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I've always considered countries outside the USA somewhat irrelevant. Now that it's 2019, this is has pretty much become a fact or common knowledge if you will. So what's stopping you?

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If your from Mexico please don't comment

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>he thinks america is still relevant

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most eurofags with skills want to move here because they'd easily become "rich" in a decade. problem is it's not that easy to get a work visa here so they talk shit about the US instead.

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American here. Cost of living is absolutely insane. I can see why people wouldn't want to live here.

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>Why aren't you living in America?
Have done, its shite! Not ever going back.
>I've always considered countries outside the USA somewhat irrelevant.
Yea, you should leave the country for a bit, you sound like the typical brainwash Burger!
> Now that it's 2019, this is has pretty much become a fact or common knowledge if you will.
>So what's stopping you?
Past life experience

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I'm from Europe I visited USA and I consider it a shithole full of fatass retards. The nature is nice, the only good thing .

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USA at this point is nothing more than a proxy state for israel. enjoy getting drafted for the upcoming war with iran, goy

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I live in Europe, I hate the slowness and the government cuckedness here. Would move into freedomland today, I’m just not elegible for green card and I’m not gonna go there to be another ilegal chicano. Also I’m 39, too late for the party

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Nothing really. Been there for work a few times for a few months. Its not bad, but its not amazing either. My standard of living wont improve substantially if I move and I dislike the long commute all Americans seem to have.

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anon... i...

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Mexico has a better passport than the Burger one BTW...NO global taxation & nearly the same amount of countries visa free!

>most eurofags with skills want to move here because they'd easily become "rich" in a decade.
Those times are over...

You watch to many movies, Burgerland has been shite for the last ~15 years at least

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t.Eurofag that moved here. trust me anon, it's better in America

> With skills, you can easily clear $120K in a LCOL state

> You don't have to buy a McMansion. Can pay off mortgage in a few years in a reasonable home

> Everything is cheaper in the US. Can buy in bulk in places like Costco, etc. Gas is cheap. Cars are cheap. Saving is easy.

> You get 401Ks, IRAs and HSAs to protect a ton of your money and investments from taxes...the evil government.

> You get your choice of women since most Americans are dumb, fat and broke just based on the fact that you're competent, semi-intelligent, have a decent job, etc.

> Only downside is healthcare but you're fine with that since you have a job that covers you

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>wealthiest country
are you retarded? never was and will never be
>world eats US food
not even hamburger is from your 3rd world...

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im a high skilled eurofag working remotely for a US company. the pay is good and they would love for me to move over to the US. but Im not doing it. why? cost of living is insane over there. I would pay 3x as much in rent, would have to get a car since theres no public transport. even after taxes Im better off staying in euroland, especially since I get paid in USD and tthe dollar is strong against the EUR right now.

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Whats wrong? Mexico has a better passport than a first world nation? I agree! Such a shame you have the worlds worst citizenship! I would have accepted US citizenship when it was offered to me, but I couldn't accept getting taxed globally! I can already enter visa free by my other passports.

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Because it's full of racists and boneheaded Trump fans? Because your president is a cunt? Because the towns and cities have no history? Because the entire country is based around capitalism and run by corporations?

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>first world nation
'First world nation'
Corrected it, sorry!

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What state/city did you move to Anon?

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How did you get hired ? Did you search for remote us work?

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because I dont want the empire to enslave me mord than necessary. Im fine with being a remote slave in occupied europe thx.

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>Because it's full of racists and boneheaded Trump fans

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wrong again

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Oh i forgot how ignorant you Mutts are. As I said I don't even want to go on holiday to your shithole.
t. been to more states than you!

Sorry you got brainwashed Anon. The only way you can have freedom is to renounce your citizenship!

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this. if you unironically think the US is relevant to anyone in the EU or SEA you are deluding yourself. I have rarely seen a country that is more degenerate and on the verge of failure desu (everyone is fucking obese, shit food, home of normie culture/hollywood trash, polydrug epidemic, school shootings every week, no public health care, dirty water (see Flint), radically christian/prude af, culture defined by war, most US people couldn't come up with $400 in a case of crisis, STUDENT LOAN CRISIS, love for credit cards lol, most americans are normie-tier low IQ brainlets, etc)

Whew, anon I could go on for hours desu.

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I wouldn't want to be a US citizen because it's one of the only countries that taxes citizens even if you don't live there.

I might visit though and take advantage of my posh bong accent with the portion of your women that aren't obese.

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Even the way you type is irrelevant

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its a niche field where theyre always looking for talent. built up a resume in my homecountry then started trolling industry conventions in the US.

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imagine pay taxes

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Careful, you could get arrested for saying that without freedom of speech

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Burger here. America isn’t even a country anymore. No identity, no shared values, no vision, nothing. only one thing unites it:

everyone inside it is a cow the federal reserve and its masters milk for money taxes and power, like the machines milk humans in the matrix

The problem for me right now is since I grew up here, all my work is here. I will renounce my citizenship within ten years time and live in EE, as soon as I have the resources to do so

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Too many niggers desu.

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I'm a white europoor who didn't follow the good goy path through uni/wagecucking and doesn't like sucking corporate cock, so my chances of getting in legally are abysmal.

I work remote and regularly stay in the US, 3-4 weeks at a time. Your suburbs are incredibly comfy.

Couldn't give a fuck about "muh cost of living". It's actually cheaper to have the same quality of life in burgerland as in yurope, because for any high-earner, effective tax rate is over 80% in major european countries, and gross salaries are twice smaller.

These threads always go the same way because people obnoxiously talk over each other, without specifying their background. If you're a low performance normie, Europe treats you better. If you're driven and efficient, America is the way.

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Honestly I wish Trump would deport them back to Africa

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oOooo the Matrix!

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>without freedom of speech
Are you a Trolling Europoor?

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I don't like jews

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Born and bled USA

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I agree with the last sentence, but beyond making money and self improvement, america is hell. The women here are completely botched, culture is more normie heavy than any other in the world, in fact there really is no culture, no people lounging on the streeets, etc

America is a very isolating country meant for working self improvement and making money. Once you have money you gtfo

>American who has family in Europe

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US is good for creating a business but shit for living for the same reason - your system as a whole sucks corporate dick way harder than other places.

Regulations on food & water are garbage for example because they focus on allowing to make more money scamming customers over customer protection.

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>Born and bled USA
Sorry to hear that Anon, You can always renounce! You can then start telling people your Canadian! Its what I do if people ask me about my accent.

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You want somebody to hold your little hand, customer?

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I'm British and I love the ideals the nation was founded on, but now it is just a mutt and nigger filled consumerist shithole. There are places in Europe where those ideals still exist, namely Switzerland

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I'm legally banned from canada from other reasons.

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Did you refuse to club a seal?

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This. Many many countries are more free than America rn

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Most of the women look like ogres though unfortunately, some of them would have been cute if they didn't weigh over 250 lbs. I grew up in the US and just assumed girls were this fat everywhere until I went to Japan last year and got redpilled on what women abroad actually look like

Good food is a bit more expensive from what I've seen. Overall food is cheaper, but that's only if you're willing to eat burgers all the time. The $120K jobs are in places where it costs that much to live, and there's fuckall to do if you aren't living in a $120K place. Healthcare is a HUGE downside, if you don't have insurance for whatever reason you're fucked

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>Can't even visit the closest first world nation
FUCK, that sucks what did you do?

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I want for example labeling to be mandatory. When laws forbid competing on quality metrics because some fucks lobbied against it the system is fucked. Shit like spraying meat to make it look artificially fresher is garbage too.

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>incoming europoor cope

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For all the people complaining about America and Europe be glad you don't live in a cuck nation such as Australia and New Zealand.

t. Half American man living in Australia and wanting to leave

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>the US isn't relevant in the world
>lists 50 different things supposedly going on in American culture right now

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The saddest thing is there are some absolutely beautiful 3rd world places but you can't plan to live there longterm unless you plan to an hero in a warzone. Still amazing to vacation in while it lasts.

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>corporative construct owned by the Vatican managed by london
>citizens are considered commodities and assets

yeah, why aren't you living in Chinasrael

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>in fact there really is no culture, no people lounging on the streeets, etc
Let me guess you live in some flyover state in the middle part of the country? Move to a bigger city anon. NYC is exploding with culture.

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Problems with burgerland:
>Everyone is poor, fat and stupid.
>believes they have freedom thanks to a lifetime of propaganda
>can only compare itself to 3rd world countries and 2nd world countries (meaning it in itself is a 2nd/3rd world country)
>enslaved by debt
>can't afford healthcare
>work culture is almost on par with Japan

>food; it's a fat person's paradise and nobody will judge you since everyone else is fat too. The food is good too.
>wilderness areas are top-tier; except where people go...those places are shit and filled with trash because people love to litter in burgerland.

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this is pretty much the pinnacle

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>land of the fee, home of the slave


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That's not even counting the # of people who have been to prison/are felons. Just the concurrent # in prison.

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USA #1! Now show a graph with the number of niggers

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Nice, #1 in justice!

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Fuck you have a skewed view on Justice! Most are even real criminals, its mainly victim less 'crimes'!

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This pretty much sums it up

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we own the fucking moon

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also based to still use an 18th century justice system today.

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I'll give u $3.50 for it

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If you want the full experience of life with all options, rights and consequences available, come to the US.
If you want a life of perpetual childhood and pride in your cowardice, live elsewhere.

Simple as that.

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I am American and I haven't lived in USA for 5 years. I don't miss anything about it except shooting and open carry.

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I live in western EU.
Inb4 mutt cope.
>muh DB

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>childhood and pride in your cowardice, live elsewhere
Based and Libertypilled

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/b/ tier shit threads. God this board is beyond repair now.

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Dude a manhole in my city is older than the oldest building in NY. You have nothing that speak history your culture is new, no traditions no monuments no food old school specialties

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Remember those two world wars? Your welcome.

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weekly school shootings

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You are very old

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I don't get exactly the opposite: why do u guys from "first world" no matter USA or EU, don't leave your countries for cheaper places?
For example if u sell your American mcmansion for $800k, u can buy an awesome and luxury villa in Thailand for just $200k and have $500k which is enough to live without cutting expenses in Thailand for maybe 10 years or so. Or you can invest these $500 k to have passive income, f.e. u can buy 5 condos in Pattaya for $40k each and rent them out for $500/month, $2500 per month is pretty good for Thailand.
Also you easily can work remotely and earn the same money you have earned in your country, while cost of living is way cheaper.
If you don't like Thailand for whatever reason, you can move to Europe as well, f.e. in Ukraine u can buy a decent apartment in the centre of any major city for $50-$70 k and enjoy benefits of Ukraine:
Low prices, taxi ride costs $2, meal in restaurant $10, luxury meal in elite restaurant $30
No shitskins, no mudsharks, no niggers, no feminists. Almost.
If u have around $3k monthly income, u are considered upper middle class.
Or if u don't like Ukraine u can move to Hungary, it's slightly more expensive than Ukraine but more stable. And Orban is maybe most based and redpilled politician in the world, he expelled Soros and counters any forms of cuckery in his country.

The only benefits of USA are guns (allowed in Moldova too, lol) and high salaries ( but who is wagecucking in 2019??? ).

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yeah, much thanks for helping the nazis before flipping sides. But i guess you're excused cause they don't teach you anything anti-patriotic.

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fake news

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Depends on where you live. some places offer huge houses for a lot less than in other developed countries.

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You had trade going with them up into the 40s. That includes even military supplies. German school covered that. But we also get ~8 years just about ww2 in history class so again i guess you're excused.

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>over there.
The U.S. is a big place, anon. There's a wide range of living costs. Middle America is a lot cheaper than Manhattan and San Francisco. You can live on or near the beach in poor states like Alabama and South Carolina.

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Bruh if I thought I was capable of learning another language I’d move out of this tax hell in a heartbeat.

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>mfw American
>mfw pay as much taxes as Europeans (when factoring in healthcare and big city costs) to live in squalor with crumbling roads, fax mexicans, blacks and various other biogarbage
>all of my tax money gets sent to Israel
>no culture
>worry about getting stabbed or my child getting raped in public school
>the only solution offered to this is "just move to a nice midwestern city full of methheads and inbred hicks, its super comfy bro!"

yeah no fuck you. I'll keep applying for EU work visas.

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You can get very affordable beach houses in Alabama, and for a little more in the Florida panhandle. Georgia and South Carolina have a shitload of affordable beach areas.

And if you prefer the mountains, up in the Appalachians is some of the poorest cheapest places in America.

>> No.14110560

There's even free land noone wants given away by the gov. Saw some anons trying to find people to found neet city based on that initiative. That one dude who lives alone in a dead village he owns now was afaik also based on same project.

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AHAHAH we have been saved by the soviets, fucking retard go study history.Who liberated Berlin ? AHAHAHHAHAHA

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I don't want to live in a low trust society full of suffering, crime, identity politics, altrightfags and shitty extrovert culture where people ask you how you're doing as a greeting but couldn't care less and where people say "I could care less" when they mean "I couldn't care less".

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Because it's full of niggers.

>> No.14110631

you couldnt be more wrong.
you want to talk history? how many moons do you own sputnik?

>> No.14110636

>shitty extrovert culture

Have sex please

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>What's stopping you
People with power ;(

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>effective tax rate is over 80%
[citation needed]

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Bump the question anons
For example:
> be me
> live in Ukraine
> making $4k-$5k per month from mining
> rent a nice apartment in the centre for $500
> fuck model tier escorts for $50-$150/hour. Legally because fucking prostitutes isn't persecuted in my country.
> don't pay any taxes at all because my government is too weak to collect taxes. The only exception is VAT (sales tax).
> meal in a good restaurant almost every day.
> called almost wealthy because wageslaves here have $500 per month and it's considered good salary.
> still being able to save around $2k/month to invest in crypto
> guns aren't allowed, but I can buy it illegally if I need to
If I move to USA:
> will earn less because U.S. electricity is way more expensive
> will have to pay taxes.
> escorts cost up from $200 for ugly fat drug addict nigger
> can be persecuted for fucking escorts if not in Nevada
> tons of shitskins, niggers and feminists around.
> everything is way more expensive
> food is unhealthy as fuck, good food is only in whole foods for fucking high prices, while in Ukraine I can buy same farmer stuff on market for x20 less.
> guns are legal, but easily tracked.
> everything is fucking expensive, rent starting from $1k, restaurant meal $100-$200, taxi ride $35.
> not considered wealthy because $4k is shit tier in USA.

>> No.14110702

Not him but it's not far off.
Income tax: 45%
mandatory health care:14,5%
VAT: 19%

>> No.14110709

Living in basically any small city in the Midwest is where it's at. Much cheaper than the coast, most people are white, not nearly as lame an area as most people think it is. Tons of bars and restaurants and you can actually afford a house

>> No.14110726

>Guns aren't allowed
>But I can buy it legally if I need to
>Not allowed
>Buy legally

I feel like something gets lost in translation

>Can be tracked easily
so your LEGAL guns in Ukraina can't be tracked or what the fuck are you saying?

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I have been in berlin and I studied history, Russia lost tons of lifes more than any country to save us from Nazis. You entered the conflict with your usual false flag just to make money. Moon ? I don't think you landed on the moon lmao do you believe it ? 50 years and never went back there bcuz no technology ahahahahahah

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He is right. I have absolutely zero in common with other "Americans". There is no cultural, racial, or historical hegemony among the people living here. The only uniting factor is greed and desire for greater hedonistic materialism. Tribalism is rampant, but there is no one representing the interests of white traditionalism.

I will also leave if I am provided the resources. The trouble is, as I look across the global landscape I do not see any countries representing traditional white Euro-centric culture. All of the Western world is an aggressive state of decline. I just want to live in a homogeneous white society. Every other racial demographic seems entitled to live among themselves except whites.

>> No.14110742

As an Amerifat, I can tell you the nation varies a lot more than you think. Instead of comparing Ukraine to the entire US, compare it to individual states. Or think of the US as mapping to all of Europe.

A banker in New York or bugman coder in California will pay 40% taxes on $200k income. A miner in Montana will have a completely different life in terms of income, taxes, lifestyle, guns, nonwhites seen, etc.

>> No.14110743

>not knowing how to read

>> No.14110753

How to profit from communist take over of honk konk

>> No.14110766

OOOOhhhh... he said ILLEGALLY....

>> No.14110777

The USSR had the 2nd highest debt post war because Americans provided literally billions of 1940's DOLLARS worth of tanks and weapons. The USSR would have been pushed back to the Urals without America. The victory in WW2 was a joint one, neither side would have been able to do it without the other. Don't be an ignoramus.

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M8 u missed an i in word illegally
Maybe, but are there any pros in Montana for me compared to Ukraine? I guess prices still will be way higher?

>> No.14110822

The midwest is a literal dump and needs to be cleared out and made into a large nature reservation. White trash, meth, rust and decay, meth, retards, hopelessness and meth. That is what the midwest means to me. I've visited some of the shittiest countries in the "civilized world" and I'd rather live in Bulgaria than the midwest.

>> No.14110825

american extrovert culture is shallow and fake as fuck. I've been in other countries that have a warm and genuine extrovert culture that isn't shallow and doesn't push introverts around and judge them but rather tries to be inclusive and encouraging.

USA by far had the worst vibes socially of anywhere I've been, including literal low IQ 3rd world shitholes.

>> No.14110829

wow you fucking print dollars anytime you need em. also nobody could conquest russia at the time, ask napoleon how it was easy to win on the russians. You are the cancer of the world, you are seeking wars from the early 900 just to make money. Now you are trying with Iran to make israel Happy. You should be ashamed by the ignorant sucky bitch country from where you come from.

>> No.14110830

>implying germans didn't die to winter more than anything else
>implying russians wouldn't have just sent more to die, they sending them in without arms already
all you did was come last minute to take part in the looting. But you deserve credit, you managed to get the best pieces of the pie and steered into a position that gave you dominance longterm. Well played overall.

>> No.14110831

And also I can buy a gun legally too, just need to pay for some fake certifications.

>> No.14110884

>american extrovert culture is shallow and fake as fuck.

Or maybe you're just insecure.

>> No.14110901

иcтopию нyжнo yчить peбятa

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> save us from nazis
Anon u are on the wrong site. Begone.

>> No.14110905

Well, nobody can invade russia, but russia can't take over the world either.

>> No.14110906

Nah, he's right - i'm a mix of intro/extrovert depending on how I am feeling, and Americans truly are shallow burgers who love to yell and get offended if you aren't a moron

>> No.14110907

You can use a site like weatherbase.com to see what the weather is like in various places. Padmapper can give you an idea of what rents are (Zillow does the same for US home prices).

As far as income, it varies a lot based on location and occupation. You can probably look up some stuff on a site like Glassdoor or Indeed. Throw in ~15% federal taxes and 5% state taxes for most places to get your net income though.

>> No.14110909


>isnt relevant

>lists a bunch of shit going on in the US even tho he doesn't live here

Lol okay

>> No.14110927

>and Americans truly are shallow burgers who love to yell and get offended if you aren't a moron

This doesn't even make sense you ESL retard

>> No.14110940

This. Allied or USSR scum can burn alive

>> No.14110941

crazy language skills im impressed

>> No.14110965


America is only good for making money or running an exploitation based business with cheap Mexican labour.

As a place to live, ie. Quality of life, culture, social interaction, it's a total third world shithole.

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t. "patriotic" burger supremacy tard who has probably never been outside of the US

>> No.14110980

>literally what did they mean by this post
go away frogposter, you would condemn "kikes and niggers" in the same breath.
>inb4 "you said it not me"

>> No.14111020

yeah you scream jews and niggers but when you get out from your caravan you are an afraid beta cuck. thats the truth

>> No.14111023

You're only proving my point. I think it's easy to see why you felt such a negative energy visiting my country. You went in feeling hostile, you gave off hostile vibes, and got hostile vibes back. You drain the energy of friendly people and they don't want to be around you. Like I said, have sex.