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why is no one mentioning this cup and handle pattern on link? if this breaks bullish it'll be huge. i estimate the target to be around 2.3ish but it can go a lot higher

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its gonna happen, be comfy fren

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>draw cup in mspaint
>do you guys no see in the charts this cup i drew?
the absolute fucking state

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the cope is real

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are you fucking retarded? i didn't use mspaint, there are tools on trading view you can use.

no cope i actually don't own any link, might buy some tho

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The reason nobody falls for your shilling is that it doesn’t have even the slightest veneer of credibility. 2.3 my ass. It won’t be worth even 2.3 satoshis soon.

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cope of a nolinker

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This is a Harmony ONE board now, anon

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He's saying you're retarded because there's no cup and handle, you fucking moron.

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i'm saying there is a possibility of it breaking bullish, seeing how it only needs to break one major resistance. Just a pattern i recognized and thought i should point out

look up cup and handle patterns

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So you're saying I have to wait until fucking November until I become a millionaire?

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Nobody remembers the "cup and handle" that formed in q1 2018. Kek

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You were planning on being alive then anyway, no?

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i'm not sure how long it will take to play out. Just be patient dude

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If I had a penny for every fucking """"cup and handle"""" meme we've gone through, I'd have

well, give or take six pennies

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I should've sold. The only reason why I kept holding was for staking link but now with the kyc mechanism in play I don't know if my manlet hands can hold any longer. Is chainlink being worth $50+ counterproductive? Is chainlink really meant to be a stablecoin?

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Until you get a handle that's a double top

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TA on alt coins, nice one you cunt

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Chains interlinked

Infinite symmetry

Time is a flat circle

We are simultaneously always and never here

Do you feel it brother?

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yup, you fell for the meme. sell while you can before 70% sergey exit scams slowly as it bleeds to 0$ and uses your hard earned money on whores in the caymans.

>pic very related

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i made a thread on it as soon as we double topped like a week ago

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Yes, I 'feel' that link is going to slowly bleed out from a failed 'cup and handle' over the course of 6 months just like last year.

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nothing driving it to do that though. sergey is probably going to lay low for another couple of months meanwhile we bleed out to .80c. no ones

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I'm not that bullish on LINK right now, but I do think we are at a range of significant support. Hard to see it dumping much further than this. Crab mode engaged.

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it's do for retracement now, but i believe it will retest the highs again and that'll be the handle. The question is, is it going to be just a lower high or a bull break?

yeah, will this pattern will take a long time to play out.

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Ah yes the cup and handle..
Prepare your anus

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dude, a cup without handle is called a double top.

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>Crab mode engaged.

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yes i'm aware, i just think a handle will form, just an opinion i could definitely be wrong. read >>13954391

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Link will be dead for a few years, better catch other moon missions for now and make 10x on 1 million rather than you pitty 1k$