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What would you do with a trillion dollars?

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nothing. the same i do right now as a poorfag neet.

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pump shitcoins to make biztards less miserable

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Eradicate jews
White ethnostate

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All in LINK

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Both of these.

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BUY QUANT and 10x.

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Also this

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Live on a 10 acre estate perfectly designed for energy use optimization with a park with basketball courts, tennis courts, track, soccer/football field, koi/turtle pond, tortoise corral, small stable for horses or donkeys to ride around the horse trail along the perimeter of the estate, and a solar powered mansion with indoor and outdoor pools, and a lazy river moat around it. Life would be grand. Also change at least one homeless person's life per year or more frequently if possible. Start a family and travel as desired.

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>eradicating yourself

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attempt to buy groceries for the week
t. zimbabwean

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Put it all into bonds and SQQQ and induce an artificial crash by fucking up algos and causing mass confusion.

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Invade Zimbabwe with private white army. Recreate blessed Rhodesia.

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Anything I wanted. I could literally spend $1millions a day and wouldn’t have even come close to spending a quarter of it by the time I die.

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10 acres is not that much land. Some uppity leftist Karen on the neighborhood soccer committee would complain about your life of luxury and they would build section 8 nigger housing next to your property. Then you'll be listening to rap and spic music at all hours of the day and night while your daughter gets raped by packs of wild niggers.

0/10 dream poorfag.

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Start an institution dedicated to learning the secrets of lost civilizations.

Pic related

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You mean teh freemasonz?


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No imagination.

Find places that plan your activities for you.

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Would buy several colleges and straighten up higher education.

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Live in a renovated chateau and grow grapes. Have a world class chef and a sexy maid. Have farm workers live on site in small huts at the foothills of my estate. Perfect the wine over the remainder of my life and drink and eat well

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I'd fund a white ethnostate.

I'd be happy on my deathbead knowing I assured the future of my people.

I'd also set up eugenics organisations because I want humanity to evolve naturally.

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How is eugenics "natural evolution?"

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This is a deep rabbit hole so DYOR

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Stick it up yer butt. ;^)

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Give everyone on earth $100 to dance for me one time.

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two chicks at the same time

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thats an even better idea

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Eugenics unironically is natural. What we have today is dysgenic af. Parasitical elites who control money and prevent progress and a permanent underclass that steals wealth from the middle class and out breeds everyone bringing down gene pool.

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Fund a real life Jurassic Park

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Wage a private war against the Rothschilds.

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Something space related

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You know they have hundreds of trillions right?

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I was gonna say 100 acres although that seems like a lot no? There needs to be a balance over used and not used land.

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Have sex

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Somebody's got to do it.

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Depends on the location. You can buy most of West Virginia or South Dakota for that money so get a nice piece of land with plenty of forest and hire security, gardeners and housekeepers.

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Two chicks at the same time.

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World's richest hobo

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Fund renewable and fusion energy, as well as ways of mitigating climate change, to ensure the world doesn't collapse into chaos from our carbon addiction. We have 15 years before we're all fucked.

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By the new Mac and then fly to a cheese factory through a world class airline and grate cheese with it until it won't turn on

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>Put a quarter into TSLA, LINK and DIS >buy a house in the safe zone of australia
>buy a mansion in middle america (cheap as fuck and I will spend a good amount on it to make it a castle w/moat and drawbridge to keep the blacks out)
>play vidya and lurk all day when not exploring earth

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I would create a well funded well staffed company with the purpose of developing highly advanced tech in the following areas: Biotech, Nanotech, Weapons, Fission, Rocketry, Cryptocurrencies and any other key areas where i could take mankind from this decadent state to a whole new level.

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Buy 1,000,000 blow jobs for $1,000,000 each from you faggots. And you'd all accept it too cause you're all pathetic. And it wouldn't be gay for me. Just you cause you're the ones with a dick in your mouth. Hahaha that'd show you gay losers

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Looks like i’m gay for pay

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Checked and Kek

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Have to say you are not wrong, I would definitely be in that line for $1m

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The pyramids were landing sites for alien spaceships.

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I would do the same.
I am a law only for my kind, i am no law for all.

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While 10 acres is decent land for us poorfags, if you have a trillion, you better own a fucking island. 10 acres isn't shit. At $1 trillion, you should be buying land by the square mile, not foot.

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Finally, someone who speaks English.

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Build a new YouTube

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Bring upon the end of this clownworld and start a new one.

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Two chicks at the same time, man.

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Buy a few small countries. Smell a new woman's asshole every day. Have 100 children.

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I know for sure it would be plenty strange; life is so bizarre as is, mixing with the rich would probably be the death of me. Howbeit, I would arbitrarily hand duckets out to whomever served a just purpose while within my view. If my loved ones don't turn out to be shit (in that off chance that greed shines when big money is around) I would build a 2 block community and have em all be my neighbors, we would farm, the whole bit.

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fuck with LINK till I die. I'd pump it 40%, keep it a stable price say $3 per. Then i'd dump $30 million worth and just tank the price to something like 20 cents. I'd continue doing this, raising LINK tards hopes and dreams only to smash to them to bits amidst the rocks for as long as I lived.

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2 chinks at the same time

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You could get thousands of acres if you had 1 trillion dollars.

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Make a heli skiing place where I ride for free all day and choose other people to ride for free with me. I'd do it as a charity for ski bums

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Thousands? Try millions.

I routinely see 600 acre plots of undeveloped land for under a mill. If you had a trillion dollars you could buy up literal states.

I'm actually surprised Bezos hasn't made Amazon into a state and kicked off the corporate government takeover we've seen in cyberpunk with the money he has.

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Buy Newfoundland and kick everyone out.

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build a house like this

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If you use eugenics, it's natural that your people will become superior

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Finance hunger and poverty in Africa
Finance HRT meds and add lead on them
Finance HRT to -10 african/asian boys
Finance refinery of di-hydrogen monoxide

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Buy a New and Improved Original Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut for $7.99

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I'd be in that line for free

The money is just a plus. Jokes on him he lost $1,000,000 for no reason

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Build a monastery and probably still be filled with despair because I didn't do anything to earn it.

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it's not really his money, it's his CIA handler's money.

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this. i dont think i would really change anything about my life. im addicted to the internet and shitposting and have no real desire to do anything else. i rarely ever buy anything and all i do is invest almost 90% of all of the money i get. i have no desire to buy "nice things" or spend money on drugs or women either.

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I would get all of it in paper money and stack it up and then burn it while wearing my joker halloween costume

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i would still want to be neet so i'd likely hire someone to handle all of my affairs
put 400m hidden away for myself, take 100m to live/play with, and invest the other 500m into turning some rural town into an industrial marijuana city where residents get a free oz every month
my house would be a nice estate on some acreage and a condo or two in some other locations, and i'll travel with a harem of cute maids who bully me relentlessly behind closed doors

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Basically this, NEET with 0 pressure of fear of failling at something, all my family just wants me to make money so they can say I'm successful, even if I've got trust issues that make interpersonal relationships basically impossible.
>Who cares if you're lonely anon just get rich then
and that sort of stuff. With a trillion bucks I could get me on place innawoods with great internet and shit around, maybe throw some money at major problems I'd like to see addressed. Maybe fund whatever that guy with the beard who wants to be immortal keeps yammering about.

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>has plan for 1 billion
What about the other 99 billion

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>tfw will never have a 10/10 jap carry my virgin seed and will have to settle for a 3/10 jungle asian
its over

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you mean 999 billion

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No, a trillion is a hundred billion.

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So is a billion 100 million kek

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Aubrey de grey.
Read about him maybe 2 decades ago.

I’ll probably travel as a bum, hell I don’t need trillions to do that. A cool 6mill and I’ll be fine.

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>put it in my bank
>buy a house
>live there as a neet until i eventually die and my rotting corpse is discovered several months later

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just throwing this out there i would literally kill someone for as low as 10k

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Start my plan of taking over the world with the help of the decentralised assasination/event market.

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caress it gently

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hypothetically speaking in minecraft what type of currency would be needed for someone to get griefed? Diamonds, gold, iron, monero?

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i didn't even notice
but still would hire someone to handle everything, put away my secret fund, everything else, and instead of an industrial weed town it will be a state, as libertarian as it can possibly get with decentralized privatized everything, and the education system would be reformed to actually educate and inspire instead of wasting time memorizing false facts and skewed history

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At these low low prices, people can't afford to not hire you to murder someone.

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>/biz/ - Business & Finance

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in theory that someone could be faketoshi aka craig wright even? also do you accept zcash?
again this is purely theorethical you understand... all life is sacred to me even scumbag scammers and fudders.

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Yes and 100k is a million

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this but I'd get some prostitute pussy more often

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How go from doomerjak to based poster pepe

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Whatever the fuck I wanted.

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Buy 4chan and fire the jannies and mods

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you gotta let go

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Be a bitcoin whale and buy lots of drugs.

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>$750 Billion
Buy land, fortify it’s borders

>$120 Billion
Buy Time Warner

>$25 Billion
invest in media projects stripped of political bias

>$105 Billion
Buy up BCH, LTC, ETH and use whale buys and sales to stabilize price.

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Pretend I invented Bitcoin

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I would buy a lot of bitcoin, a lot of land in a third world shithole, a huge castle, have enough ammo and guns to fund an army, and a lot of food. Then I would attempt to start a new country.

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I would single-handedly bring back the golden ear of cinema and television entertainment, no more lazy adaptions for the sole purpose of making a quick buck off the dumb general population that will watch anything, i would fund and control all the executive decisions that go into the production of a film/show, ill make sure that the best people for the job are hired and not out of nepotism or political agenda.

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All in BSV

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do u have more of oher?

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I have cashed out 10,000,000,000,000. I made 200,000k a second. I am the greatest that has ever lived this was all created for me. I will do everything. I will have a house 900 centillion times the size of earth. Filled with every item in every conceivable reality. I will be god.

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Probably fund Hezbollah to no end to exterminate Israel?
lol, i'm on a watch list now!
Hello mossad!

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Wow saying hi to mossad is now grounds for being put on a watchlist? The antisemitic alt-right has truly gone too far.

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Burn it