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Can't stand wage cucking any more. About to take out a £30k loan and spend on crypto moonshots.

What should I buy?

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If you don't want to literally commit suicide in a month when you start having to pay it back and have lost it all on shitcoins, Chainlink.

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Digits confirm.

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You jest but I probably will kill myself if I can't 30 - 50x by the end of the year.

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nah did it last year around june, loan 10kusd invested 5k to sirgay it was around 17c that time and 1k for 2LP, used the 3k+ left for payments for until january result was LP went 20x, $link 4x on sats
at the current prices though i would think twice about it going for it op u shud have done it before the market recovered

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Hope at least one 20x's by December

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What a retard
Nothing happens if you can't pay it back anyway kys thicko

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If you have to take out a loan to invest, don't bother investing. That is the dumbest thing you could possibly do.

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Fellow bong, I borrowed £80,000 and put it all in QNT. UK team, super legit, going places. You prob know all about it by now.

Join us, come meet the team in London some time. Fuck investing in chink shit these days.

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>Nothing happens if you can't pay it back anyway kys thicko

this, especially in the UK. they just send you letters in the post lol

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Just but LTC.

And maybe some ETH.

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Quant is shit.

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How can I take out a big loan?

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I'm not joking, taking a loan out to invest that money is an incredibly bad idea. You possible could kill yourself. Chainlink is the safest bet, but there is no promise it will even 30x by the end of the year even if it is a bullish investment.


Your timing was fucking god tier getting it at the bottom. I bought back then too but I regret not going in more. Thought it would sink more. Still OP is not investing in 17 cent Link, he's buying $1.17 cent Link.

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