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I am crying from happiness.
Thank you for showing me the LINK way /biz/.

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The quality of biz memes is an excellent metric by which you should decide to invest.
I mean this unironically.
It's like the wisdom of crowds.

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this unironically

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This is literally the reason why I invested in Link. I'm a brainlet and don't even have a single clue abuot what Link does but the meme made me buy it

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I even did my part. Once I bought in because of memes I only thought it to be fair to do some of my own so others might buy.

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Me too. It was sadness and isolation that brought me to /biz. I still don’t know what Chainlink does, but I know how to buy and sell it and in the end that was all that mattered. I don’t know you anons, but you are better frens than any of the degenerates I know irl.

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Meme magick is unironically real

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McAfee is with us.

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it's called meme magic and it will make us rich frens. enjoy the ride

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I bought 10k last year just for the memes. Thanks guys! We did it, Reddit!

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>It's like the wisdom of crowds.