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pic related
How fucked am I anons?
I put in all the money which I had left. This one has to moon.

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>I just went ALL IN
How fucked am I anons?
i'm interested in this too

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Fuck off back to your Discord, stupid shills

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It dumps

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>token not needed
>tech I can build in a day, hash file then send to blockchain
>cringiest dutchpajeet shills in all crypto
>team iq incompetent as fuck and spent the entire brad interview mumbling
>scammy tactics like buy backs and burning 1 million tokens and giving away 500k tokens (further proves the token is not needed)
I can go on and on, and this shilling will probably make newfags buy, so newfags beware.
Buy ether for a sure bet, or link or hot for a medium cap long term gainer, or fantom or quant for low cap moonshots, if you buy a 3 million $ microcap or worse 100k$ nanocaps, you truly deserve to lose your fucking money.

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Weak fud

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You sound like a butthurt fag who sold his stack too early. Imagine trying to FUD one of the most legit projects in crypto KEK

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keep fudding please

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We're all gonna make it

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how many to make it?
I have barely 10k, can't buy more rn

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comfy hold. The team doesnt stop. New updates and announcements just keep coming. Speculation of Binance Dex listing. LTO their partner listed recently.

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You just bought a token whose team uses child labor. You should be ashamed of yourself

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At least 100k to make it

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lol, is this really the best FUD you have on this? Dig into the team, connections, partners, and who they've already publicly worked with. The team is insanely connected, even if this WAS a garbage project (it's not) it's going to at least 5x from here in the next few months.

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Most legit project in crypto

>hashes on blockchain


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8/30 not that desperate I guess

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It's a tremendous use case for blockchain dont you think?

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When is this shit going to dip finally? I've been waiting for the last 3 days and it simply can't stop growing. Stop buying you niggers, let me fill my bag or i will turn into most vicious fudder, i already hate this fucking shitcoin

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It is and anyone can make it on eth mainet in 1 day lol when deman is out there, with no scam token, no partners shilling etc.

God you newwfags are funny.

I have feeling this shit will pump acually to many dumb money buzz over net but dont mistake it for good tech lol will probaly pick up a bag if it drops no larp.

But they fucking passport check dude who validates Rembrant in commercial LMFAO
SO your first failpoint is person who is validator BEFORE you hash on chain!!!

Use your head and gl

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what the actual fuck is this post?

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This is the correct thread
This is the ethrum killer of the 2019 market caps certainly
Do you think this sleeping giant has not been working hard? Well guess what, it has? Get in or stay poor - or as they all say:
Don't act like a Kid, get some Vid!

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How are we ever going to get better than a witness notary and a company representative doing the ID check, we would first need to implement wide scale biometric IDs on the blockchain before you could pretty much guarantee the identity of a person. They are taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the validators are properly identified.

Garbage in, garbage out remains an issue with pretty much any application of blockchain today. Blockchain can ensure shit wont get forged once we assume a legitimate document has been validated. That's all it can do.

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Nice try at fud, but you are an idiot.

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Furthermore, the value lies in the api and ease of use of their solution. No company wants to fiddle around. Many smaller businesses dont have the IT talent to get this done internally. There's a huge market for a project like V-ID. Evidently, even big corps like Airbus are fine with use this third party hashing solution. The value comes from their support, integrate solution and api's.

Why the fuck does weed man make money if I can fertilize and aerate my own lawn?

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And again, still barking
Go find another thread which will be filled with idiots of yourself quality like a chainlink or ethrum thread

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Fud? Better work on your reading comprehension bud

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You are fucking shit fly tier IQ. Sad to know there are such people around

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My reading is fine, idiot.
Take your loss and stay poor

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What loss? You really have 0 reading comprehension.

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No, you are a shit fly
Imagine talking about IQ while being like yourself. Not a good idea. You are already trying to fud this token so we already know that yours is low.

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What the absolute fuck? You still have figured out I was defending the V-ID concept this whole time.

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Your loss for not even holding this and talking bad about it instead
Go fuck off now

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Are you a troll? He's explaining why VIDT has a good usecase.

>> No.14074587

"Oh oh I was pretend to defend VID"
No, be silent in future threads now please. You are not the kind of men who should be trying to make an argument

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No he is not. Do not worry vidter, I am dealing with him

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I was about to spoonfeed you about your "investment" little one but than


MY FUCKING TIES this is best shit ever I can't breathe

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Im literally crying now thnx anon this is why biz is not dead

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I realize that you are either a complete moron or trolling me. Either way, doesn't make a difference to me

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>crying with laughter at people because they don't realize they're being trolled

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Just reading this thread screams to me that this is just the creators trying to create fake drama to trick people into buying their pump and dump useless coin. Avoid this coin at all costs

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token not needed

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this is actually solid criticism and explains perfectly why this erc-20 funding token stays below 3 million dollars. yet, it instantly go barricaded by poor, desperate 3rd world discord trannies. that's how you spot a discord tranny shill thread

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blockchain not needed

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jesus imagine completely misunderstanding words in general and trying to live a functional life

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this will be $.30 by next month, cap this

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i b4 10x. weekly says it all

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can you stop spamming this cancer in every thread you fuckin retard

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Hahahaha you again?
>dont be random, get yourself some fantom
>dont act like a kid, get some vidt
Kek i love this pajeet

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Still only 2.5 mcap. IF you dont have some VIDT you literally hate money. DYOR its a no brainer.

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You had the chance to go all in on QNT and you chose that POS? Stay poor fren

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Token is not required.

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imagine going all in on a token that's not needed.

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hahaha curry fud

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obvious fudding to accumulate, if not then /biz/ is stupider than I thought

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