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You know the drill by now marines. I cannot say any more info other than it's all true.

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wee woo wee woo larp police can I see your license and registration please?

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Lol I work at bae too. Farnborough office. Based

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what am I looking at

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PTSD is no joke

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how do i buy link with us dollars? Do I have to buy another crypto and then trade it? I want to buy today but idk how.

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Can I someday live a comfy neet life in asia with 5k Links?

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Buy Ethereum, then buy Link. Hold Ethereum too probably

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Link Jesus? IS IT YOU?!!

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Yes but only for 2 years then its back to your cage, wagie

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Jonny Huxtable was a Lead Automaton Engineer for BAE Systems.


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Was up at Samlesbury today, where you based anon? Theyre pretty chill up there. 100k stinks here, always keeping an eye out for blockchain related shit in your presentations.

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God those two looks like the fun kind of sluts.

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Binance will accept Visa and Mastercard if you want to buy today.

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are we going to be rich?

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Does ChainLink connect all APIs and financial systems through smart contacts?

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How is this noteworthy is any way?

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should i use binance for all this?

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>it's all true.
no shit sherlock

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Yes, I do.

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That's up to you my friend but I wouldn't use Binance personally since I don't like chinks or Binance.

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Share alternative means, pls. Binance is pretty straightforward and accepts my CC.

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i bought 250 bucks worth of bsv today, should i sell that and put it all in LINK or have some of both?

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You should at first.

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ive been hearing do not sell for two years. by now i could have tripled my stack

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You cannot serve 2 masters, for you will love one and hate the other.

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Buy Ethereum first. Then here are the exchanges Link is traded on.
Use one that has a Link/Eth pairing. Then send off the exchange and back to your Ethereum wallet. (probably use MEW or hardware wallet)

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It is not worth the risk.

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Just buy on Binance and transfer them to a desktop wallet or something.

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gratz, you bought the real meme coin!

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What is this larp shit?

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Binance will accept Visa/Mastercard but it'll have to be debit.... your cc company will probably decline the transaction, but bank should not. If they do, a simple call will fix it.

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binance does take credit/debit cards but i wouldnt trust them with it, id rather trust coinbase with those things.
1.buy eth on coinbase
2.send eth to binance
3.trade that eth for link

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Coinbase will lock your crypto for 7 days before you can send it to an exchange. You can insta-buy, but you can't insta-send

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i know everytime i try to sell link i start to cry and i cant do it

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isnt that for larger amounts tho? i always do smaller transactions like less then $500 everytime and ive never had any holds

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This. Banks have the worst block times.

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You're lucky. I used to not have holds either. Then one day I did. I know I'm not the only one either

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yeah ive heard it happen to people too, either locked up for 7 or 14 days. I think it may be because they are doing large amount like over a thousand for their first transactions.

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WitNet has secured a contract from BAE to overhaul their logistics. When you said "do not sell link!", you must've meant to not link any of your sells together, which has nothing to do with any token named Link.
Please sell all of your Link. Everyone is doing it.

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ok i sold the bsv meme coin. Lost a dollar whatevs. Bought 1 ETH, i know I'm poor. Figure I'll get as much chainlink as i can for 1 ETH once the transaction goes through binance. How long does binance usually take to get your coins to you?

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ok it went through, ok boys its LINK TIME

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i bet youll sell early, start reading up on the archived threads so you dont sell early

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Welcome aboard marine

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i wont bros. How the hell do i trade the ETH for LINK now, can I do it on binance? I'm retarded this site is confusing.

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you trade ETH for LINK on binance. If you need to get ETH, buy some on coinbase and send it to binance to trade it for links. lmk if you need more help bro im here for you

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You'll send ETH from Coinbase wallet to Binance Wallet.

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Alright I think I did it. I got like 269 LINK, not a lot but its what I feel I can risk. like 0.0012 ETH leftover.

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t. nopants

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On binance, go to ETH under funds tab, go to deposit, copy wallet address. Paste that address in Coinbase under Etherium's send icon.

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Hey there big spender

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>living in a flyover state.

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welcome aboard marine, try to get minimum 1000 links, we calculated thats the suicide stack amount.

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that's at least $269k you're sitting on

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should've hopped on board when it was 50 cents the other week when i heard about it. Oh well, I'm here now.

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yeah we know the drill, you are astro or another discord tranny

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Just bought another 600 to add to my stack. Fuck I hope it takes off, I'm all strapped and ready for the moon mission

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>269 LINK

The absolute state

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what is a suicide stack? thats like the 5th time I've seen someone use that term?

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You'll kill yourself for not having at least that many.

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send the Eth to your BTC address for safer transfer operation. and dont worry about BTC transaction being slow. Eth works really fast on the BTC chain. welcome aboard fellow linkmarine

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Have patiences fren. Don’t rush and screwup your address, that is the most important thing. You don’t want to know the feel which the 2BTC anon felt this morning.

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These are lies. Do not do this. Also do not make up your own wallet address to be "super secure".

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can someone tldr what bae systems means for link? ai computation stuff?

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>Unironically the sort of holder that makes it

It's good not to stretch yourself more than you can, but I'd recommend regularly buying LINK with spare cash over the next few years.

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I saw that post, that was hard to read. I don't know what it is though. My college term ends in like 2 weeks and once that happens I'm going to factory reset my computer to ensure I have no spyware backdoors that can steal my info, I'm gonna change all my passwords to be more stable. Right now i have my LINK on my behance account. Is it not safe there? Any advice or links to good wikis or info sites are very appreciated?

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More LARPS. Users on /biz/ have nothing better to do with their lives than to make up imaginary stories just so they can feel important when respond to their posts. It's nothing more than "(you) baiting". They get off of seeing their posts getting responded to. This is how pathetically mundane this community is.

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I desperately want to buy some LINK but I got child support bills to pay fml

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Get a hardware wallet and connect it to myetherwallet.

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Considering nano ledge s is $100+, I would suggest get it if you use a paper wallet. But maybe it’s worth it after you have 1000 Link

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No breakcrum here
>Only summer fags

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Deposit cash on Coinbase move to gdax buy and withdraw you fucking brainlet

I’m astonished that I share a market with mouth breathers like yourself

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LINK barracks floor cleaner

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Don't sell. Just hold onto it. If it dips, that's fine, but more if you can. Don't sell until it's worth a lot.

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Woah OP how did you get that BAE Systems Door entry card? It's not like they're one of the worlds biggest defence companies or anything!

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More like latrine licker

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hell yeah

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i have 0.5 BTC and 600 LINK. What do

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>Right now i have my LINK on my behance account. Is it not safe there?
Suggest you spend $60 on a hardware wallet such as trezor or ledger. The hardware wallet stores your private key and your private key never leaves the device. You can use a hardware wallet with myetherwallet and this will allow you to store your link tokens.

So far, binance seems safe, at least safer than most. I moved most of my stack off there but still have a few. My attitude changed after cryptopia hack. Thankfully did not lose much from that, but it made me realize that what a bunch of people have been saying for a long time is correct -- don't trust fucking exchages.

Whenever you send tokens to a new addresse ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS send a test transaction of a few dollars worth first. Just did that last night -- sent about 10 link to address of my new hardware wallet and confirmed. Yes you will pay a whopping 2 dollars extra in fees but who gives a fuck.

Also, fuck these anons telling everyone to send link token to a BTC address. It won't work and you may lose your link. Like I said, ALWAYS send a test transaction first.

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This will be a large stack some day. Hold on tight

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Supply chain. Counterfeit electronic parts are the downfall of the defence industry.

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Download Crypto.com the app. You can buy Link directly now. But you have to send in your Driver's License or some form of ID to be able to send your Link tokens out of their wallet.

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based. anything else you can tell us?

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FUD if you must but this is just cruel. Don't do this.