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Do you think the US economy will collapse (great depression or 2008 recession or other such mass impoverishing scenario) within the next 10 years?

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Honestly, no.

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It is certain. We are due for a recession, but this bubble is the biggest ever. This has been the longest boom cycle in a very long time.

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It wont. There maybbe a dollar crisis tho

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I've been waiting for it to happen for years. Yet we're all still here.

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100%. What goes up must come down. Thanks to pants on head retarded financial policy we won't have interest rates to lower to stave off the collapse next time. Say hello to negative interest rates. Say hello to 1MM BTC, unironically.

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nope, just a slow slow decline into irrelevance.

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Yes. SHTF when people least expect it.

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Just like Japan. Our destiny seems to be stagflation. A long slow bleed out. Rather than a quick death.

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yup ,except will be worse because we will importing millions of migrants in to help inflate away the dollar and pay for the bankrupt pensions

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nope, therell be QE, negative interest rates and UBI to infinity

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>nope, therell be QE, negative interest rates and UBI to infinity

this, we have 20trillion in debt not to mention the other countless debts for stuff like pensions and other entitlements.
that shit can never see the plus side of 3.5% or the USA is completely fucked.

this means, interest rates keep going low while no effort is made to pay down the debt, which also means the debt increases and the debt will definitely increase even more when the socialists take over, side note: trump can bloviate all he wants about socialists not taking over america but he is 70+ years old and white and the demographics coming up in america is 100% pro socialist and will wipe their asses with the keynes.

so expect infrastructure to degrade as the money that woudl be used to pay for them goes to debt payments.
like i said a slow slow decline to third world america(already happening in cali)

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We aren't living in normal times. These be boomer times, and they'll do whatever they have to to keep their party going. We could be in for another decade of good times, they've just got to keep fucking the next generation.

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Zero hedge had an interesting analysis yesterday.
>inb4 (((zerohedge)))

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A great collapse won't happen.
That would be too merciful.
What >>14066935 says.

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zerohedge articles every month of every year
2009 the system is going to collapse
2010 the system is going to collapse
2011 the system is going to collapse
2012 the system is going to collapse
2013 the system is going to collapse
2014 the system is going to collapse
2015 the system is going to collapse
2016 the system is going to collapse
2017 the system is going to collapse
2018 the system is going to collapse
2019 the system is going to collapse

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We've been this way for like 15 years now but they do everything they can to cover it up.

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No, anyone with a brain knows that the Fed will just pump us if we start to fall now

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a great collapse didnt happen for brazil or argentina and those were once extremely rich countries.
Nah they just slowly declined. sure they have mini shocks but not some cataclysmic event you could single out

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This can't be done forever right? right?

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lol...look at japan 30 years of near zero interest rates...dude this can last for a 100 years if they want

endless immigration + 100 years of zirp = ELITES STAY WEALTHY FOREVER

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That would be worse than anything the US has experienced before.

>Say hello to 1MM BTC
>Say hellow to 10k fees and month long transaction times

Can't wait for the welfare riots. Diversity coming to a suburb near you!

>QE, negative interest rates and UBI to infinity
pic related

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>negative interest rates
The day they passed this they'd try and make crypto illegal too and every other capital flight mechanism.

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*blocks your path*

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Brazil will be the new world potency

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venezuela would probably be the near the end of the game being up, but we degrade to venezuela levels THEN get a chavez then a maduro

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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As a Brazilian i can tell that's true.
We once had so much future, now it's just a shithole with 65% brown people and +60.000 homicides in 2018 alone

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>socialists take over
>they pay debts

nigga what, first thing you'll see is them waging full scale war against the exploitative imperial powers trying to collect debt from them

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my vision of the future of america is a mixture of brazil and lebanon

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kraut here.
if you understand this you will know why and when

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That's why i support Trump and his anti-immigration policies
I LIVED what Clinton wanted to do to America, i still live it everyday, and i can assure you, it's not good

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Meine Deutsch ist keine gut Kamaraden

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someone translate this into english

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yeah because trump is going to be president forever right?. All is takes is one dem president and dem house to reverse everything trump has done or will do.

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lol 1 million a btc will be the low end

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trump is just delaying the inevitable.

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I used to think so, but the anons here are right, we'll just end up sinking slowly. I almost want to say that it's charted territory since the US has been in a downward trend before, except this time there won't be a reversal because there's no rug underneath us like there used to be.

The US is still in relatively good condition, especially compared to the declining state of the world in general. When elections come, the people still have power, no one (that we know of!) stuffs ballot boxes like they do in Russia for example. Getting a job is a bit harder now, but only in the sense that you actually have to think when choosing your degree now. When you talk to random people, most of them don't have dreams of escaping to some more prosperous country (in fact, some of them dreamed of escaping to the US instead of from it). There are other things too, but basically we still have a lot of time, though it's a limited amount, before we turn into a third world shithole where 99% of people live in shitty conditions while the 1% made up of "influencers" and other similar bullshit all huddle together in LA and NYC.

Also, because of crypto you're actually living at a really great time. If you make the right moves now, in 30 years or less you'll be able to retire in one of these rich cities if you for some reason won't want to retire abroad

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Death is indeed inevitable, still there's no reason to go out jumping out of buildings
Unlike Brazil, USA still has a fighting chance...

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Absolutely, anyone that says otherwise is a jewish paid shill.
They print out an infinite amount of clowndollars whilst simultaneously buying up all the worlds precious metals, whilst simultaneously suppressing the precious metals price through derivatives with infinity clowndollars, whilst simultaneously paying shills with infinite amount of clowndollars to fear, uncertain and doubt potential precious metals buyers.
Wake the fuck up goyim, future tech needs precious metals, primarily silver, to operate and create all the technology we use and will use. Yet silver is at an all time low and the jews keep stacking silently whilst you retards invest in hopes of cashing out in clowndollars.
I pity any goyim who isn't in precious metals and crypto. Finiteness is key. Cash out your crypto gains into pm and thank me later.
Fuck the clownmarket
Fuck clowndollars
Fuck the jews
Fuck niggers
Fuck chinks
Fuck sandniggers
And FUCK jannies

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>the people still have power

to choose between the DNC nominee or the GOP one?

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that's still more choices than people had in Russia or China

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choosing between PorkyLover1 and PorkyLover2 isn't much of a choice. If anything at least Russia and China are transparent in their motives and the people know what they're getting

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I think something bad is definitely coming.

Kondratieff winter or whatever -
Usually they will try to start a big war when this happens. Its the only way to boost the economy besides QE.

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what is QE?

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Rest assured every somewhat-educated idiot has read some article on some corner on the internet saying its all coming crashing down, and are happy to co-opt that argument as their own. There is some sort of weird social currency in prophesizing doom in the [current year]. People want to hear that shit. They want to hear its all broken and due for a collapse. Somehow they have been convinced this life of absolute luxury with cheap travel, technology and other frivolous non-essentials is bad for them. I used to think it was because deep down we have an innate understanding that life isn't supposed to be this easy, but now I realize its just a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome and many young leftists would rather see the world burn than them not get their way.

There will be no economic downturn. Maybe a recession or two but that's not a collapse, that's a natural function of the system. And as long as everyone expects it and bets on it to happen it wont.

What there will be is a war. A big one, probably a nasty one. Large scale climate migration is going to force this immigration on an issue nobody is prepared for. Like a ten thousand fold increase on people trying to get into Europe and North America. That and the China issue as their insistence on their naive "peaceful rise" is meeting the exact type of respond from grisled realpolitik vets like western Europe and the Americans. The US is going to goad them into a war then absolutely smash the shit out of them, which is going to be like pumping HGH turbo horse steroids into the veins of the global economy. Just dont get yourself killed in the occupation.

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>Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump has only been president of the US since 2016, take a look at the history of markets beginning in the 17th century and you will see its rife with boom and bust cycles. Very retarded take.

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I hope so. A chance for me to get cheap crypto and fix these whack prices

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What I'm referring to is the emotional attachment people have to the idea that because they lost the election the whole system is going to collapse.

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does anybody have any informations how japanese banks were able to survive for so long with zero interest?

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Look at the M3 instead of M2, that is the true indicator of ohgodohfuckohshitnonononono happenings.

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North America will be a nice ice field. Sorry anon.

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Kannst du mir evtl. den Namen von dem Buch geben? Scheint durchaus Mal einem Blick wert.

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Here ya go brainlet

The BoE is one the most open about what they are doing. They must know that most ppl are to dumb.brainwashed to look into it!

Don't know if that is to advanced for you. Also read

Check out 'The Grace Commission'

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>A chance for me to get cheap crypto

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No global war with nukes, sorry. Nothings changed and Cold War rules still apply

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And since this crooked and retarded administration has removed any consumer protection (Dodd Frank Act), the stock market will crash and burn just like in 2008 and the only way to avoid a total meltdown will be to rob taxpayers's money, again, because if banks go down, everything else goes down.
Nothing has been learned and history will repeat itself.

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within the next 4 years.

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If the American people were worthy of freedom from their Jewish masters there would be bankers being hanged in the street. But unfortunately they are not worthy.

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not to mention, the biggest average P/E of all time.

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This, billionaires can only fuck millionaires so many times before they say enough is enough. Taxes won't be there to bail everyone out this time, they'll print another 5 trillion but nobody will trust them so the dollar will be worthless.

The rich people of every country will hold on to their governments currency as long as possible, those who aren't big enough to get bailed out will switch to crypto.

We won't have an economic collapse so much as an investment collapse where people who put all their money into traditional stocks and large single family residents hoping they'd gain value are going to get fucked.

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>Q2 2020 - Q3 2021
About 7 quadrillion in corporate debt matures. No place to invest with enough growth to make the payments. First refinancing possibility Q4 2023. Most companies will not exist till then to refinance.
>Option 1
FED buys toxic corporate bonds, kind of like QE, Dollar will be worth less than Zimbabwean dollar by 2021, US loses the ability to maintain its military dominance, world war 3
>Option 2
Let it crash and burn
At least 10 to 20 years recession, mass unemployment, bankers and ceos will jump off buildings, lawlessness maybe civil war, external security will be guaranteed, US will still dominate the world. Imagine like 1990s New York all over the US
>Option 3
Provoke wars with Iran/Russia/China/Brazil/Canada/Europe, artificial economic boost on the production side. Just keep being the US of the last 100 years.

For Option 1 vote democrats, for Option two and three stay with Trump

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To be fair, Brazil WAS browner in the past, you guys just imported a bunch of Europeans over in the 1900's to lighten it up. It worked, now every Brazilian of non-recent European white, black, and indigenous descent is partially mixed. Including you.