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How based can one man be?

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who is this person and why should one care?

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Absolutely disgusting

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>literal who

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Haha that looks awesome. Jimmy shaking it at 2:01 is le epic

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Stay salty then, winning is optional.

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Sweet Vishnu, how jewish is that hostess?

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This is what success looks like.
Maybe when you all /makeit/ you will understand.

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corny faggot

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On of the cringiest think I ever saw

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huge red flags

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Oh no, one of the hundreds of people at the party had a bad picture. Impeach Creg Blight am i rite?

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I'd love to vs this boozehound in a game of beer pong til last man standing.

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You wouldn't stand a chance. Word has it he was born with two livers

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Is that what boomers imagine a party to be like? Paid dancers just sperging around and cake?

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Wtf bought 100k immediately

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The dude's almost 50, what kind of shape must his liver be in?

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Haha i've got some serious boozing in my genes. My pop would drink like 20 beers a night and drop 20 yo smart asses with 1 punch when he was 80. Plus creg is a nerd so i bet he's unco as fuck.

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>Craig is just like Trump g*ys!

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is this the thousand cock stare?

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drumpf am i rite?

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Looks like Craig was the only white person in entire conference

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“Yes, I created Bitcoin.”

Kek, is he the ultimate troll or what, I don’t even care if he isn’t at this point.

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it's the 'why the fuck am i here' gaze

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10k student loan in Bitcoin are 45 BSV.

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paying $200k to be on a offshoot sponsored version of ACTUAL Bloomberg lol that only allows ppl on the shows who have PAID to be on the shows. lol the absolute state of your braindead stupidity.

>BSV has 128mb blocks so it is way better and can scale better than the original Bitcoin's 1mb blocks
in reality, you know that place you dont live, BSV can't even fill 1mb block sizes. and believe it or not, ppl that ACTUALLY HAVE LOTS OF MONEY have much higher IQ's than schitzos like you and will never invest in BSV because its literally yet another scam fork in a long long line of forks hyped up by literal lies to take away money from subhuman single digit IQ faggots like you. but i dont expect you to understand any of this because i know its just not something you are capable of doing.

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>This is the Woodstock of Bitcoin
The absolute state of humiliating delusion is fucking hilarious. Bitconnect 2.0 in progress.

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You should wait until it corrects back down to $60.

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okay sir

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buy at $1

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how can it be a scam when it's literally the original protocol?

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>clusterfuck datadump
>original protocol

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The original protocol was that it will scale along with user adoption, not force giant empty blocks, retard.

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>chinese man wearing african traditional garb for newly born son celebration at a degenerate ''party''

Playing with the spirits now.

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That's what it's doing faggasaurusrexasuaruscuckasaurussex

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>yeah this time what he says will come true
kys faggot

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Wrong faggot. They are now trying to use garbage like moneybutton to stuff those big empty forced blocks with nonsense. They're actually running the protocol backwards.

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Pretty weird, clown world indeed.

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so fucking cringe. a bunch of middle aged dudes "partying". you do that shit when you are 15-23yo...

not at fucking 35 lol. grow up

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Double wrong faggot it's called adoption deal with it faggot

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Even worse, he's 49.

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If you're not married at 17-18 to your high school sweetheart and having babies by now and settling down, you're not going to make it.

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rofl, imagine tipping a whore u didnt even fuck

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>hurr durr, they are filling the blocks with micro transactions. #NotMyBitcoin #NotMySatoshi
Haha, you gotta appreciate the level of brainwashing in the core camp

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Money button will not save this failed attempt. I hope you're a shill and not a bagholder

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wrong century bro

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They are not even brainwashed, it's literally just a team of paid opinion shapers who sits and spout the braindead core narrative on this board all day.

They FUD and attack everything that is real while they call it a fraud and scam, and advocate and pump everything that's fake and a scam and call it real. They are literally fucking vermin.

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tfw Satoshi is in my city

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>Blockstream CEO

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I just started going to raves and burner parties at the ripe age of 26, I'm 28 now and I refuse to stop dancing with scantly clad hippy whores. Pickup artists are faggots but they're right about male SMV going up late 20s

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What an absolute cringe fest.

Hurts me more that these literal retards are worth tens of thousands of times what I am. Hopefully LINK will put all these shitcoins out of business and put these degenerates in the poor house where they belong.

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Yes, he's admitting they have paid shiling teams to advance the "party line" orthodoxy on social media. His lieutenant is Greg maxwell, famous for forging document, having dozens of sockpuppets on reddit and creating much of the fake evidence used to hurt Craig.

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this is an aryan board, panjeed.

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this maxwell is one ugly cunt, how the hell can someone degenerate into something so repulsive.

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