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Will never be this cheap again

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I seriously can't imagine the regret people will have when they will dream of getting in 300 sats and lower

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>not knowing the concept of "buying the rumor, selling the news"
ya dun goofed

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FTM shills are like those pajeets who harass you to buy a knock off bag/sunglasses when you're on holiday.

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>Someone posts a coin they like on biz
Get a grip, faggot.

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it's reddit refugees who's only argument is "your only paid to have that opinion!". disregard dumb money

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Shill me your coin. Why should I buy in?

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Im sad i dont have more and i have 100k

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It's $0.02 cents now with a very real possibility, in my opinion, of going to $0.20 or $0.30. "In my opinion".

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i get the same scammy vibes, no one is ever responding to this shill threads yet the pajeets create like 10 per hour lately. don't you see that no one is interested??

seething pajeets. ICO bagholsers are still 50% down on this shitcoin by the way.

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>reddit spacer posting incorrect statements
someone isn't bright, don't you have to go to one of the dozens upon dozens of link threads here to proclaim that you're never gonna sell?

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Get your ass back to r eddit. You're too stupid to be posting here.

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i never owned any LINK.. I got into BTC in 2014 but only hold a few dozen of those bad boys. I got wealthy betting a good chunk of my net worth on NEO, NANO and ICX. I retired at the age of 24 and moved to Bali, having a kid soon.

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absolute shitcoin with shit shillers
>muh andre
>muh eth 2.0

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There's no need to be mad fren, buying FTM under 300 sats is still an unreal bargain

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I will buy after it crashes from double top

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are you me? inbuy the mainnet dump kek

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nah you're a poor pajeet fudder, you call it a shitcoin without knowing anything about th projecT
>muh ICO bagholders
most did sell already or are in for the long term and will hold for a very long time

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enjoying life rakesh don't be mad

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not everyone here is a streetshitter ;)

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anyone who speads baseless fud is a streetshitter, wealthy people don't do that ;)

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There will be no mainet dump because theres like 2% chance they deliver functional mainnet

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sir i assure u its very good glasses and if u do the needful u will unconditionally reach same conclusion of great financial exuberant project

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>Shill me coin

>pls buy sir 10x or 20x soon sir

Literally 0 talk about fundamentals from street shitters kek

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Hey man, all I give a shit about is buying this dirt cheap and selling it for a profit. That is all. "Fundamentals". HAHAHHAAHHA

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first day on 4channel streetshitter?

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Thats fair point but oyu need to fucking give him reason why price will go up if you shill fucking newfag.

This 10 same memes shilling and noone haves no fucking idea about tech is just sad desu

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>Literally 0 talk about fundamentals from street shitters kek
>almost daily tech papers
I noticed that you go in literally every fantom thread and post your smug pepes with weak FUD

seems pretty bullish to me ;)

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on top of that he is an actual pajeet who can't speak english properly so he comes off as retarded

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>calling people newfags when you're using the most basic and normie pepes
come on rajeesh you gotta at least be convincing

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>my Pepe is rarer than yours
Fuck off buddy and go back to redd*t Maybe your rare Pepes will matter there

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>FTM shills
More like FANTOM CHADS, get in or stay poor.

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Only shill division that can't explain coin since forever LOL

At least other pajets put in work

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I bet it will be 220 sats by next week after this mega dump down.

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this must be bait

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