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And who is Craig Wright? Based on everything I have personally seen and witnessed, he is the genius behind Bitcoin and the Metanet. To the doubters, the evidence is coming (from numerous fronts, including some I am personally digging out myself, and even culminating in a signing), but NOT on your terms.


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He has the personality of a dry sponge

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Craig was the man behind, what in my opinion is, the greatest invention since the internet itself, and perhaps even bigger

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"developer Gavin Andresen had already recently stated that he witnessed Craig sign with keys that only Satoshi Nakamoto could have possessed."

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"With the bulk of intimate knowledge possessed by Craig, and with the recent signings to Matonis and Andresen, I was confident that this was the main man behind the world’s greatest invention. Why is it the world’s greatest invention? – Because the problem of money has been solved. Finally."

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"You’d be surprised how many people read only half an article, only to quickly check the comments section to assess public opinion. And perceived public opinion does indeed sway things…

This has been Gregory Maxwell’s (former Blockstream CTO dedicated to making life hell for Craig and big blockers) modus operandi. There’s strong evidence now that ties a number of online accounts including the infamous “Contrarian” to Maxwell. These accounts have been dedicated to undertaking an unprecedented, 24/7, round-the-clock social engineering effort in skewing the public perception of Dr. Wright to incredible consequence."

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"In the following weeks, I guess Dr. Wright began to trust me a little, and began sharing a large swathe of early research work which lead to Bitcoin. This included research work pertaining to Bitcoin’s neural network capability, and even Blacknet (now known as metanet). Craig has no idea of this, but the large volume of his own research work that he had sent quite literally kept me up all hours of the night and I’d end up at work a zombie… Occasionally, I’d message him and say, I really have to sleep, only to get more emails stating “more reading material”. It was a rough time."

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"he shared that he had met Dr. Wright a week prior and that Wright had offered to sign with Satoshi keys as evidence. Roger responded that he believed him and that signing was unnecessary. Roger then joked “of course I’m not prepared to go public about it”. We all knew what ‘going public’ meant. It meant suicide…"

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"These individuals that wanted to silence Craig are now finding themselves dealing with a monster forged by their own doing. When criminals choose to attack from the shadows and threaten family members and attempt to subdue people, don’t be surprised when the campaign is returned ten-fold."

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"A man capable of over 17+ degrees, including multiple doctorates, operating numerous businesses, with countless inventions, papers, and heading for thousands of patents… well that should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to attain anything in life… As Ryan X. Charles voiced “I thought it was humanly impossible to achieve so much”…"

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>9 posts by OP
Positively REEKS of desperation

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Where are all the source URLs?
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