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CSW is literally Gilderoy Lockhart incarnate.

All the books written, all the supposed credentials, the thirst for fame, the tendency to take credit for everything...
It's spooky how accurate the character portrayal is.
It's almost like a parody.

Is CSW gonna sue JK Rowling?

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Also, can any anons good with photoshop attach CSW's head on to scenes with Gilderoy Lockhart?

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Holy shit, I've never thought of that analogy

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Yeah and maybe a copy of the white paper in the picture frame behind him next to his shitty online university 'degree'.

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lmao - true

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holy shit I never realized how accurate this is

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So is Greg Maxwell Hagrid?

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>Vitalik is Harry and he’s gonna punch nazis!

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>Gilderoy Lockhart
Literal who you massive faggot?
Have sex.

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>goes into a thread where he has no idea what is being talked about and makes a useless post
Have sex incel

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lol. greg maxwell is weirdly obsessed with harry potter. he even named his stupid illegal money laundering privacy coin after it, 'mimblewimble'. what a weird fucking autist

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Nah, Sergey is definitely Hagrid.

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Im lost as well. I watched one or two of the movies and read the first book in school. Didnt know so many people like got into it and the lore and such.

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That phrasing means you're either too old or too young.

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>too old
Anyone over the age of 20 who unironically posts "Have sex" instantly dies of a heart attack from being too much of a faggot, so we'll know depending on whether he posts again or not

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I think after all those Big Mac™'s, he's more likely to be the no-maj Jacob Kowalski

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When I was a younger man we would listen to Van Halen and drink beers, chase tail and live life to the fullest, not read books about some queer magician and jerk off to cartoons.

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