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is there any reason I should keep holding this piece of shit or should I move it into something else

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People still hold that scam token? As soon as it pumps at all, devs just dump, and the "banks" are just buying OTC anyway

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why the fuck are people buying this in the first place?

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Because it is the only coin to have survived the crash of 2018, along with TRON

Always bet on the coins backed by powerful people

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pretty much this. If bankers like it, it has money behind it

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Is this b8?
new competition left and right (setl, jpmcon, xlm gaining traction), basel 3 agreement only affecting small banks
BSV equivalent from china: fake partnerships, justin ousted as fraud multiple times, zombie following (if there are a million flies surrouding something, than that something has to be has to be shit)

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its poo. just buy and hodl ltc. ltc will hit 20k in the coming cycle.

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I'm holding this dog shit as well, but only because whenever I dump it it shoots up 6%. This slow bleed is making me angry.

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I actually believe that.

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It's a guaranteed 10x within the next 5 years. Be patient, you cunt.

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lol 5 years? I'm probably going to kill myself in 5 months.

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