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This shits going to $100,000 in the next 15 years

prove me wrong

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It won't because then I'll be a multi-millionaire which doesn't make sense because I am a retard

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we're in clownworld timeline, anon...a retard getting rich by holding some internet money is very much possible.

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Totally true for me too, keep your feet on the ground senpai

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We are all gonna make it

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No, clown world means other coins mooning instead of ETH.

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if Cuckservatives have their way, the planet will be uninhabitable in 15 years.

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Eth 2.0 is the next Eth killer.
Eth is the only coin with actual real world non-meme usage.

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>fork over all your resources to brown people goy, or the planet gets it

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lmao how? its only use has been a platform for scammy icos. what other use is there? i will literally wait

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I wouldn’t bet on unlimited supply and Vitalik’s autism

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Smart Contracts that distribute payments instantly everyday according to distributed computing.
Also being used for Real Estate, Royalties, Virtual Machine Computing, and Smart City Infrastructure.
You're a fucking brainlet if you think Ethereum is worthless.

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Smart contracts

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ETH2.0 hardcaps supply.

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> Stablecoins
> Gold backed coins
> Tokenization of assets
It's still early but if anything happens it will be on ETH. ETH has first mover advantage on tokenization and smart contracts. If this fails on ETH it will fail for all of crypto.

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ETH will replace USD as a global reserve currency
We are making history here
Mark my words

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Nobody knows what the price will be BUT I would say this - the only "ethereum killer" is unironically Ethereum itself. Whether in a good way or a bad way.

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ethereum went live in 2015. it is now 2019 point me to any live "smart contracts"

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You're trying to act smug but the reality is big finance did notice and is trying to understand Ethereum. Here are quants discussing Ethereum contracts: http://www.nuclearphynance.com/Show%20Post.aspx?PostIDKey=189462

Whether Ethereum will ultimately succeed or fail, thats another question. But at the moment it really doesn't have any contenders, the ones that market themselves as such are yesterday's Primecoins and Feathercoins to yesterdays Bitcoin.

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dude, this is all open source information you can look up for yourself.

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Ever heard of makerdao? Dai? Majority of billion dollar companies building on it? Most devs working on it in all of crypto? Must be bait.

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should explode in usage as Chainlink adds more features

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huh links to erc tokens, cool. u proved my point
i think in the back of your head u know eth is garbage

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chainlink is trash, it only has one use case. its overpriced middleware.

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those are not erc20 tokens brainlet

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ERC-20 tokens are Smart Contracts you brainlet.

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lots of emotional eth fanboys in here. im out. one last word: ethereum is trash. good night!

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You're an idiot.

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You posts make 0 sense
Shows the average IQ of ethlets though

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I only have 17 ETH will I make it

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not taking 40 minutes to complete a fucking 1 dollar transaction

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So how much should I hold to say fuck off to my manager and wagecuckery?

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>being this braindead
Congrats on this, seriously.

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1500 to secure 3m

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right now it does, they are only rolling out features slowly to ensure everything is secure and functioning as intending

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>we're in a clownworld

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Seems like I will never say goodbye to wagecucking 120 here

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It literally takes 300k to leanfire in the midwest or fire in south asia/south and eastern europe/latam

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ya ETH 2.0 is the next ETH

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ETH has no use case that will recreate the insane demand and buy pressure that ETH had as a result of it's ICO enabling phase. Everything listed as it's alternate use case is the dust of breadcrumbs in comparison. Delusional ETH bagholders imagine that ETH has value in the thousands because of its peak value in the past and "now it has so much more"... except no matter how much more ETH gets, it will never recreate the insanity for buying ETH that the ICO craze brought. Had the ICO craze never happened, ETH would be worth 5-10 USD/coin. That's what it is actually worth right now, delusion of past glory keeps it inflated to its current ridiculous value. as for ETH 2.0 -- we are multiple years away from that pipe dream.

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>International money transmitter with no need for third party intermediaries
>automated payouts via smart contracts
>muhh hurr durr no value.

imagine being this retarded.

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>>International money transmitter with no need for third party intermediaries
you just described every single crypto with their own functional blockchain
>>automated payouts via smart contracts
any smart contract platform can and will be able to do this. jesus fuck
>>muhh hurr durr no value.
show me where I said "no value" you desperate desperate redditing pajeet. now what use case will recreate the insane buy pressure for ETH that the ICO craze created? What use case will even recreate 1% of that? I'll wait.

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great websites that solve real world problems.
thats what the ICO craze was all about.

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You really think withdrawing money from banks and exchanging it for crypto is that easy, huh? The banks are the gatekeepers. They decide if they will let you use their services or not. No bank approval, no fiat can be spent. You are left with cash in hand transfers and checks.

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>the absolute state

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Underrated post.

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$400 is the highest this will ever be again

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I doubt even that high.

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The only crypto that are actually doing anything IRL:

1) Bitcoin: Store of Value
2) Monero: Currency

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Chainlink, you philistine.

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3) Nano: Digital cash

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Development by EY and Deloitte will put ETH in most of the F500, where the real money is. Trading by a bunch of fags on 4ch will be a tiny fraction of the transactions. So yeah, $100k is possible.

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Dude your'e not going to be worth $20MM or whatever because you bought ETH. It's not going to $100k, sorry.

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not an argument

nothing personnel..kid

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memes aside, it's worth remembering this anon represents the average level of brainletism we have to deal with at large
having functional contracts isn't the issue, qs makerdao and cryptokitties (unironically) have been running since 2017. you've got loom contracts for near infinite scale, but how many people are even aware axie infinity is a thing?
when it comes to the image of ethereum, there's a problem in that to be successful, dapps need to hide their blockchain nature; but once they hide their blockchain nature successfully, people aren't even aware they run on ethereum
make no mistake, there's no intrinsic value of the network that will prop each ETH to $5000 or whatever moonshot value you've got in your head. if ETH isn't tied to ethereum products in the collective subconscious, the coin is going nowhere

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So many bottom sellers in here trying to FUD ethereum, seriously ethereum.

Get your ego in check, stop fucking gambling and buy a stack and never touch it.
Do you think the current price of gold today reflects its value? People get used to the idea of an item costing a particular amount, then new people who only know that price reassure their assumptions.

Honestly can't tell if this board is full of brainlets or I'm being larped, think it's time I leave this place

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im not buying your bags faggot

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Nah, Once this changes over to PoS it can't be adopted by business. Can't see how it can get higher in % to BTC than the '17 ICO bubble. BTC will be worth at least 1MM if this PoS (pun intened) gets to 100k.

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I can't, anyone with half a brain is accumulating ETH

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>Nah, Once this changes over to PoS it can't be adopted by business.