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Good lord, there's not a single good thread here tonight.

Who are some of /biz/'s idols?

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Myself because I'm not a fawning soiboy.

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The most based Jew. He's been exposing Jewish tricks and atrocities for 70 years.

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Who is he?

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Noam Chomsky

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Hi Sawposhee Niqualotto, why who where when and, of course,

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Steve Jobs

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God he is a loser. Biggest word twister of all. I lost a good friend arguing over his mental posion snake world.

Idols for me:
Elon Musk,
Richard Dawkins,
Donald Trump,
Hans Rosling

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Your idol is a faggot, OP. Behold.

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>Who are some of /biz/'s idols?
a true /biz/ patrician
the original /biz/ method perfected by Newton
>buy high
>sell low

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Why would anyone want an idol? Is this some sorta soiboi thing?

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That's because everything consists of "da jooz did it" crackheads. Then we have the "the N*****s did it, kill em all" 1488 LARPers living in their trailer homes in Mobile Alabama.

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My god man, that's not how it works. That's now how any of it works at all.

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arthur hayes, frank abagnale, phil ivey, carl von clausewitz, barack obama, hitler

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this guy trades

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just for (((you)))

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the mexican butterbean

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Satoshi Nakamoto (Craig S. Wright)

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Its been like this since for a week at least.

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Ryan Gosling

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>he fomoed.... and didn't hodl

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These two if they make me rich

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>elon musk
>richard fucking dawkins
The only person worth anything here is Rosling. I hope this was bait

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Best artist in my opinion, also extremely commercially minded. Was also intrigued by Hitler

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Nah he was weird, his art is pretty amazing and revolutionary for its time. But his personal life was a big mess.

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He was an artist, what the fuck do you expect
How was it a mess? He was asexual and didn't give a fuck

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In a mess I meant in the way that he slowly degraded through the years, to the point you could only feel pity on him. Especially when he was close to his death.

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The Godzilla of /biz/

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whatever it takes babe

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I see. He was definitely insane, still think it's cool that someone like him can massively succeed. His parents named their first child Salvador, but he died and they were so sad that they named their second son Salvador also and just tried to pick up where they left off. So this Salvador grew up with false memories, probably weird when that all unraveled. I think it's interesting that he was not above doing adverts, working with Disney, and bumping shoulders with the Rothschilds. The highest level of artist.

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I don't really have any idols, and the closest I do have are honestly on my resume as references. 1 COO, 1 Senior manager of logistics, 1 former VP who just took a position with a global consulting firm for new product rollout logistics.

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my (our) lord and saviour

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even good genes can't save you from looking like a huge fag when you do this shit

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Did anyone ever find out what the hell '5%' ever meant? Was he looking around for inspiration when he was forming a company, picked up his phone and looked at the top right?

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>/biz/'s idols
This motherfucker

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I gain my inspiration from the suffering of others; a reminder to me to never reach that point

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I want to take DNP so bad but I'm afraid it will kill me

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thats evil and not cool because its from pity and pity is a bad emotion

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Perhaps but how can you NOT pity normal people too oblivious to even consider taking their investments into their own hands?

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What are you smoking? This kike sperged out last year and started shilling regime change in syria

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You can easily make out the outline of his skull on the crests of his eyebrows, pretty weird

Fun to watch him roast krugman though.

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pretty much the cool kids were the ones that programed the macintosh before windows 1.0 was developed.

i like elon musk and michio kaku, neil degrass tyson, jeff bezo's, even though i dont agree with everything, i like the tech giants.

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only 5% of people who go to the gym often make meaningful gains.

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pick one

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trump? L M A O

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