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I'm looking for a new job to make some money as I'm taking a semester off college for some other reasons.

What are the most /biz/-approved jobs in such a tight situation? I'm thinking Server at a restaurant or maybe security guard (because I've heard you're mostly stationary and thus can earn money online for example while also earning your regular wage).

Any thoughts? Would getting hired as a server be particularly difficult as a male without serving experience? I've unironically noticed it's mostly pretty girls who get hired as servers( for obvious reasons ), would I have a chance or should I focus my efforts applying elsewhere?

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Server's fine as long as you can get into a good restaurant. You don't need experience but sell yourself in the interview. When I was 18 I had too much confidence and went in and met with the owner and sold him on why I'd be a great waiter. He hired me because he could tell I had the people skills to do the job. Be confident, funny, charismatic, etc.

That advice can hold true for a lot of jobs. It'll be tough to make decent money without experience, but it's not impossible. Just keep looking and don't settle. Believe you deserve what you're asking for and then deliver once you're hired. Talk to friends/family about employment opportunities. I got a job from 20-23 making 34-50k/year driving in my car for 6 hours 5 days a week, because my boss was a family friend and I asked him.


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Any specific tips to really stand out in an interview for a serving position? How can I make myself look really good if I don't have any experience?

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this guide is pretty solid. pretty much what I did. went in around 2pm and the owner was at the bar. I asked to speak with him and just had a 10 minute conversation basically. this was at Carrabba's so obviously not the highest standards, but the same principles apply anywhere. Smile a lot, be funny, be pleasant, be polite. Frankly, there's not much to being a server so if you're intelligent and can talk to people normally you'll be fine in the interview. Just go on interviews til you get hired.

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True, thanks. I'll give the link a look and try my best.

i was just worried I'd be wasting my time trying because it seems you either need experience or to be a girl... I guess I'll apply everywhere, even "low-tier" restaurants seem pretty well paying compared to minimum wage. I'm in Ontario Canada though, so I'll need to get some shit certifcation that lets me serve alcohol too

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I know the feeling man, but a lot of times places say you need experience but it's possible to get the job without it. You're not wasting anyone's time as long as you will actually be a damn good waiter if hired.

Not sure about Canada though. Could be very different.

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>You're not wasting anyone's time as long as you will actually be a damn good waiter if hired

I've never done it before... But what does it even entail? I think it's pretty easy, don't you just take orders, clear tables, ask peopl what they'd like to drink, bring them food and then mostly chill unless asking if everything is fine/they'd like a refill?

Seems like one of the best jobs in terms of pay relative to effort.

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yes that is the job. but it involves doing all that for 1-15 tables simultaneously which can get crazy. it also involves customer service. there will be things the kitchen screws up, or you screw up, and there will be times the customers just complain about everything.

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>need experience
>to be a waiter

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You'll learn more being a server than being a security guard.

How to run a business, all sort of laws, how to deal with customers and maybe contacts you never know.

Btw, earning money online is pretty difficult

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