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>TFW no highschool diploma at 24

I'm doomed to wagecuckery forever. I simply cannot find the willpower to get it completed.

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Hope you do well. Perhaps you're a giant of hustle?

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Get a GED if it bothers you so much. If my clueless dumb ass can earn it at the age of 15 without even studying, you definitely can at 24.
After you've had a basic job for a small amount of time most employers will not care that you don't have a diploma.

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you can do it OP!

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Start you own /biz/!

Also start socialising, the best jobs I've had all came about without any discussion of qualifications!

Best of luck OP

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>wagecuck radio playing
>"Kharim got his high school diploma. We can help you get yours."

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I'm trying to do online courses for my highschool diploma but im too fucking lazy

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>I'm doomed to wagecuckery forever
as if a highschool or college or phd degrees will save you from that

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