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Reserve stablecoin partnered with LINK
Maker has hinted strongly at partnering with LINK
Facebook is a stablecoin tied to a basket of assets... you need a decentralized oracle for that

Not to mentioned the advisor connections of Evan Cheng and the leaked USB.

It's all so obvious
Strap in cause the whitepaper comes out the 18th

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i want to believe

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>18th is the new larp date
When does it end?

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Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle...
We just need Amazon and Walmart and the $1000 EOY meme might not be a meme.

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I feel it. I know this feeling. This feeling never lets me down. This feeling is too hard to ignore. I know this feeling will bring great fortunes for myself. I am winning and I feel it strongly now. I know I am not the only one that feels this. We are in this together.

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The delusion...the delu

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TONIGHT. iT ends tonight!

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The numbers don't lie.

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don't forget Mcdonald's.

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You didnt say that chainlinks advisor is literally the head of facebooks entite blockchain department.

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Dumbass baghplders will NEVER make any money.

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if FB was using LINK you can bet your ass the FB devs who knew about it would mortgage their homes and the homes of every single person they know in order to buy LINK. We'd already be at 10$. It would be the most massive pump in crypto.


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Nothing have pumped so they use nothing?

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SURE! And how much money do you think they will have put in already? Do you think they will all collectively sell their houses and market buy at the same time?? Did you and everyone you know sell your house to go all in on Link? Get real man.

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i know it's larp but lets assume its true: the devs working on the project would prolly need to sign an agreement that they cannot own link (insider trading)

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devs are put into a black box where they are not allowed access to the outside world. They don't know what chainlink is, just that there's an API endpoint called chainlink.

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Any word of that Microsoft announcement? LMAO

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Also the project is very secretive so likely only a few know. Also, it's not like they have all this spare capital if they have families, mortgages, bills, etc. Silicon valley ain't exactly cheap.

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>he thinks FB will use an existing coin


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Crpyto doesn't fallow the same rules as stocks. Wouldn't count as insider trading

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Even if they announce a partnership LINK will pump to $1.50

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>ANOTHER one bends the knee

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Precisely. I bet there are hundreds of people, who are working on code that will directly interact with the chainlink network, that have no idea chainlink has a token that can be purchased.

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Or if they do they are like the majority of people that only have less than $1000 to invest. Anons here seem to think that every single person working in tech has a good savings plan and invests monthly in all the latest and greatest tech opportunities KEK

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You're talking as if they haven't known what decentralized oracle network they'd use up till now.
They've known for months/years.
Why the fuck are you assuming the devs would only decide on/find out what they'd be using just now?
It's the devs that tell the tech-illiterate ceo's what makes sense to use. And like I've said, they've known for a long time that it only makes sense to use chainlink, if they weren't working on their own oracles. Also I doubt they'll announce using chainlink, even if they were.

Also, while you have me going, on a seperate topic.
Has anyone else felt this weird vibe ever since the mainnet was announced? The whole space seems more mature and actual developments are taking place, giants like apple, samsung and facebook are publicly announcing their move into crypto. It honestly feels as if CL was the trigger.

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Where do you think the 350MM "incentive" linkies that Sergey has are going towards?

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all so tiring. even ETH holders didn’t have to wait this long. 21 months of watching 100x pass me by while I hold this. nulinkers are giddy because they don’t know it’s another larp that will be followed by another nothing burger

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Bro, they all need to sign agreements. This happens in every big company

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Ehm you have never worked for a publicly traded company, have you? You have to sign papers saying you won’t trade based on insider information. You would instantly lose your job and get reported to authorities.

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Yeah FB isn't going to risk something like that fucking with them, especially in a new space where they want regulatory approval.

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Every single coin is going to moon in front of my eyes and all I have are these stinking stinky linkies

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either Vechain or Tezos

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100% in link here and I have to admit this is psychotic and delusional. I hate this board

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No. I'm sick of all these "breadcrumbs" . Even if facebook was using link for data, that doesn't mean they're partnered with link. Evan Chang is just a paid advisor and the usb was literally nothing.

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you are a maniac

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FB coin wants to be like wepay. So a global digital coin accepted as payment many places. They want atms where you can buy it. My guess is they atleast use an oracle for either exchange rate data or if it's a basket of assets then pricing of the assets. or maybe even both.

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They need a decentralized oracle.

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Nobody wants to address this and it makes me feel like very few people who post on biz actually hold any LINK.
>t. holding since 2017

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won’t Evan Cheng be considered insider trading based on these posts. He is an adviser to CL who holds shitload of link and heading blockchain operations at Facebook

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It's likely they would have to describe their techstack to the public.

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ETHs price wasn't affected by an influx of normies coming in and crashing the entire market making everyone think crypto is a scam nor did it have to deal with Craig and his pajeet army making idiots afraid of how it could affect bitcoin and crypto as a whole.

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it would, ask the crypto journalists who got sued for shilling and not disclosing their holdings

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Chainlink was literally the best performing token what the fuck kind of FUD is this. It's been great holding this thing. I'm up 750% against ETH kek.

We're only just getting started.

t. Sibos 2017

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This. I'm just so tired, weighed down with the emotional stress of waiting and waiting and waiting for 18 months. 2018 feels like a blurr, 2019 can be the same, link could slowly climb to $2 eoy, I can take that, but if *next* year 2020 isn't different there might only be 1 option left ..

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>imagine doing an hero before 2025
stay strong marine

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Eric Holder lied and Paul Walker died.

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I know that feeling.

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No they don’t kek.

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If you’re not happy with being up $ after a huge crash/ bear market then I don’t know what to tell. Investing probably isn’t for you. Try your local casino.

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It takes a long time for a truly successful project to get up and running. Bitcoin took 3 years, ETH took 2 and a half.

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Your reading comprehension is shit. I'm talking about early ETH holders not having to wait this long before it mooned. Not about how well it's performed in GWEI since 2017.

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if you actually believe this and arent a fudding swinglinker you are honestly a sub-130- iq midwit dunning kruger fucktard, you dont understand shit so stop talking

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vechain kek.

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that's a nice thought but there's literally no way they could find out. binance isn't a fucking fidelity account.

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But why risk it when you are trying to build something as grand as WePay? No point. Too much risk

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Please explain why a centralized currency would need/benefit from a decentralized oracle.
They can just use an API with several fx data providers and have someone check for systemic errors (practically never happens with large fx data providers).

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>Jim Breyer
>Mark Zuckerberg
you are FAGGOT

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Rosa Parks was a communist agent, why else would there be a camera waiting to take pictures?

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>if FB was using LINK you can bet your ass the FB devs who knew about it would mortgage their homes and the homes of every single person they know in order to buy LINK.

you know that your average san francisco tranny dev is more interested in dilating their gaping wound and blaming the bad orange man for their problems than actually making money?

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I'm sure facebook woulnd't want to risk it (not that there's ACTUALLY anything illegal about it despite what the retarded nulinker faggots ITT insist), but that's not going to stop some savvy dev from buying on binance if he realizes what LINK is doing. Buy LINK, hold in wallet. There's literally NO WAY that facebook or anyone else can prove it belongs to you. That's a feature of crypto.

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Until it moons and they can't cash out their millions without specifying where they got them.

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Your employer is not your tax agent.

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Its a good thing that we can all trust Zuckerburg.

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based retard

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It’s Bitcoin CASH Satoshi Vision, you brainlets.
It’s the only coin with a clear path to regulation in the us and the world.
Facebook is building a stablecoin on top of it.
Craig will make us rich, zuckerberg will make us rich,

BSV is the mark of the beast, folks. The final solution. Just look at the logo. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

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like what?

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It's very possible that they're contractually prohibited from purchasing LINK or anything else the project Libra is related to for a period of time.

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except it's not, so.