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>coworkers make fun of me for having no gf again

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Tell them they're incels and they need to have sex. That'll show 'em.

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>coworker dumped my lunchtray on my head again

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My female supervisor asked me when the last time I got laid was about a month ago. How do they know?

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>coworkers gave me a wedgie again

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>talking to your coworkers

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Thots can smell the lack of sex.

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Yeah I know. Believe me I know

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>mfw started dating a colleague some months back and people around the office are starting to notice somethings up
what do

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>tfw coworkers bully you for being a virgin

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Have sex in the bathrooms during lunch

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i'd rather jerk myself off to my imagination to be honest

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I usually turn those conversation into a big joke and they end pretty quickly.
>Whens the last time you got laid anon
>Literal years
>Dude just get out there. Girls around here love to get with guys like you to piss off their dads.
>Yeah, I bet their dads would hate it if I started talking about my anime figures at the dinner table.
>Damn it anon that's not what I meant.
>Wow this guy on tinder has no game. He says are your shoes tied? I told him I'm bare foot. He says Just pretend you're wearing shoes for the joke to work.
>Fucking amateur. He had on chance to ask for feet pics and he fucking blew it.
>Jesus Christ anon.

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Yeah I thought of some funny replies after it happened but it took me way off guard when she said it. I just haven't been getting any girls since after college and dont have any money yet. It's impossible to be broke as fuck and get laid.

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incel spotted. have sex.

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Bring a gun to work. That will show them.

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>Sue for sexual harassment
>buy mooncoin

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>25, Black
>Raised in a super conservative household
>no sex before marriage
>sausagefest stem
>thrown in a 65/35 f:m environment at work
>annoying and perverted white co-worker manlet won't stop harrassing female co-workers and dragging me into it every fucking day
>obsessed with sex, dick & gay jokes
>qt Hungarian or whatever other Eastern European shithole country she's from: "anon why don't you have a gf?"
>"I-i'm not looking for anything serious because I'm focussing on my career rn"
>said white co-worker tells her I think she has a nice ass. Goes quiet and makes shit awkward. She's slightly mad, but I don't know at who
>caught me off-guard once and talked about her tits. Visibly retracted, and she gave me a condescending 'awwww, you're shy??? Are you going red? (brown skin faggit genes)'
>hate when she talks to me alone cause I can't hold a convo with her beyond superficial jokes and worry about exposing myself
>literally could not compute and walked off
>other female co-worker mother-zoned me. Telling me to get a woman, what to eat and shit
>another female co-worker thinks I'm sexist cause of that manlet
>people asking for my social media, say I'm only on twitter or I de-activated my fb cause I'm on a social media detox so they don't think I'm a weirdo
>literally never talk to most of my female co-workers

Why can't people just be professional at work? I can't keep my LARP up

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holy fuck must be horrible """working""" with so much Oestrogen around you. You have my deepest condolences Nigger. F

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>work in a factory setting
>all dudes
>older blokes find it strange that i didnt have a gf and kept asking me why
>"you dont have a man as a partner do you, anon?" (these dudes really hate the gays)

could be worse t b h. im just too autistic for this shit, cant fucking stand it anymore. imagine someone having the nerve to shit on you because you dont have a gf. t-thanks guys, appreciated

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There is a dude in my office called Stephen. I fucking hate his guts. I avoid talking to him but can hear him constantly making dick jokes, sexual innuendo jokes with the females, including the 50 year old roasties, piss and shit jokes too.

Why does every office have to have one of these absolute cunts in it? I literally just go work and go home now. Fuck them if they think I'm a boring cunt. I cant be arsed with that infantile shit, I am nearly 29 at this point. The piss joke guy is fucking 32 years old and never grew out of being 19.

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I sorta know that feeling, there's this extremely loud manlet right behind my back at work who won't shut the fuck up about BDSM, LGBT oppresion and internet references "that you obviously won't understand" in an otherwise 100% quiet office, that's when he's not hitting on another coworker next to me, whose boyfriend is 5 metres away from us. The funniest thing is that he absolutely shuts the fuck up the second she leaves and in general refuses to talk to any male coworkers on topics not related to tasks at hand. Luckily there's an option of remote work so hopefully in half a year I'll be doing my shit from home.

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