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Call moves on stocks you're trading.

Unless everyone here is a pseudo-trader fantasizing about some retarded blackhat scheme during their first year of university.

Been telling yall to short CHK since early may, down about 40% since then, made $12k in a month. Still saying its a good short to maybe 1-1.3, though it needs to bounce sooner or later.

Whatre your calls boys

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LINK $1000 eoy

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Sauce plz

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what does sauce mean?

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Link below 60 cents within two weeks.

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>man face
>no breasts
>extra wide hips
Basically doing a man

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and don't worry, she's BBC only since about ~13 years old

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lmao gtfo

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no Benis
why the fuck u postin this faggot

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the front toilet on this one

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dude come on that’s someones daughter...

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I wonder why there are cucks like you who make those posts. disgusting kys

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And she's about to call me daddy.

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Sold jd.com. Holding tencent

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"Sauce" is a request to see that picture printed out and ejaculated upon; a tribute, if you will.

Welcome to Chanel No. 4

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Make with the source anon

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See how they word is carefully how Dog isn’t the one making the call

Binance commented on it to(so it would show up to their followers)

Tomorrow’s gonna be a great dump.

I’m convinced.

CZ pumps coin where ppl got rekt to achieve that euphoria feeling

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I want to put it in her

I want to fill her up

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Buy non-China EM at the end of the month
Buy Gold, Silver, Miners ETFs

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brother I went to school with her. She was making compilation videos of her grinding on black dudes at 11-13 years old. Her dad is not a guy I respect

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ok its here

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She is not aging well.

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