with 20k. groom your soil as soon as possible to ensure a proper homestead. build up your library. find a mate. only the fortunate will survive the upheaval and mass migration. become fortunate now through the wisdom shared on this board to secure a position in the rebuilding of this nation.

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This is unironically true but /biz/ will hate this.

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out of the top movies, the corniest, shittiest, dumbest ones, are the ones with the most REAL red pills.

Jupiter Ascending is real.

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>to the moon

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>tfw we move out crypto gains to moon property and create an irl internet-super-city creating a paradox loop where we are repeating our ancestor's history becoming the new elite illuminati

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>the higher powers worship saturn
they worship the sun, the moon, and stellar objects including planets.

You need to make sure you know the deepest truths when it comes to slavery

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>he doesnt know that Samsquamtch is real...
Lloyd Pye on human physiology

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/biz/ will hate the grim truth because it invades their fantasy of social prestige and a harem of waifus. what they need to understand is history, because the US is a replica of rome and millenials/gen Z have been royally fucked raw by sources we can't and will never control. our lives will be sacrificial for the benefit of our offspring. be wise and get in shape because the neet life will be a pipedream in the near future.

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>pic related

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"The sky is fallin
Human race that we are
Has left me crawling
Staring straight at the sun
All in a moment, I notice
Every dog has his day
I paid attention
Cost me so much to hate

For so long
I saw only wrong
But now to remind
It's a waste of time

Close your eyes and see the sky is fallin
I wanted something
Nothing, blank, I don't know
It's all deflecting
Stones are easy to throw
All in a moment, I noticed
Hours, days left behind
One wasted, useless
Selfless, none of a kind

For so long
I saw only wrong
Now to remind
Not to go back to the low
That has drained my life so long

Close your eyes and see the sky is fallin"

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"And I answered: ‘What has the hide of my humility not already endured! I dwell at the foot of my heights: how high are my summits? No one has yet told me. But my valleys I know well.’

Then it spoke to me again without voice: ‘Oh Zarathustra, whoever has to move mountains also moves valleys and lowlands.’ –* And I answered: ‘My words have yet to move a mountain, and what I talked of did not reach human beings. I did indeed go to human beings, but I have not yet arrived among them.’"

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10k link to make it

any link under a dollar is a blessing,

buy your mom her 1k suicide stack.

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>Every dog has his day

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>buy your mom her 1k suicide stack.
digits don't lie
already ahead of you fren
some family and frens of mine have a few thousand of link that I bought for them back in early 2018 (they sent me fiat and I bought them the crypto and setup their ledger wallets for them)
also a few of them invested into the linkpool ICO
we've been having a good time lately lol

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Alright which one of you asked about buying LINK on fidelity?

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>mfw collectively we have over 20 LP shares and just over 100k of link
>mfw this party is just getting started
>interlink you say?

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>/biz/ will hate the grim truth
There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing


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honk honk

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Here's what I know to be true but sometimes I feel like the only one who knows: The planet has way too many people. I mean way too many. If half disappeared Thanos style, we would still have too many. More importantly, we don't need the amount we have. The problem is that the population of the Earth is both dumb and selfish. Nobody has EVER cared about the next generation which is why things only get worse.

I know this to be true but it doesn't matter because there's no way of letting everyone else know and even harder to have them accept it as the truth. Everyone has kids because their stupid asses think it gives their lives meaning. All they're doing is increasing the overall suffering in the world. Anyway, my goal is and will always be to acquire lots of money and watch everything burn from my ivory tower. That's all you can really do anymore.

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>Every dog has his day

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big in the next day if true

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>Here's what I know to be true but sometimes I feel like the only one who knows: The planet has way too many people
>Anyway, my goal is and will always be to acquire lots of money and watch everything burn from my ivory tower. That's all you can really do anymore
>video related is what I plan on doing when I (((make it))):

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we're going to make it
we haven't come this far to just throw it all away
God's giving us all the signs we need, he's been there the whole time

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posted in 2010
>what does this mean?

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surely just a coincidence....surely

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Can confirm ufos are realer than chainlink.

Without too much info i can say this

They can hover completely still

They can go from hover to btfo of the atmosphere faster than u can follow it with a spotlight without making eben the slightest sound

They really dont like get lit up by spotlights

Larps aside, aliens are real deal bros
Whats it all mean?

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We own Link so no worries

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Pretty sure I saw one in Philadelphia before. Standing on my friends deck he had a skyline view. I’m standing out there having a smoke looking at the city. I am on the south side of the city look at it northward. He’s pretty close about 3-4 miles in a straight line to center city.

I see a light on the eastern side of the city. It’s wide but short top to bottom below the sight line of the buildings. It’s slowly moving west for about 3-4 seconds. Then out of nowhere just shoots off incredibly fast and just disappears to the west. Went from like 0-I don’t even know how many mph had to be like 1000+ it seriously just flashed and went quickly west and disappear out of sight with in 1-2 seconds

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Paul Walker was assassinated by Eric Holder for his role in The Fast and the Furious

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Ayy lmaos are a ruse from spirits. Schizo threads are of higher value than ufo documents. The US is the big satan from the start, you americans should follow these >>14136826 >>14137262

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everything pol says is correct, and only the whitest of the lesser races will survive the purge.

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So the fucking tariffs on China are all about the next recession, aren't they?

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>Ayy lmaos are a ruse from spirits
people have forgotten the meanings of words
their entire realities are programmed by their vocabularies

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I love /x/ threads on not /x/. Was a good one on /v/ just the other night.

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yes, and the wall is meant to keep americans from leaving.

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What's with all the /x/ shit? Haven't lurked since 17

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the wall is to stop the influx of south and central americans in 2023

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>What's with all the /x/ shit? Haven't lurked since 17

>This place is the evolutionary pit of truth. Here only the strongest ideas survive against the strongest arguments until only the truth remains.

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quite the opposite my friend. think. http://www.deagel.com/country/United-States-of-America_c0001.aspx

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>the higher powers worship saturn

the (((higher powers)))

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The \x\ shit is temporary and lacks any semblance of evidence

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>lacks any semblance of evidence

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>lacks any semblance of evidence
>filename related

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bretty chill music bro. doesn't change my mind tho ¦^)

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So Jack became a loyal follower of Mr, Aleister Crowley
He took an oath to be a Magister Templi
His pretty house in Pasadena was notorious for the orgies
Every night Abyssinian mysteries
Then his company became the famous JP Laboratories
His reputation made it difficult to proceed
(Difficult to proceed)
And at their home there was a chemical magical ceremony
They found his body in an pile of blood and debris

>bretty chill music bro
glad you like it

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/x/ pls go

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glad we can get along despite our viewpoints. All linkies rise! More of a fan of pic related + materialism than Crowley and other hoodoo, but u do u.

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It's an efect of Sergey revealing his powerlevel

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>It's an effect of Sergey revealing his powerlevel
>glad we can get along despite our viewpoints
it's all just conjecture on my part anyway, take it for what you will

>pic related

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>water molecule geometry is that of a tetraktys

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>water refracts light to create the rainbow

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"examine their provisions".

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>pic related

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>correlation of sound and colour

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Dr. Ari Juels is Chief Scientist of RSA Laboratories. His many research publications touch on topics ranging from cryptography to genetic algorithms, with a particular emphasis on security for biometrics, RFID tags (wireless microchips), storage systems, and electronic voting. MIT s Technology Review Magazine named Juels one of the world s top 100 technology innovators under the age of 35 in 2004. In 2007, Computerworld honored him in its 40 Under 40 list. Juels studied Latin Literature and Mathematics at Amherst College and Oxford University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

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>what is inside
>w-what's inside?

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>w-what's inside?
>but what is inside
you need a delphi access pass, sorry guys

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OP is a fag

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this thread is a collection of atomic grade bluepills
you guys are going to be fucked so hard next decade

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