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The wait is over

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250 is bottom

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Just because some anon said so doesn't make it the bottom. Literally no candle aligns with 250

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250 is such a nice, round number. And it's close to 256 which is a power of 2.

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Next stop 3000 sats

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Im the random guy.

Mainnet will be delayed. New stop 100 sats.

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Thank you random guy. I ALMOST bought in

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whats the mcap of harmony?

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They have some serious Pajeet tier partnerships.

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About 55m

Check in coingecko.com

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Anyone else using that one wallet in the big brain CZ threads? I'm up 20% on some random shitcoin that was being held by it. There's no way this is legit, is this real life?

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There is no volume, probably going to dump again

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I will help anons. If you want to do some money should buy FET in the next dip at 2500 sats.

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Yep, I'm thinking he's back.

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No it's dumping again

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ho boy is this gonna dump hard with btc just teetering at the moment. just a subtle btc dip and one stumbles on its face. Expect matic to follow in suit. cz's bots gonna be doing double duty wash-trading itself to keep it propped up.

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