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orange man bad = aussie man bad
donald trump racist = craig wright fraud
can't win presidency = can't sign

craig is the right man for /biz/
trump is the right man for /pol/
we will win again

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Since when Craig become a pol propaganda

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Craig's submissive femboys are on the loose again

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Craig is a literal faggot and a govt cuck. He is not, even remotely, similar to Trump.
Kill yourself, pajeet.

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Remember this?

> “I am about to demonstrate a signing of a message with the public key that is associated with the first transaction ever done on bitcoin”

I don’t understand why is he saying recently “I will sign after proving in court” lol. lol. Wasn't that bbc fake stunt supposed to be real? hahaha

> “I don’t want money! I don’t want fame! I don’t wan adoration”

> “I will never do an interview ever again!”


seems legit right goys?

Here the guy from bbc with his impressions, he was face to face with that clown: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zxMU4C6bGKw

> there will be no split
bch splits

> i will destroy bch
bch not destroyed

> btc will be $0 eoy 2018
btc $4000 eoy 2018

> i am satoshi
can’t sign a simple fucking message

> says I will sign after proving in court
but... wasn't the bbc stunt supposed to be a real signature? LOL

> submits a list of addresses of some fake tulip trust bullshit to court...
one of the addresses he claimed was signed by the real owner with a message saying the address is not belonging to this craig clown

> unlawfully registers a copyright on btc white paper and code in a stunt to cause a dump on btc
btc doesnt flintch

> next day copyright office confirms they didnt confirm this clown is satoshit and reaffirms that anyone can register anything with them
ultra fail

> some brainlets compare this piece of trash with trump, but trump is a winner
this clown is a loser

Guys this fakethosi clown is a fucking scam a pure and simple trash bag for everyone to see.

> He keeps putting a large biz budget for his trash biz shill army in an attempt to change public opinion
he fails miserably, anyone with one inch of brain sees this guy is a fucking trashbag scam

Fuck you and all you brainlets who support this fucking faketoshi loser piece of shit

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celebrities/thought leaders hate them
followers and npc's hate him
media hates him
joos hate him
and I should believe /biz/ hates him? FUCK OFF BLOCKSTREAM SHILLS

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he didnt just some desperate bagholders pushing bad memes

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calm down shills, it's getting obvious.

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Craig will gas the kikes. Not by force, but by making them play an honest game.

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Trump tweets about Mars mission including moon pitstop, leftist cucks read it as "Trump thinks the moon is a part of Mars, what an idiot."

CSW posts that Bitcoin exchanges need KYC, crimecoin cucks read it as "CSW wants Bitcoin to have KYC."

The parallels are mind-bottling.

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Femboys, no one cares about your dominance & submission roleplay about Craig, you have to go back. Or...

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Go ahead and buy BSV then you fucking retard
Send me a note when you reach 0$, I know you will.

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I sold everything besides LINK for BSV I don't give a fuck anymore because I've seen the light

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>posting a christcuck Zionist who's done nothing to end the white genocide open borders in America


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