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Gavin Andresen (along s with Jon Matonis and Ian Grigg: google what the fuck they do) witnessed Craig fucking sign. Gavin witnessed it on a brand new laptop that literally could not have been tampered with.

Out of three possible explanations:

a) All three are telling the truth
b) They got fooled
c) They are all lying

B) is obviously false. Cryptographers don’t get fooled by frauds. C) is unlikely since weren’t close friends of each other so a collaboration to lie is very very unlikely. A) is most likely because Gavin was KNOWN to be CLOSEST to satoshi.

As for the blog posts and other things, Craig has already admitted to faking blog posts to throw people of. Here’s the thing that people don’t understand. They don’t understand what a logical fallacy is.

Repeat after me: Just because someone has faked blog posts, and just because they haven’t released full proof to the public, DOESNT mean they’re not satoshi. In fact, even if Craig released 100s of pieces of fake evidence possibly to throw people off, it STIL wouldnt change this fact. Let see how the court case ends though. It literally logically does not follow. If I created a protocol and just didn’t want to prove it to the public, that DOES NOT CHANGE the fact I created the protocol. Now, I understand any fraudster can make false claims. But Phil wilson or any other fraudster did not PRIVATELY show proof to Gavin Andresen Jon Matonis and Ian Grigg.

If you still think Craig isn’t Satoshi, I’m sorry to say but your life is about to experience a lot of poverty soon. Forget your butthurt feelings and focus on the facts.

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That faggot is a CIA asset

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Looks like he sniffs seats

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> Muh CIA asset

Goddamn it. Just because someone meets with the CIA doesn’t mean anything. Every fucking creator or major developer of any important tech has met with government agencies.

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If I was looking to trust third parties I wouldn't be in crypto.
Faggot scammer

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3 sociopaths who dgaf what the truth is.

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Well Satoshi didn't seem to like it very much, did he? Can't blame him either

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>Just because someone meets with the CIA doesn’t mean anything
And that same person has done everything he could to disrupt bitcoin since that meeting to the point he was kicked out of the project

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VERIFABLE PROOF cunt, not some three rabbit trick pulled with assistants pulling laptops out of a hat. FUCKING VERIFIABLE PROOF, FUCK OFF WITH YOUR HEARSAY AND BULLSHIT cunt

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based and fuckcuntpilled

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If CSW actually has Le Roux' hard drives, and he is actually brute forcing the TrueCrypt partitions to get at the 1 million bitcoins, it is possible he may have been also able to obtain some unencrypted information left over in any cached files.

Like an old emptied bitcoin address he could've signed with to fool Gavin, or something inconsequential to the market like Satoshi's PGP keys.

Although it still makes no sense why he would not sign publicly then though. He must've still needed to add some kind of trickery in person that he can't do online when all eyes in the world are watching.

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>tfw store my keys on truecrypt partition

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Facts. Great work, OP.

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>B) is obviously false. Cryptographers don’t get fooled by frauds.

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Imagine being so autistic that you care about this gay shit. Also LINK $1k eoy check em

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have sex bro

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If he signs, it risks the whole crypto market crashing overnight. Even before Wright was outed, everyone talked about the ramifications of Satoshi’s 1m coins being dumped. A slow trickle of info and winning support slowly over time is preferably to a shock to the system.

IMO the best proof for Wright being Satoshi is the million coins themselves, who else but Wright would be so autisticsllg motivated to mine that many fucking coins in the first place but to profit off them one day? Hal Finney was too much a golden boy for that kind of thing.

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Checked^2. Craig can suck my motherfuckin dick confirmed.

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>If he signs, it risks the whole crypto market crashing overnight
as opposed to his constant threats to crash the whole crypto market, as soon as his mythical trust expires?
>IMO the best proof for Wright being Satoshi is the million coins themselves
> T L D R

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he isnt satoshi so he cant sign

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The million coin meme isn't real
It's only based on bad reporting that noticed many early blocks were mined with a certain pattern/nonce these blocks could be satoshi they could be a group of people or another party


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so then its best not to fan flames

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The million coin meme is speculating 20,000 blocks were probably mined with a certain version of mining software
That's it

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It makes no sense to start a civil war over

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Anyone saying otherwise is a fucking retard

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Never really cared for any bcash shenanigans, but i really want this shit to tank so you'll stop polluting the board with it.

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It makes no sense to start a civil war over an altcoin/fork if you control over a million bitcoins, around 5% of the total supply.

Bitcoin is poised to eclipse, or at least match, gold's marketcap of $8T next bubble, bringing it to $400k. And if it becomes the world reserve currency in the next bubble after, it will absorb the world's wealth that is currently hundreds of trillions of dollars.

With a million bitcoins, you could RULE THE WORLD. All you need to really do is wait.
Starting a civil war does nothing except delay those events further, possibly by decades even, possibly pushing them far out ahead enough that it doesn't happen in your lifetime.

The only reason I see anyone would do this is if they didn't actually have access (or potential to access) a million bitcoins.

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Buttmain might have 1 million bcash abc/sv and needs to drive up as much drama and liquidity as possible to finally get out from under that massive bag

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this isn't bcash
its bitcoin sv

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Realistically bitmain has less than 7 months to get rid of their bcash bags based on all the lies and fabrications around some made up trust

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Even worse is they probably bought a lot of those bags trying to do the fake "BCH flippening" back in 2017, spending actual valuable BTC in the process.
Like Calvin is doing now with SV.


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hmmm why would the creator of bitcoin, notoriously synonymous with 'crime coin', want to put his own bitcoin into an asset protection trust?

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The first column section is Quantity. The second column section is average price. The third column is USD value x 1000. This image shows that their BCH holdings ballooned to over 1 million BCH by the end of March this year.

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Heard of it before? Maybe you read a definition for it on some fake jpg circulated by neckbeard maxwell.

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Fuck off script wizards your middleware is going to zero.

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...wait what?
This year?
Doesn't that mean they don't get the free BSV with it?

Why though? Is this a result of propping the price up?

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thats from 18 right?

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I was phone posting and copied from an article that translated it yes 2018, and yes they would get both forks
the bcash split was in november of 2018 and each bcash turned into 1 abc 1sv
I sold my bcash for more bitcoin in 2017 so I don't get any new shitcoin forks
yes 2018 a few months before the abc/sv split

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>scaling up blocks
>disrupt bitcoin

Yet taking transactions off the blockchain or removing digital signatures is perfectly okay with you people.

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do you run a node?

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Why? Just encrypt the private key and post/store it on 4chan ffs.

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Don't like it, stiff. Can't wait to see you fomo in at 20k.

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I'm not a miner.

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Craig has a private key given to him by Le Roux when he worked for him before he backstabbed him. It doesn't unlock the satoshi coins, it's for another address in the 1st block.


There, now all of Craig's behavior, his key and everything makes sense. More sense than him being Satoshi considering he has opposite political ideas of Satoshi in many areas.

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>le god yada yadda

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so you can't verify/validate the network but you're concerned with other technical aspects
do you know how retarded you sound?

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Why not get in touch with the forum administrators of where Satoshi used to post in and have them do an IP address look up? I know the backend keeps track of every poster's IP. The admins can look up the IP and if the IP address is around the general area where Craig Wright was living back in 2009-10, then you can easily conclude that CW is Satoshi.

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Lol what? That's not a node. I can verify just fine with blockheaders, all done in my RAM ffs. Read the whitepaper.

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Non mining nodes can't do anything except watch. They are cuck nodes. Miners are the bull nodes going balls deep in block creation and the validation of your signatures.

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>The admins can look up the IP and if the IP address is around the general area where Craig Wright was living back in 2009-10, then you can easily conclude that CW is Satoshi.
VPN my friend.

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you're not propagating and have no say in what is or isn't on the network
if miners had all the control S2X would have been pushed through and bitcoin would be dead, it had 95%+ miner support

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It's worth a shot, he might not have cared that much about his identity to hide behind a VPN back then when BTC was worth pennies.

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>you're not propagating and have no say in what is or isn't on the network
Exactly. Like I said I'm not a miner (node).

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Craiged & Stiffpilled

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>if miners had all the control S2X would have been pushed through and bitcoin would be dead
Don't you mean alive? It was being adopted and the adoption went into reverse due to block size limitations. It was pathetic and sad. If you're a hysteric that thinks 2mb blocks would have "killed bitcoin" you're extremely mentally ill.

Bitcoin Core had all the control by default because it was the go-to software and the vast majority of people downloading a bitcoin wallet just go with the default and do not think about governance or bitcoin politics at all. It was not some mass conscious decision by bitcoin node runners. Anyone who thinks that is incredibly deluded.

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These people don't understand how forks work and they sure as hell don't understand consensus. UASF are purely protest. Only miners vote. S2X didn't go through because miners decided not to fork to it. Almost as if there was a vested interest both from Core and certain miners to keep segshitcoin slow and stupid. For Core its Lightning and sidechains. For big blockers like Jihan it's to make bch (and now bsv) far more attractive. Segshit will NEVER hardfork in a block increase. Devs don't want it, miners don't want it and Corecucks are legit scared of hardforks due to propaganda.

BTC is a deadman walking.

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Le Roux isn't Satoshi, if you look into his life you'll realise he was way too busy with his crime enterprises and never once integrated bitcoin in any way. Plus a lot of other reasons youll realise from his biography.

It's also not Craig Wright(obviously) besides all the glaring contradictions and circumstantial evidence. The guy is the most cocksucking desperate to be acknowledged human being that he wouldn't hide behind an alias/anonymity(as he said before he even knew about bitcoin.

The real Satoshi is probably dead IMO

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>Satoshi is probably dead IMO

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Nothing with CWS makes sense for him to be Satoshi. You guys are fucking brainlets. WHY would he do that? He could change the whole core BTC design if he merely posted on his P2P Foundation profile. Everyone worships this motherfucker.

There's two things Satoshi might want
1) To remain hidden
2) To expose himself (why? It only brings trouble)

What makes even less sense is exposing himself and not providing proof. For what fucking purpose?
Well, unless you're a good scammer that wants to popularize his coin and bullshit everybody.
We're talking millions or even billions of dollars here. Obviously someone will try that. And why would he do that given that he's already rich as fuck? 1 million BTC that's like... yeah. Billions.

Real Satoshi's identity is known by SIGINT. Snowden already said who he is.

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S2X was coded so poorly it would have killed bitcoin it failed on the 1st block you retard

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>BTC is a deadman walking.
said the deluded cashie for the 1000th time

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Fucking Sanjay shills, I hope you all get commit suicide once it dumps

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/biz/ is just shitposting at this point

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if hes trying to throw people off, why the fuck is he begging me to believe him?

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brain stroke victim threads always so funny

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It's not proof by any definition

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Theyre either dead or it was never his wallet to begin with and he is just another crypto multimillionaire off in the world who either bought in or mined BTC after it was initially started because that wallet belongs to some governmental agency or even better yet- a Rothschild and the BTC has never needed to be touched or used in the first place because secrecy and itll be revealed some day when it can be told as laughable history.

What commoner wouldnt tap into a billion dollars?

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I find it highly unlikely that someone so crass, crude and starved for attention is satoshi. Hell his livestream some days ago were not by a confident guy who knew what he was talking about. Too many gaffes from a man who wrote eloquently and carefully when he posted unlike this man.

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checked and sold my bsv

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LOL! Nice try Craig, you piece of shit. Sign with genesis or block 9, or shut the fuck up.

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Based & Nice Digits

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protip to all brainlets and newfags. this thread's filled with greg maxwell sockpuppets and blockstream employees, as well as fraudsters and bagholders all trying to convince you not to buy. and I mean they are DESPERATE for you not to buy BSV. think about that one

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Fags still don't believe that it was a collaboration of NSA and CIA (CIA smaller team)...

the awakening will be hard

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Checked truth has been spoken

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Szabo is Satoshi, the English guy wrote the white paper, Finney had somewhat working relationship

He hasn't touched the btc because its his life's work and doesn't need nor want to do so
If you have the foresight to create bitcoin then you have it to see faaaaar ahead and not cash out to buy dumb shit which doesn't interest some people anyway. Created something that will change the world obviously you're gonna be cautious with legacy which is why it isn't Craig Wright because he's a stupid loudmouthed faggot like those fake war veterans
Fuck off you cunt

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Or Szabo wrote white paper, English guy code, both shared bitcoin talk acc.

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Not Satoshi, but thank you.

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Yeah, well, of course he would say that!

>> No.14011687

sounds desperate to keep thinking otherwise...

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Of course. Satoshi is Calvin Ayre really

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>B) is obviously false. Cryptographers don’t get fooled by frauds.
And you base this supposed "fact" on... what exactly?

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Remember this?

> “I am about to demonstrate a signing of a message with the public key that is associated with the first transaction ever done on bitcoin”

I don’t understand why is he saying recently “I will sign after proving in court” lol. lol. Wasn't that bbc fake stunt supposed to be real? hahaha

> “I don’t want money! I don’t want fame! I don’t wan adoration”

> “I will never do an interview ever again!”


seems legit right goys?

Here the guy from bbc with his impressions, he was face to face with that clown: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zxMU4C6bGKw

> there will be no split
bch splits

> i will destroy bch
bch not destroyed

> btc will be $0 eoy 2018
btc $4000 eoy 2018

> i am satoshi
can’t sign a simple fucking message

> says I will sign after proving in court
but... wasn't the bbc stunt supposed to be a real signature? LOL

> submits a list of addresses of some fake tulip trust bullshit to court...
one of the addresses he claimed was signed by the real owner with a message saying the address is not belonging to this craig clown

> unlawfully registers a copyright on btc white paper and code in a stunt to cause a dump on btc
btc doesnt flintch

> next day copyright office confirms they didnt confirm this clown is satoshit and reaffirms that anyone can register anything with them
ultra fail

> some brainlets compare this piece of trash with trump, but trump is a winner
this clown is a loser

Guys this fakethosi clown is a fucking scam a pure and simple trash bag for everyone to see.

> He keeps putting a large biz budget for his trash biz shill army in an attempt to change public opinion
he fails miserably, anyone with one inch of brain sees this guy is a fucking trashbag scam

Fuck you and all you brainlets who support this fucking faketoshi loser piece of shit

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>Gavin witnessed it on a brand new laptop that literally could not have been tampered with.

prove it
where in the fuck did he ever said it was a brand new laptop
who provided the laptop?

>> No.14012430

Just read Gavins blog post about it you fucking incel brainlet. You guys are so fucking annoying

>> No.14012545

Part of that time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess. But even before I witnessed the keys signed and then verified on a clean computer that could not have been tampered with

where did he say that it was his computer?
where did he say that it was brand new?
even I can sign satoshi's keys with a CSS mod on blockexplorer.com
eat your own feces you faggot indian nigger, superbacteria will kill 50% of india before 2022 you little faggot manlet

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Satoshi is dead, or it doesn't matter who he is. Satoshi's bitcoins are gone. They are worth billions now, if Satoshi is still alive and still able to access those funds and he hasn't already sold he is never going to sell, at least not until the next ATH is reached and anyone with 1 BTC has already made it.

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>That signature was copied on to a clean usb stick I brought with me to London, and then validated on a brand-new laptop with a freshly downloaded copy of electrum.
>I was not allowed to keep the message or laptop (fear it would leak before Official Announcement).
Lol without the original message and plaintext, it's completely meaningless

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the thing that fucks me up about andresen is I read his twitter posts in the same voice I give to satoshi.

t. schizophrenic

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based and /thread

First thing you see on Gavin's blog is him bitching about not being rich
I'm sure you can fill in the rest of the picture

>> No.14012689

>Implying he's not waiting until like 2060 when Btc is worth 10 mil and then creating a white ethnostate and ushering in a ten thousand year golden age
I got news for you pal

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BSVers love to appeal to authority, even when they aren't 100% sure who the authority is. Goes to show how many brain cells they have, especially when the entire fucking point of bitcoin is to have no central authority.

>> No.14013042

I'm sure you can help us BSV Marines out by providing the tx that was signed. I lost the link to it and the other Marines I asked also didn't seem to have it.