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How the fuck do you guys not suicide from living so frugally?

>live with parents
>work 7 Days a week
>live in shitty (cheap) midwestern town
>drive a 10 year old car
>wear old clothes all the time
>eat peasant shit like rice and beans all the time
>4 year old broken phone
>no vacations

I mean sure I contribute 35k each year to my portfolio but what’s the point? It’s all just numbers on a screen. I’m still living like a poorfag peasant compared to my friends who are out having fun. Anons on here need to be careful that their greed doesn’t enslave them. Money should serve you; not vice versa.

When does it end? When do I cash out? What’s the point if you just eternally live like a poorfag?

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Try r9k

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so that some of us could make it

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What are you investing in? Crypto or boomer securities?

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This is what all those "hurr durr invest and save, nothing else" fags don't tell you. That you're literally slaving away for nothing more than to see some bank show you a big number on a screen. It's madness. You need to use your money to make life worth living. Save some, sure, but this FIRE stuff is retarded

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Take a thousand a month and fucking party man

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datamine thread but I bite

>Grown up in lower middle class family
>Always told we have no money while parents took mortgages on our house to pay for material bullshit
>Learned to live in poverty
>Actually enjoy it
>tfw 7 digits in crypto living in a 430 qfoot apartment in the ghetto

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Find a hobby dumb ass. I do shit to distract myself from the fact that my food is bland and I'm still using the PC that I built in 2010

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Cash out a little bit, take some vacation time and party for a couple weeks.

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Right now is one of the most interesting times to live in the sense that we are close to seeing either an incredible technological breakthrough which will have ripple effects ultimately leading to a test of humanity in passing the "great filter" into the final frontier of space OR we will see a civil war along racial/political lines leading to a full scale collapse in which case many blackpilled anons will shitpost on here until the internet goes out and then witness a rather overdue thinning of weak men. I guess that thinning will include us but it will be satisfying nonetheless to see a return to natural law instead of the current clown world that is completely disconnected from reality.

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Jesus man, take 1k and have some fun ffs

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>great technological leap or civil race war
The past has shown that those two things more than often happen at the same time.

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I live live frugally relative to my income, but I don't live frugally in absolute terms. I make 100k+/year post tax, but probably spend the same amount of money as most people who "only" make 50k post tax.

You should be spending some money on enjoying life obviously. Just be conscious about how much you spend and how you spend it.

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You should be spending some money on enjoying life obviously. Just be conscious about how much you spend and how you spend it.

You'll regret not enjoying some of the money while you're young.

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My anger drives my saving, every time I get a paycheck, I know my boss would love me to throw it away.
Fuck him, and fuck wageslaving. I save the money out of spite, I work overtime out of spite.
Do whatever you want faggot.

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Based. OP must channel his anger into energy for improvement. This is the only way to ascend from blackpill to redpill.

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the goal is to not need to work remember

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Unironically based as fuck

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You and I both know you aint saving shit

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Have sex

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We're all on the pathway to wealth, some have made it, some have yet to find their way.

In my experience, the more you have, the less you want. The less you have the more you want.

Only a person with a poor mind wants a Lambo, a rich minded person knows a civic can do the same job for 1/10-20th of the price.

OP, the advice I gave myself was to make it through crypto and then put all that money into getting a farm and having enough to live for a few years. I suggest you consider this path, get some goats and chickens, plant some trees and give back to the earth.

You'll never be free if you cling to the money idea, crypto is the same but it's a simpler vessel to freedom

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Its not retarded. Anon just takes it to extreme.

You can do both. Quality of indulgence over quantity.
Go take a cheap trip to asia. Great time
Good memories and you will have spent fuck all.

Or be a normie and go drinking every weekend on expensive city drinks,’finance a car to keep up with the jones and spend money on stupid shit constantly to “have fun” like A 3$ coffee every day wasting over 1k a year.

You can do both, normies are just fucking retarded and dont know quality over quantity

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learn to sex


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>How the fuck do you guys not suicide from living so frugally?

I got you beat OP, although I make 6 figs my car is a 15 yo beater, and I'll maybe order food or go to a restaurant once every 2 weeks. My phone is only a year old but only cost $160 unlocked and is my first smart phone (yep in 2018 I still had a flip phone). And I only got it because I am on business travel a lot.

I do live in a nice neighborhood but that's because I have a wife and kids and I want them to be safe.

>Find a hobby dumb ass.

Mah nigga. I work, read, lift, mountain bike, fish and cook, involving my kids when possible. Not much time for partying, and don't wanna impair my gains. Go out into nature, there are unlimited experiences you can have out there for free, and will create memories far more fulfilling than boozing and eating at restaurants all the time. Find others who like to do the same and all of a sudden you'll have the time of your life spending time with people who will not just keep you company but make you better.

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You’ve never been to the hood

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Anon, you are playing the long game. You won't be a poor fag forever.

Dave Ramsey, although I don't follow him, he has a great quote.

"Live like no one else today, so that you can live like no one else tomorrow."

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if you're not enjoying the neet life then you're doing something wrong. maybe you're just a normie after all

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> 26

> 35k each year to my portfolio but what’s the point

Fuck, I wish I made enough money and got to live at home and contribute $35K a year when I was 26.

You're doing well Anon. Stop crying. Not everyone can get rich overnight. You'll be much better than me at 45. And I have paid off house and $400K from starting very late.

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Do what I did
>invest in Detroit real estate
>don't repair the outside but renovate the interior (minimally)
>turn the newly acquired houses into "cam studios"
>drive to the border
>pick up migrant women
>put the bitches to work
Why are such a coward OP?

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>live in shitty (cheap) midwestern town
Would you rather live in a crowded, dirty city with pride parades and high col?
The point is to live somewhere with low col so you afford decent clothes and food and still save a bit of money

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That's a shitty lifestyle. Why don't you move out of your parent's place and have some fun? I bet you'll one day unironically die from ass cancer with $500k in the bank.

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No guarantees it will happen again, all the low hanging fruit (tech wise) is gone.

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>>eat peasant shit like rice and beans all the time

funny phrasing, but frugal eating is not so bad, it's actually quite healthy

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Don't let anger consume you. But you do well to live out of spite, that's a good position to take in this clownworld.

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just do no fap and around day 7 you'll feel the big dick energy and just dance around a circulate it around your body and you'll feel like you can do anything or overcome anything.

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thats why all the rich people drive a civic, brainlet

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Maybe balance it out, dumbass?

Don't spend every penny you earn but as well life is too short to be a pennypincher. Have some fun sometimes.

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Sekrit is increase in kindness and goodness. Its a great feeling to help others. I mean even some loose change for hobos or a smile to randos or a talk to a homeless person give them attention and someone that listens. Go play some sports with kids. Help at a community. Anything you want but increase in kindess andgoodness and watch the quality of your life go up. Materialism is fake, spirituality is what brings happiness. Highest rate of suicide is from richest ppl. And the poorest are the happiest. Do the math be kind be nice and live good

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ghetto does not equal "da hood", nigger.

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