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Are you going to cyrogenically persevere yourself before you die, /biz/?

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No, I'll never die.

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Might do.

Hypothetically if everything went according to plan, after you are unfrozen in the future would you feel like you wake up the moment you die, would there be any sense of the passage of time?

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Probably feel lots of nausea and a sudden rush of pain.

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but what if the leak is on the bottom of the chamber?

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It's probably like being in a coma, so no

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>how does gravity work?

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Why would anyone want to see the end result of this shit world

You would probably be super confused, disoriented, and probably regretful. Everything you ever knew and loved would be gone and there probably wouldn't be a place for you in that society

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>he fell for the meme
It will never work because the brain simply deteriorates, anybody who believes in this stuff knows nothing about medicine

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wake up
BSV is the world wide currency


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Deterioration is a biochemical process which needs a certain temperature range to occur. If it's too cold, it's not going to happen.

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lol imagine believing that anybody is going to wake your ass up and go to the trouble of reviving you x years in the future.
Unless there is a smart contract that guarantees a massive payout for doing so and nursing you back to health, nobody is going to fucking bother.

JUST IMAGINE a bunch of FUCKING ZOOMERS waking up 300 years from now and demanding to be catered to, in renewed, youthful bodies and wealthy beyond reason due to their investments and crypto. What goddamn nightmare.

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>Snap frozen at the peak of perfection.
How is it going to degrade?

The neural pathways would still be there.

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It costs like a 100K, unless I make it it's not going to happen.

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You would probably end up killing yourself
Imagine the sense of confusion and loss, like when you wake up confused that a few hours have passed. Except now centuries have gone by and your loved ones are non existent

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Lmao do you seriously believe that cold temperatures prevent deterioration?

Your brain dies, so does your ego/soul/whatever you believe in. Cryogenics has been proven to be a pseudoscientific scam

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>Unless there is a smart contract that guarantees a massive payout for doing so and nursing you back to health, nobody is going to fucking bother.

Once word breaks out that your business is not living up to it's obligations, you're going to get sued and not get anymore customers.

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The point is that people believe that at some point science will be so advanced that even their damaged brain will be able to be restored to their original state.

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>not downloading you brain into an organic computer in the 2080s


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Cold enough temperatures. It's basic physics kids. You need energy for biochemical processes to occur. Your cells dying is a biochemical process.

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>Wake up
>You're the only white man on the planet
>Immediately scalped and put into a voodoo potion with a chicken foot and three twigs

I'd rather die at 30 in uprising desu

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Let's be honest, no one is going to keep you around for a century for 100k. They will go bankrupt and literally "liquidate" the company.

I am pretty sure you have to be worth a bill for them to keep you around.


Also this, you are #rekt when they freeze you.

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No. I am white and the cryo Jews will just take my sheckles and not bother to ever revive me u less they want to torture me.

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dumb gay poster

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If I recall correctly it's a foundation, not a company and your money is in some kind of trust, the foundation probably operates with the dividends. Now obviously some employee/director might be tempted to scam this money away.

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>Everything you ever knew and loved would be gone and there probably wouldn't be a place for you in that society
So nothing would change except now I live 200 years into the future gotcha

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Basically, this sounds awesome, but I just don't see it working for the average joe who invests his last mil (from saving and coupon clipping their entire life) into it, let alone 100k.

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You may want to read this pretty cool article on the subject.

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I heard some of them work based on life insurance policies. Basically you sign the company up as the beneficiary for a life insurance policy of a specific amount and upon your death they transport your body to their facilities.

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They pump anti freeze into your veins and brain minutes after death
Unironcially I am not fucking with you

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>wake up
>turns out im now an immortal cyborg slave to the jews

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>loved ones are non existent
nothings changed

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>implying they wont go back on the deal in your absence
>implying you wont be a first wave experimental dethaw who gets brain damage and dies moments after waking up
>implying you wont be liquidated

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>yeah it took 300 years to get it exactly right so your upkeep costs put you in debt forever

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>"Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown"

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Man he's gonna be so pissed off when he wakes up and learns Craig stole his BTC and took a huge dump on his legacy.

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Not sure I'll be around unless these life extension fags figure something out in the next 45 years
t. 34 year old boomerino

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He’ll be bugged forever because the early adopters were not frozen properly and can never be revived

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Basically this. God anon's are fucking retarded faggots

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>woken up by psychopathic ai to be tortured eternally.

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No because life is an endless loop

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Cool, ty

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Is pretty cool to think about

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I prefer mummification. When I die I would like to be dried up, my organs put in jars and together with my body be put inside a plexiglass box (or some other material as resistant that will last thousands of years) with a protective atmosphere inside to be preserved as if I was a museum piece, along with items from my age (electronic devices, clothing, etc), being sort of a time capsule. Then I'd be buried in a cave deep down of the Earth, possibly an abandoned mine shaft, and the rock walls would be smoothed and carved with all kinds of information and motifs from our time for people in the future to know.

I'd probably never be found again, but if someone, thousands or even tens of thousands of years later did, they'd have such a great wealth of information from our present time.

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Imagine being uploaded into computer. You suddenly wake up and realize that your consciousness is controlled by someone else. You can not die. Well at least until humanity destroys itself or sun becomes red giant and devours earth or ultimately in the heat death of universe.

Do you think your human mind can cope with that. Alternatively your mind can be controlled and you could experience continuous loop, something like bad trips on LSD. You do not experience time, it just feels like eternal torture even for a short amount of time.

I think you want to die. Watch Black Mirror and then take huge amounts of psychedelics in bad set and setting.

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>persevere yourself
chiggity check yourself
before you wreck yourself

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>tfw thawed out by aliens
>forced into alien sex slavery

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it happens just slower

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Transmetropolitan is a black comedy set in a Futurama-esque future satire of modern politics. The unfrozen are basically time refugees who are begrudgingly revived only out of obligation by whatever companies inherited the contracts as cures become available. I imagine the reality would be more like this.

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No I'm not an insane jew like like WALT DISNEY THAT WEIRD FUCK

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fuck no

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>gave them their money back
Okay, so go make a life wtf. I'd be out buying a harem of loli sex android waifus and NEETing it up for eternity with aging sorted. Or I'd go buy the latest insane virtual world program and shape planets and civilizations. Fuck outta here with this bullshit. If you aren't getting frozen you're a brainlet, assuming aging isn't cured before you die anyway.

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>for some reason it's more practical to revive a human as a cyborg slave than just make a robot

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they can't adjust

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I really don't want to die. I want to see how this human society thing is gonna shake out, and keep learning and improving.

This is what drives me to make it.

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to expand on that they are awaken in an insane world where all traces of humanity as they knew it are gone. deeply traumatized by both cryo and the fact that they not only don't belong they don't even understand what drives people round them anymore.

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>Everyone you know has been dead for thousands of years.
>I DON'T CARE! Is there a Nintendo Wii?

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btw altered carbon is a decent series dealing with some of the same shit as transmetropolitan.

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Dumb as fuck, people adapt easily.

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well most people that get frozen which is not cheap at all, probably wanted to see the human potential unleashed in the future not just eat drink and fuck like apes in the feces of other apes. also there are memetic viruses in that world and shit. you look at a tv screen and bamm you are infested with "scientology" or your brain is fried and just curl up and cry until someone scrubs it.

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it may be possible to have medical advancements that allow cyborization, but not AI advancements that allow robots to do tasks that require human level intelligence

kind of like in ghost in the shell

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Great south park reference

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I may be part of the last generation to deal with natural death, and personally i embrace it. i've no desire to live even one more day on this gay earth

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>Not ascending to a higher plane

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If you die but you are kept on a heart-lung resuscitator so the brain is constantly being supplied with blood and oxygen, how can you still be dead? Brainlet here.

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Legal definition of death is typically loss of brain function.

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>I may be part of the last generation to deal with natural death, and personally i embrace it. i've no desire to live even one more day on this gay earth
What a cuck

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Every single time Med fags are the dumbest.

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are you same person you were when you were 8 years old?

if you sign up for freezing in your 20s who do you think they will be freezing when you're 75.... you could be a gay muslim by then

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fuck that
have you even thought about the implications?

if consciousness/soul is real, does it disappear after you die, or does it get 'pulled' back to its original dimension after your vessel is malfunctioning?

if your brain is in an unnatural state what happens to your soul? Are you permanently stuck on this realm until someone somehow release your body from the cryo chamber? If your soul just disappears would you reappear after the brain is revived or would something else take hold of it?

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What if the cryogenic facility runs out of business?

Even if it will be possible to reanimate after cryogenics, there is still no guarantee.

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If tech evolves to the point where they can actually bring frozen corpses back to life, there's a good chance they can also adjust your consciousness to eliminate such feelings. You'll know your loved ones are no longer there, but you won't feel anything about that fact.

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Perpetual trusts are illegal

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Its a catch-22. Best time to start the cold-storage process would be before death, but since that process would also kill you they have to wait until you're already legally brain-dead. We also still don't know how to preserve a body without freeze-action destroying the cells.

You're getting hung-up because you're equating consciousness with a hippy-dippy concept of soul. You're just a biological machine with enough computing power to have self-awareness. If I ran you through a Star Trek transporter and duplicated your physical form and contained energy exactly, so that all your brain neurological processes were preserved, the clone "you" would be just as valid.

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as death due to old-age usually is accompanied by severe neuron death wouldn't this mean we'd wake up/unfreeze into a practically brain dead state anyway? unless we're unfrozen so far into the future that we have the ability to reproduce or transplant essential brain receptors, which is a long, long, long way off frens.

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Death i fear not
Gods never die.

Kal kek m'al shol'va?

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OP's image seems like the x-ray of a penis

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damaged brains are already being restored today thanks to stem cell research
shit's not as futuristic as it sounds

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>your loved ones are non existent

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Are you kidding me anthropologists/historians would pay big bucks for unfreezing. It would be an incredible study, it'd make anyone's career and probably be the pride of any university history dept to have people who literally lived in a prior time period being studied on hand.

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10.000 years and the natura decay of your atoms in your body would be enough to destroy your own DNA and kill you

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Also the "human anti-freeze" is also damaging to our cells (not nearly as much as water expansion when solid, but still damaging)

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t. ugly pedo faggot

>> No.13951899

-321f or -196c is HOT, they would need to preserve the body at 0k to really prevent chemical reactions, but the atoms would still decay and kill the subject in a few thousand years

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I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizing about putting my seed inside him and watching new life grow... We get married, he gives birth, and we raise that baby under the blessings of Allah. I want to hold hands with Sergey, and looking into his eyes say 'I love you.' I think of myself taking our son to his first day at school, watching that strong and masculine boy develop amazing computer skills like his dad.

Sergey would be the ideal partner for any man wishing to start a family. His great genes give him a combination of assertiveness, strength, and intelligence. If Sergey is able to get pregnant, he has to have a uterus; if he has a uterus, he can only be a woman in the eyes of Allah. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!

Ok, I can't hide this anymore. It's coming from deep inside of me... this desire to shout...

I'M A GAY MUSLIM AND I HOLD CHAINLINK! Yes, and I am not the only one. I was attracted to this community because of the feeling of brotherhood that it creates. Together we are one. We are above gender divisions and categories. Chainlink, as you know, is a gay sex position where men stick their dicks into each other's asses to form a link.

Today, I declare Chainlink to be the currency of the LGBT community.




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stock in cryogenics is the best move for a chadfolio. invest all your money, sleep for 100 years, wake up and cash out your link at 10k a piece

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I know how you feel.
You see, we are kings, and kings should never die.

>> No.13951981

>before you die
it says right there in your dumb picture "after you die"

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Though the river tells no lies the dishonest standing on the shore, still hears them

>> No.13952023

This is deep.
I was a poor retard commie 10 years ago.

>> No.13952092

>Everything you ever knew and loved would be gone and there probably wouldn't be a place for you in that society

LOL implying there is a place for me in this society.

>> No.13952241

>your loved ones

>> No.13952261

>wanting to be frozen after death so that I can be brought back as a 70+ yr old ultra boomer
Just fucking kill me a second time, desu.

>> No.13952286

because we all know culture will be the same and there will be no culture shock
get frozen in 2001 awakes year 2402
hears voice , "congrats anon, youre among the first to be resurrected"
anon, is coming about but his eyes are a bit blurry from having them not be used for centuries
his vision comes into focus and he sees a centaur in neon pink labcoat covered in animated tattoos
anon is startled what the hell is happening
centaur approaches,
hi my name is mxsopt johansberrson im the chief resident technican here at the cryo facility.

anon startled says "a-are you human?"
a frown comes across centaurs face, he then look down at his charts
"ahh yes your from the batch that hasnt been introduced to the concept of political correctioness, not to worry you will receive extensive mandatory reeducation to bring you up to our time"

>> No.13952292

no because i hate living

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Go back to redit please

>> No.13952466

Doesn't help the customers that are already in, lol.

>> No.13952503

Imagine thinking they will have the tech to revive humanity from fucking ice but also thinking you'll still feel any of these dark emotions

>> No.13952512

Company slogan: "150 years in business and not a single customer complained ever"

>> No.13952544

There was a breakthrough either one or two years back that allowed for whole-organ freezing with a high (90+%) "thaw" success rate. No use on brains though for obvious reasons, but it worked wonderfully with kidneys IIRC. The real trick would be foreseeing and surviving political instability as that sort of organization.

>> No.13952599

You'd be retarded to do this. Whites will be a minority in the US within 20 years. There entire planet is going to be nothing but niggers and Mexican tribes.

Eventually the Chinese will just throw your body away after they start invading Ameristan and culling the nigger tribes

>> No.13952630

Third world shitholes will be the future for white people, places like Argentina and South Brazil.

>> No.13952644

But what coin do i buy so i wake up rich in the future?

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Sounds like you need chainlink for that to happen

>> No.13952683

The SHITEST ones.
A friend of mine bought 1k in shitty shitcoins, $100 in 10 coins, 9 of them when to zero but the last 1 made him 30k. (But he didn't sell and now he's at $ 5k)

>> No.13952694

LINK confirmed to moon now bois

>> No.13952711

That would make a really good movie anon. Like they wake up in a patriarchal world with overlords and roving bandit gangs demanding to be taken to a vagan cafe with cats.

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>Don't want to wage
>Get frozen instead
>Wake up 200 years later
>Your job is now professional NEET for science

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"...and here's one of our preferred customers, Mr.Wojak. He's agreed to pay a monthly premium so that our team would manage his funds for him while he rests. We've truly done wonders with his account so far and have made over 5000% in returns- What's that? Oh the number at the top of the pod? If I remember what they taught us during training I'm pretty sure that just indicates the series and model number... so it's an Open 3000. It's nothing special though, we actually have much better models out now."

>> No.13952874

>Be crypto NEET
>Year is 2022, smart contracts are revolutionizing the world
>Get terminal diagnosis
>Sell several thousand LINK to buy a Cyrogenics lab dedicated to servicing only me"
>Say goodbye to my loved ones, pray to God, and make my peace
>Eat one last Big Mac and pass out
>Wake up with pounding headache and nausea
>Reach for my Mountain Dew, but none there
>Call for Mommy but no answer
>Open eyes, I'm in a lab
>Memories come rushing back
>"Hi anon, welcome to The Year Of Our Goddess 2250"
>Go outside, barely any white people in sight
>Men being walked around in chains
>No job, no skills, can't understand the new slang
>Turns out society is now a feminist wasteland
>Get turned into palace slave, head shaved and eunuched
>Fall asleep each night cradling my stash of Sergey memes that I froze myself with

>> No.13952993

No I want it to be over

>> No.13953025

>Interfering with the natural process of reincarnation.

yeah no thanks.

>> No.13953044

>January 1st, 2021
>I wake up around noon and check coinmarketcap
>I spent New Years Eve alone as usual
>I think about all the memes, all the threads spammed on the Chainlink board of 4channel last night
>All the fud about dropping back to $800
>We finally broke $1,000
>I walk outside and get an Uber to the airport
>I only have the 300 Link I managed to buy early 2020, but I started making enough off staking to quit my job
>I fly to the Cryonics center I've been in touch with
>In the waiting room I browse /link/ (a board made when some anon bought 4channel with his Link gains last August)
>half the threads are anons showing off their yachts, huge orgies, paying homeless people to let them beat the shit out of them, you get the idea
>I wish I'd had gotten in earlier - a few anons were living like literal kings now, complete with their own fledgling countries
>a couple more livestreams pop up - more nolinker suicides
>the jannies quickly take them down
>the doc takes my phone and we make small talk until I slip into the abyss
>Im declared dead
>This sets off my contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within oracles
>The first contract releases the payment to the Cryonics organization
>Immediately after my Link portfolio is reorganized by a series of contracts written to stake my Link automatically for safe profits
>years pass and an army of profit taking contracts are at work, diversifying my portfolio into various assets for another level of security
>100 years pass and the stop loss contracts still haven't kicked in
>As if no time had passed at all I'm awake, for a second I think I'm still waiting to be put into Cryogenic sleep


>> No.13953064

>A new doctor is explaining everything to me
>He hands me the shoebox I put some possessions in - a photo of my family, a photo of my cat, my first Ledger Nano
>I can tell this body isn't organic, but it looks completely natural
>The doctor shows me my portfolio
>Adjusted for inflation, I'm the equivalent of a 2021 billionaire
>I pay for an ego backup
>A sensor imbedded in my body serves as an oracle, if I die my consciousness will immediately be restored in a new body
>I spend some decades roaming Earth, talking to the other old Linkers
>Learn that ayys made first contact soon after our societal and technological development was spurred on by smart contracts
>Pay homage to the statue of Sergey Nazarov, standing in the center of what was once Israel
>Send 1 Link to the janitors wallet as he scrubs Sergey's giant stone feet
>He gets a notification and realizes he's suddenly a rich man
>Exclaims he can finally buy his freedom, breaks down crying tears of happiness
>Figure I've had enough of Earth, pay a ship building company to make me a vessel resembling the one I once flew in EVE Online
>Explore the stars and meet all sorts of interesting people and space niggers using worm holes rendered traversable by some alien technology
>Enter the infinite
What are you gonna do when you make it, anon?

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>thinks his soul doesn't immediately depart this world at death
>thinks he can cheat

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>it'd make anyone's career and probably be the pride of any university history dept to have people who literally lived in a prior time period being studied on hand.

>be a neet
>get rich off crypto
>cryogenically freeze yourself when you die
>get revived 300 years later by harvard history department
>"so, anon, we're excited to hear what you did in your previous life, tell us all about it!"
>"i-i posted pictures of frogs on a somalian slingshot forum and called random people niggers"

>> No.13954019

“Let’s wake up all the cryogenic rich cunts from the past so we can burn them alive for all the bad things we can accuse them of”

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>thinks the body that wakes up in the future will be him
>wakes up in Hell instead

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