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s...sh...s.....s...should I buy ethereum or not?!

how much is this shit gonna be worth in 5 years??

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Negative a million + jailtime

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not much more than now, unless they have some adoption
even then it would wanna be a lot, because with threshold sigs, chainlink is cucking them out of a lot of gas fees

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about $35

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ethereum is old news

litecoin is so in right now

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I don't know but I do know that /biz is the worst place to ask. This place literally gets everything wrong, and did get ETH wrong back in the day.Even the stock thread is shit nowdays. Too many shizos from /pol and /r9gay

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>take out CDP

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This, litecoin is gonna keep going up until the great halvening, you have been warned

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If you look at what made it rise last few years you'll realize it has no future. It grew because it was first smart contract that allowed alts to be created easily. Price rose because of all the alts created. Who the fuck is going to use their network now though with so many other alternatives that are far better. 45 tps on etherum is a joke and there are so many smart contracts with less fees now. It'll slowly bleed out over the next few years

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ETH is the best longer term investment you can make, don't listen to the /biz/ degenerate gamblers

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yep, actual nobrainer if you spend more than a day looking into crypto

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Litecoin is redundant and useless and it will remain so after the p&d is over.

Ethereum is the safest long term bet in crypto. A motherfucking decentralized world computer in the making with the largest dev community, real world business interest and first mover advantage. Hmm, idk, OP do you think it's worth to bet on it over a random shitcoin flavor of the week?

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$1k in 6 months

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Flippening will happen eventually with all the ETH staked in defi dapps.

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It's a safe investment.
$248-250 in 5y

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$1k eoy
$5k 2021
$23k 2024
>cap this

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This pisses me off so much because I was here in December telling anons it was a good buy at $25 and everyone shat on me and said it was a shitcoin. Here we are at $140 and people are recommending to chase the pump.
If anything ETH is the best buy of the two for now. Still a lot of room to gain on BTC since we are low compared to it. Like LTC price is being suppressed and when they light it fly hold on to your asses.

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>you've been warned
none of you litecucks say shit for years until you moon one time, which hapens to 50 other coins, and moreso

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Litcoin is going to continue growing after the halvening.

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I'm actually thinking about buying 25 eth because of this feel like it's due a pump just on where the other top 5 are right now

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I'm sitting on 127 ether. Shit better go to $450 soon

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ETH will be nothing but a novelty sidechain on BSV run by autistic neets for nostalgic purposes to play with their antique "smart contracts" and "chain links" like so many neckbeards with N64 emulators

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anyone in crypto now should at least have 1 bag of Buterin (32 eth)

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You're probably right but if you're gonna be investing for the long haul might as just make it 32 so you have the option of staking later if you wish.

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> First bullrun to 20 usd
> Second bullrun to 1400

Hurrrrdur we do 3x ath next bullrun

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I hold only ether and a lot of it. I don't care anymore.

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Coinbase is going to open up staking. it doesnt matter how many you have