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always hodl

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Post your rare Cronje's

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pls buy more and kys

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your memes are more forced than fresco

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>your memes are more forced than fresco

fantom "7 forced memes recycling squad anoying everyone on biz" complaining about memes

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Does anyone truly believe that? With all the resources that are out there, if you think it's a scam, there's no hope for you

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> all resources that are out there

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Imagine caring about this instead of Tangram or Resistance.
The absolute state of FTM hodlers.

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This is literally all ftm pajets got same memes and 3 payed to shill Andre interwievs talking how space and tokens are scam (never mentioning why ftm token is not)


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Yes, the technical papers, code, and research papers. But you are too dumb to understand any of it.

But it is completely natural. There must be brainlets that fomo at the top in order to create winners in markets.

In 6 months everyone will pretend they were always in Fantom cap this

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Holy shit this gif convinced me. Good lord i noticed that its a SCAM

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Lots of tokens are useless Andre is right. Tokens are meant to incentivize network functions and security by reward participants and punishing maliious actors, that's it, anything else that you believe is false

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>technical papers, code, and research papers

And you do dont you pajet?
Its fucking hashgraph c/p with extra Andre flavor lol

Also do you know why there is literally 0 functioning sc dags?
Do you you tech illiterete mongo?

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Yes he is right thing is ftm token is as much scam as rest of rc20 placeholders...

Call me when mainnet is up i know lot of you think "this is gem and Im soooo early" but youll see...

>but 23y telegram menager sad 213123tps on testnet and mainnet is out in 30-60 days

Ok lol

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Kek tell me how a team of Korean have copy pasted proprietary non open source code? Why are you so retarded?

Andre chose to join Fantom because of the code they were working on. Andre had been working for a while with his team on aBFT and gossip about gossip consensus. He brought over his work to incorporate with Fantom's because the vision and work of both parties were very complementary to one another.

You fucking idiot, they have a working smart contract testnet DAG right now and in less than 8 week, you'll be able to deploy any eth sc on fantom in under 5 minutes.

You literally know nothing and think you are so smart. Idgaf what you do but why waste your time here anyway?

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It's fine. You can to your own conclusion about what would happen and I came to mine, we'll see what happens in next couple months. One of us is gonna REEEEE and pretty sure it won't be me

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This from an oldfag who has seen everything in crypto from 2010. You know when something will explode and how the fuck they kept the lid on this moon I HAVE NO IDEA but trust me this will go nuts at some point. I guess people need to see the mainnet...but that's weird cause if Cronje says its running well then there is ZERO reason not to trust the guy, he's pure integrity...almost too much so.

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>Its fucking hashgraph c/p with extra Andre flavor lol

andre and his buddies at sikoba dumped all their research in to fantom
they are all in
when 200 iq chad goes all in on something you shut the fuck up and follow

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Imagine being a brainlet repeating fud points like a fucking NPC without having even the basic understanding of how big aBFT and Gossip about Gossip will be.

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also you faggots probably doesn't even know about tcm and their connections with the australian government
why do you think fantom was part of the australian delegation in dubai


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>You fucking idiot, they have a working smart contract testnet DAG right now and in less than 8 week, you'll be able to deploy any eth sc on fantom in under 5 minutes.

it wil lwork in next 30-60 days jsut wait and see right guys??? gg-guys?

>You literally know nothing and think you are so smart. Idgaf what you do but why waste your time here anyway?

Why you fud and waste your time!!!! must be to accumualte or you are sad you missed boat!!!


I acually wish you luck anon ill drop 500 eth on x10 price if it can work but since in not sub 80 iq droping money on wishfull thinking I kinda dubit it will

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When will you fags learn kek

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You have to use the best tools available to you to make decisions. In this case we have Andre Cronje, who's established his career on credibility, honesty, programming skills and knowledge. When he says in the community call and in interviews that mainnet is pretty much ready with imminent release and that eth smart contracts can be deployed in under 5 minutes, I believe it.

Since I am not in an insider position to know the actual state of development, i rely on a trusted source. From my time in crypto as a reader of cryptobriefing and someone who already held a very favorable.view of Andre, before I even knew he was involved in Fantom, I am comfortable taking his word for it.

If he is honest enough to say that tokens are useless and overvalued, saying he would leave Fantom the next day if he was no longer passionate about it, criticize binance openly even as they entered partnership, then I have no problem believing him when he says main net is imminent and that shit is working as it is supposed to.

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Just wait a week brainlet, you wont be doing much keking then

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yes anon, hodl til zero
have all the loyalty in the world to some chinx across the globe so they completely fleece you

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Only option left for you will be to COPE once Fantom inevitably moons

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120k portfolio in BTC and another coin thats going to take over the market
dont mess around with chink scams
hope you make gainz n get out before they fleece you faggot

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Kek just because there are Asians involved doesn't automatically make it a scam. There are whites and asians on the team. Andre's Sikoba research dumped all of their work into fantom.

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this looks bullish to me

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Best place to buy fantom?

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I never understood fudding coins
If you dont care about the coin then why waste your time. If you're trying to accumulate then you're also wasting time since /biz/ has no real impact on the market
It just seems autistic to me from every standpoint

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Please continue the fud. I'm preparing a montage board if brainlets to post after FTM pulls a 100x

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FTM has alreadt made me tons of money. Its been being shilled here since far below one penny. People will keep fuding all the way to the top lol. Keep holding corn and hoping for a 2x that holders of ftm already got.

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>Andre's Sikoba research dumped all of their work into fantom

hey you stole my line. what the fuck man

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In my previous post I had said Andre brought all of his team's previous work to fantom but I liked the way you said it better. Sorry anon-san

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fantom has thousands of ico bagholders that are trying for like a year to get out. desperate bagholders who are down 50%-80%.

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Doesn't matter, any smart investor who follows progress knows that things have turned around you dont have to wait for investment to break even to get out. There's such a thing a cutting your losses and it is the only thing that makes sense if you think you think an investment is costing you an opportunity elsewhere.

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Same comment i got from substratum bagholders back in 2017 kek

I acually shouldf just do montage board of your montage boards threts KEK

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Let's see substratum...that rings a bell, is it that coin that did a 50x in 3 months?

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Every fucking sub 20mil shitcoin did 10-50x early 2018 kek

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>fudding this hard
>complaining about fantom being on /biz/ when linkies take up full pages

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Yeah, pretty much this.

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>muh paid shills
Dont you have to shill for zion don on /pol/?

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Fud only makes sense if someone sees a legitimate flaw or the signs point to an obvious whale PnD. But the fantom fud is truly ass to the point that their only argument is "y-you're only p-paid to have that opinion!"

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>normie memes
>uses kek into oblivion to the point that it looks like your driving it into the ground
Yep we have a reddit refugee from /pol/ on our hands.

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fantom will flip eth and make it obsolete


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