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as someone in their 30s I can give you all advice. that lust you have for money and making it is bullshit. its projection. you will waste many years like me suffering for a worthless endeavor and learn the truth too too late

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>waste many years like me suffering

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Fuck Stepfan Molefuckface.
If I had money, I'd be able to finance my music career and be on the road miles ahead of all the mainstream fuck heads that talk about vapid retarded bullshit.

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once you have a family you realize youre just a part of the process
you want to nest and earn money for them but ive come to see thats just narcissism from parents at play. did your great great grandfather leave you anything? its all temporary. the hierarchy resets constantly. none of it lasts.

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ok boomer like i'm not already suffering. lemme pull up my bootstraps and wagecuck my life away as a keyboard warrior in an office while my wife cheats on me in my own white picket fence home and my 2.5 kids pay twitch streamers to give them a shout out because that's what americans are supposed to do

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>I failed so you will too.
Who's projecting?

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idk bro you sound like a depressed nihilistic faggot to me

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no, my great grandparents didn't leave any heirlooms as they were slaves to the white man.
Im black as fuck, and fuck your retarded jaded family man bullshit. I'm hungry for success, and I will stop at nothing to create the most viable future for my career.


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no one needs money to finance a music career. You need talent thats all. Probably you are making excuses for your lack of talent and success.

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i got a record deal after 7 years of hard work and a total of ~$1000 invested. you can make it if you try faggot stop making excuses

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bullshit. If I had the money, I could finance my own 40 stop tour and pay a whole team to back my project.
Talent only gets you so far in a competitive market.
I live in a time where there are the most artists on the planet in human history.

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zoomer cope. you can't "finance your music career" because you don't have the vision, the creativity, the work ethic, or the guts to make it happen, and you never will until you recognize it.

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fuck a record deal.
I'd never sign with a label, I want to be my own company and distribute my damn self.
Hire my own employees and book my own events, even own a club.

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Shut the fuck up no one wants to hear your faggoty rhymes about Makin it in da system

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you obviously don't understand the current way for an artist to market themselves retard. it's social media presence and talent. you don't need to tour. if you're good enough spotify will put you onto their playlists and you grow from there.

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Suck my dick. I have all that and then some you punk ass bitch.


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guess what faggot i did all of that minus own a club and didn't have to pay a cent. when you're good people do favors for you. guess you're not good

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Spotify pays 0.00025 per stream on average, and the reach is literally played by normies or bots designed to game the system.
I serve a niche market.


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Don't quit your day job

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you have no fucking clue what you're talking about.
This isn't politics, its a competitive saturated market.

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im not a wagie.
what the fuck do you do?

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sigh. so much unenlightenment ITT in the fame and money trap.
my advice is go ahead and play it. I still am. but recognize this is a lottery. keep it in the background. in the foreground real authentic living... is about nature, friends, family and the amassing of knowledge.

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>the music industry isn't politics

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it isn't
the jaded and financed by jews always have the limelight.

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and now you leech off the white man like a parasite instead. so much so that you come to the one website one the entire internet where your kind isn't welcome just so you can get tips on how to make moneyz. just stop it. redditt loves you.

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Go back to Africa nigger

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I don't leech off the "white man" I don't leech at all.
I earn, I learn, and I grow. you fucking retard.

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>If I had money, I'd be able to finance my music career

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You should become a monk

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>thinks africans weren't in America before whites
>thinks white people are native to america.
go back to europe you fucking white trash piece of shit. take that mayflower ship and pilgrims back with you fuckface.

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laugh all you want retarded frogposter,
but we live in an era where the most AMAZING artists are overlooked because they don't have the funds needed to finance a team of people to support their career.

>see Au5

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God I hate summer

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>that lust you have for money and making it is bullshit
Spoken like true old money. The peace of mind my bags bring me that my parents couldn't have because of being poor while I was growing up keeps me going.

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And by artists, am I correct in assuming that you mean rappers instead?

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>you don't have the connections to make it happen

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As a 23 year old, I have made about 300k in cash, in addition to all my assets, and all I want is to see that number go up to 1 million. I made it on my own with no help so far. Is that really so bad?

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rap artists are the most influential artists of our time, are you living under a fucking rock?
Everyone wants to fucking rap, even white saltine crackers.


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Imagine being this wrong
Fucking retard

The masses listen to the blandest music possible, this was done on purpose stfu and don't post retarded opinions ever again

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Woke af

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Yeah but majority on here don’t do anything else besides hold link and shit post. Smart ones actually have back up plans. Smarter ones don’t buy link

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No, it's all marketing
If something is popular it is dogshit

The other guy you're replying to is a retard too btw but still, he has a point

No, only dopey 90 IQ wiggers and niggers want to rap. Kill yourself

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your mentality is an excuse to fall short. not clowning you. the creativity and resourcefulness that you think you're proud of have to come through in every aspect of your life or you're just a joker. think about it, you fully believe that the only solution you have for your problem is money. do you really have that low an opinion of yourself?

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i literally just want to make a little money in crypto with short term trades. I'm not interested in big booms and "making it". I have a stable career path set up and I'm not worried about my financial future. I'd like to see if i can get some extra cash tho.

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I am not the descendant of a slave. You are nothing but the left over trash from a bygone era.
Too stupid to contribute to the modern world you hark back to a type of industry that doesn't exist any more. I'm sure if da Muzak wasn't your interest it would be witch craft, folk medicine or fraud that would be your pursuit.
Why can't you simply admit you're not capable of holding your own in civilization and require another race to host you for what little success you are capable of?
1) Jewish play pet for pornographers
2) garish nigger thug to scare cucky white boys
3) sprinting nigger (you can thank the white slave owners for inbreeding your group to express only fast Twitch genes)
4) trolly pusher nigger (basically any portering job)
5) beggar nigger (homeless street pan handler)

That's your lot in this life nigger.
I'm not even being racist I'm just being honest with you.
I don't hate you I just dislike your presence, the same way I don't hate vermin. I don't hate a rat or a cockroach I just would prefer not to live with it in close proximity.
Every action you express is enabled by the people who subjugated you and enslaved your ancestors. Your language English, your clothes, the way you look, the jobs you can and can't do.
I hope that's cleared up my position for you.

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you're retarded if you think only "wiggers & niggers" want to rap.

Literally since DJ Kool Herc came on the scene in New York, music has never been the same.

Even white retarded bandwagoning commercialized pop music has rap stanza's.

if I'm so retarded, why do I literally have branding, radio play, and label support as an underground artist that is self financed with an LLC? I'm not typing and talking about this shit for nothing.

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Bro you're a fucking retard, and if I saw you in real life you'd probably look like this.

Get back to pushing papers, fucking clown.

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>you're retarded if you think only "wiggers & niggers" want to rap.
Only niggers and wiggers want to rap
Fuck off
>pop music
Rap music IS pop music you dopey nigger
You have no idea what you're even talking about

Too stupid to waste time arguing with lmao

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its not an Opinion, its a fact.
you need to pay salaries as a Business owner.
Musicians are Brands, Brands are Companies, Companies have Employees.

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>Rap Music IS Pop Music.
No its not, thats something that Eminem would say.
Real rap is far from Pop Music you fucking Normie uncultured faggot.
You know nothing about Rap.

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>rap artists are the most influential artists of our time
I'm aware and I guess I can't really blame you for thinking this is somehow organic and failing to see the mechanisms that led to its widespread adoption. You are a nigger, afterall. Still, I think we can all agree that Moonman is the greatest rapper of all time. Check it:

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If you loved it enough you would do it for free
You're too stupid, stop posting here

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Have Sex Incel.

No one works for free, retard.

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>you can thank the white slave owners for inbreeding your group to express only fast Twitch genes
That's not how that works, Anon...

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See the nigger can't even formulate a reply.
The poor nigger on the wall. Look at him.’” She pauses and squints again at the paper, then hesitantly resumes. “ ’Look at the poor nigger. Look at the poor nigger… on… the… wall.’” She stops again, faltering, looks at me, confused, then back at the paper. “Go on,” I say, looking around for a waiter. “Finish it.” She clears her throat and staring steadily at the paper tries to read the rest of it in a voice below a whisper. “ ’Fuck him… Fuck the nigger on the wall…’” She falters again, then reads the last sentence, sighing. “ ’Black man… is… de… debil

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You are literally the stupidest nigger on this site
People have created masterpieces and died in poverty
You are literally 90 iq, kys

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I literally live in the wealthiest county in the United States as a Business owner.
>Black Man is the Debil
You obviously don't know shit about anything.

>> No.14067386

Oh really?
Please do enlighten us to how genes work.
Here I was thinking that all African Americans were descendants of West African tribes that had a high frequency of fast Twitch muscle fibre genes.
So tell me more anon

>> No.14067389


You probably haven't created anything in your entire life.

I code, own domains, and contribute engineering & audio to fortune 500 brands.

have sex incel.

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paying for a tour, how fucking sad is that,,,,,,Tours are supposed to make you money you fucking retard.

>> No.14067392

Read a book nigger.
Can you even read? Or are you using Siri to formulate a reply like the Searle thought experiment.
Are you just a mindless series of inputs and outputs nigger?

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you're right, and good companies have to create a product that people are willing to buy. you can't even think about having employees if you don't make money with your skill. what kind of inept cuckholded charlatan pays his "employees" with money that he made doing something else?

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>thinks IQ matters.
wow fucking retarded.
Takes money to make money retard, booking fees are expensive. Plus you turn profit off ticket sales.

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the banking sector literally pays people from trading bonds and not banking, are you fucking blind?
I don't use Siri, but yes I am on a Macbook Pro 2017.
I read the fucking bible every day.

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ignore the bait

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>he thinks trading bags with customers is different from trading bags with other banks

>> No.14067437

>Here I was thinking that all African Americans were descendants of West African tribes that had a high frequency of fast Twitch muscle fibre genes
Which has what to do with inbreeding, Anon?

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Never too too late fren

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Another thread ruined by /pol/ bullshit

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>thinks customers depositing bags into accounts without consenting to having their funds traded against is trading.
Fractional Reserve Lending is the most retarded operation in finance.

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yeah, i wish people would grow out of the pol mindset. the information is fine, but the attitude is not productive in the slightest

>> No.14067512

it is trading. the public at large are just very bad traders, and the banks are very good traders. fractional reserve lending has nothing to do with the fact that your product doesn't sell.

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Lol, support your self low life. Blame other for not giving you money for doing nothing. Kek.

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Where did you get the idea that niggers aren't welcome here?
I'm starting to really hate you newfags, newer and newer by the year, especially you cancerfags that only because this place had /pol/

>> No.14068029

Where did you get the idea that they were? They are shit people and their ideas are shit. Why should they be welcome here?

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>welcome on 4chan

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No. "Artists" are overlooked because it's easy AF to make music now. Let me guess. You make music on a laptop? Kek. Any retard with a computer can make decent sounding music now.

>> No.14068177

Shut up nigger

>> No.14068192

Are you taking about the Zoomers?!?
I fuckin hate Zoomers!

>> No.14068193

Guess what? You get these things thrown at you if your music is good. Your's is likely not, which is why you are poor.

>> No.14068214

Gas yourself, niggerkike.

>> No.14068216

Spoken like an npc
How about you go fuck yourself?

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Have sex

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>. that lust you have for money and making it is bullshit

I don't have a lust for money I have a hard-on for not being a wagecuck.

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take out a loan, hippie

>> No.14068886

I'm 36, had that lust for money for a long time... Literally made a few million (not quickly but over the course of several years) and fucked literally hundreds of teen thots...

Later faggot!

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>no one needs money to finance a music career. You need talent thats all.
>possibly the most naive statement ever posted on /biz.

The majority of the musical "talent" displayed before you in teh music industry is a dime a dozen. Every college campus in America has at least a dozen guitarists good enough to play every rock solo in history. American Idol proved that there are professional talent level singers in every city in America. They're just ugly, or nerdy, or too old to start a music career. To be successful in music you have to be talented, and be marketable (some level of nice looking), and be willing to follow orders. Talent alone gets you as far as a garage band in college.

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2.5 kids

that's average nowhere in the West

>> No.14069913

Conservative whites and immigrants have birth rates higher than that. You need to look at demographic breakdowns

>> No.14069916

>rap stanza's.
>Black people invented the stanza

>> No.14069921

>everything I don’t like is /pol/ bullshit

>> No.14069928

>age 24
>studying in med school so life is pretty much financially secured in a couple of years
>drop some of my student loan on shitcoins because fuck it, I will earn plenty of money to pay it off anyway
>maybe I’ll be filthy rich before 30, if not I’ll just be wealthy and completely happy with it, because the job is interesting and well paid

>> No.14069942

>To be successful in music you have to be talented, and be marketable (some level of nice looking), and be willing to follow orders.
Or born rich, which is what the original post was referring to.
Being rich also makes it so that you can really express yourself with music, rather than composing/performing whatever is popular with zoomers. Sounds hippie, but the difference is hippies think corporations owe them money so they can live this lifestyle, while wanting to get rich yourself first is alright.

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what's a conservative white? rednecks?

>> No.14069955

>rap artists are the most influential artists of our time, are you living under a fucking rock?
>>Rap Music IS Pop Music.
>No its not, thats something that Eminem would say.
>Real rap is far from Pop Music you fucking Normie uncultured faggot.
>You know nothing about Rap.

>Most influential
>Not popular music
>Most popular
>Not popular
>Calls other people retards

>> No.14069980

>I don't have a lust for money I have a hard-on for not being a wagecuck.
My thoughts exactly.

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I'm surprised to find that the nigger ITT isn't even trolling.
Go to his choon link and listen to 'BOUT MY SATS' and you'll see for yourself that this dumb nigger is actually serious. Btw nigger I've listened to a handful of your tunes and they all fucking suck. Only an inferior type of human could possibly believe that violently rhyming to some crappy beat is representative of influential art. Only a complete fucking idiot could dedicate so much time to his chosen pursuit only for it to provide a source of comedy, rather than impress people.
Just kill yourself my man because there really is no hope for you

>> No.14070042

>calling this garbage "music" and "art"
you silly nigger lmao

>> No.14070050

red neck is the same as calling someone a nigger FYI. Stop being racist

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Did not buddha teach you that once you invite a need / lust for anything you invite a lack which results in suffering XD

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this is zoomiest post i've ever seen, imagine thinking rap in 2019 is music.

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Imagine pushing a career and thinking you're anything other than a diversity hire. It has to be in your head all the time. If it isn't, you actually are a dumb nig....

>> No.14070464

ure faggot cuz u didnt make it

im gona buy fkin mustang gt and get any pussy, travel rest of the world, make my own best house, buy some properties, diverisfy portfolio and be never cuck like u, whats a life working 24/7 ?

admit it that u couldnt understand meme lines and market

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I dont have a lust for money. In fact, I fucking hate money. I do have a lust for freedom though, and as much as I hate money, I hate wage slavery more.
>hurr durr why dont you just quit your job then
I would, but it’s literally illegal for me to go build a log cabin in the woods with my bare hands. Unless I buy the property I build it on with money, and pay taxes on that property every year. You understand how insanely fucked that is? I will get thrown in jail for not participating in the system that I had no say in being thrown into. I understand that modern life is much easier than living off the land in the woods, but its also the only option. I dont even have a choice. The only way to escape the system is to beat it. I have to win the game they are forcing me to play, just to stop playing it. Thats the only reason I even bother with money. Because I am not allowed to ignore it, under threat of imprisonment.

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>I'd be able to finance my music career

>> No.14070680

it's all a never ending rat race. feminism combined with womens natural hypergamy has made it so men are only worth whats in their wallets. nothing is real. it's all a castle made of sand built on sand.

>> No.14070690

>the hierarchy resets constantly

what about the rothschilds

>> No.14070720

what do you expect. white culture has been dismantled over the past 60 years. back in the 90s and early 2000s we had a name for these people. it was called being a wigger. and it wasn't a cool thing to be. we made fun of them. Eminem was an exception because he was talented but there havent been any other white rappers as good since and there wont be. it's black culture and endulging in it is submitting to it.

>> No.14070739

Money is the only thing that separates me from happiness.

Once I've saved up a few more thousand dollars, I'll be able to drag myself and others out of the cesspit of idleness and poverty that my upbringing as the unschooled child of a poor, disabled, and foolish single mother – who spent my adolescence laying in bed on opiates while the wealth and ease of her parents generation gradually faded into a life of decay and crippling stress – had doomed me to. I have everything else, all that's left is money. Then I'll finally be able to live instead of merely existing.

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money is freedom. if you're in your 30s and don't get that then you're one dumb faggot

t. 45 yrs and hoping to be completely free in 5 yrs

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This. That's why I help /biz make it in their sleep so they can live humble, neet lives but still Chad out on pussy if need be. Pic ultra related.


See you on the other side.

>> No.14070941

Anyone can get a “record deal”. The terms are what matters. Is it a major or a major sub? They give you $1MM+ for 3 or less albums? They don’t take any royalties or any % on merch etc? (No 360s)? They let you spend the $ however you want with their only way to recoup being on album sales?

Label better also be hooking you up with top notch booking and management.

If not all of the above enjoy a life of serfdom, and I mean that. Just try to have fun before it all burns to the ground and you realize the label literally killed your chance at ever making it as a musician.

>> No.14071051

>Im black as fuck,
Based Big ape

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>in the foreground real authentic living... is about the amassing of knowledge.

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>this is zoomiest post i've ever seen, imagine thinking rap in 2019 is music.

Regardless of your opinion on rap, it is used as an insanely effective tool on messaging and communicating to the rest of the community of the politics of the culture. In the US, we have free speech, to the point where you can tell Trump to go kill himself and even create imagery of him embarrassed, humiliated, killed, decapitated, etc, and you'll still have your freedoms. This isn't the case in other countries where speaking out against the government gets you jailed, flogged and possibly killed. Rap, in spite of the consequences, is used to to fight against their respective governments. It's gotten to point where the Chinese is commissioning rap videos to spruce up people's opinion of the government and even Vladimir Putin acknowledge how powerful rap is and that censoring it is futile so they should control it.

Our budding, but abrasive and obnoxious rapper does have a point. Not that his posts ever reflect on the significance of rap.

>> No.14071276

come on now Cletus, don't be too harsh

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