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And it’s been dropping by that much daily for weeks

We just gonna pretend everything’s fine and keep discussing memecoins? Just the end of the world here nbd right?

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end of the world = great for the memecoins

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All in meme coins, not really interested in traditional markets tbqh. What impact would this have on my crypto coins?

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Doing bad bussiness
Going bankrupt
That's capitalism

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its good news, financial market instability makes people look to other alternatives

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yes, is this your first recession? this is always how it is right before it starts, nobody ever sees it coming

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Basically it’ll prob send them to 0 since tether will probably lose its banking. Nbd right?

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At what point does it become insolvent and what are the repercussions

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Fuck you and your derivatives

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sweetie, I...

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Its getting bailed out over the weekend

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No retard I was a teenager when 2008 happened. But it seems like most zoomers on this board are blissfully unaware that the worst financial crisis in human history is months away or less

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6.4$. Repercussions are the ecb has to bail them out, then the euro collapses and there’s global financial contagion

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not really. during recession people have less disposable income so they wont invest in meme coins that easily. it is only when btc is traded as currency (and accepted as one) that fiat crash would be good for btc

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I was a teenager too but I'm not such a brainlet that it prevented me from being aware of world events.

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This is good. Maybe then Germany will finally pull its austerity-fucked head out of its inflation-fobic arse and allow ECB to act as a lender of last resort as it should.

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Me neither retard, were on the same page so stfu

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The fuck do you think euro collapses If ecb bails them? Did dollar collapse in 2008?

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Sounds good. I got screwed by the 2008 crash and dont give a shit about the traditional system anymore. Let it all crash.

I dont believe you. 10 years it kinda hums along, but this crash will be so devastating, crypto or even just Bitcoin goes to $0? I do believe in a global recession prices would go down despite how traditionally safe havens like gold seem to go up during those times.

Where are you storing your money if you believe crypto is going to $0?

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They look for liquidity, so people are gonna sell all their meme coins for the perceived safety of cash. But the smart money is already in gold. Screencap this faggots.

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ecb will only bail out illiquide banks. if they are really insolvent they will cut up the pieces and sell them off to the highest bidder

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exactly. smart anon.

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>believing the euro today is anywhere near as strong as the dollar in 2008

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Silver and gold

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can an anon give the source for this?

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Google you fucking nigger

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Imagine being this brainlet. I gotta find another forum besides biz.

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Do you have evidence to prove otherwise?

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If DB fails good crypto will pump.
But it probably won't.
They will get a bailout.
Bailout = more money printed
More money printed = more money chasing same amount of resources means crypto goes up.
Either way crypto goes up.

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Have sex incel

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crypto is fun af!

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I'm fucking blind apparently. so when it hits around 6.40 it's insolvent? how soon do you think it will reach that point?

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2 weeks max. Plan accordingly

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Been hearing about DB collapse for four years now, getting boring rly

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have sex

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All women are whores

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i tried to google without luck, OP how did you arrive at that exact price for insolvency?

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The silverbugs have been memeing about deutche bank collapse for a few years now. When it goes belly up PMs are probably going to moon.

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Watch the YouTube vid

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I know. I own the most silver on biz.

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so you're saying zerohedge will finally be right
about time

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etf vs physical possession?

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He reached deep into his asshole

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>not buying this dip
its like you hate money, but this is biz who am i kidding

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Have sex incel

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Sold most of my silver/gold in like 2013, accumulated pre-2005. Ill stick with crypto. I genuinely believe crypto has put dents into pm being a safe haven. I have thought about buying some silver/gold as I do like it but wouldnt invest all my money in it. I will definitely feel like an idiot if pm goes 20x+, if it goes 10x or less I would still believe Ive made the right decision.

Breh, crypto has given me freedom, vacations, houses, and I currently run crypto related projects as my "full time business". Stocks or boomer pms would not have done this for me. I wouldnt buy into the scare tactics against crypto.

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Have sex

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won't the government just bail them?

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>explain how crypto or even just Bitcoin goes to $0
i want the logical steps on how that happens.

because as i see it, if the economy takes a giant shit, people will be pouring their money into assets that cannot be tracked because the EU will be trying to do back bail ins and confiscations

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if you followed zeroheghe for financial advice you'd be poorer today, 11 years after the financial crisis they said go into gold/silver, rather than analzing the effects of QE1 2 3 +.
As a result their readers lost out on the massive gains that QE brought to equity prices. while gold only went up like 40% to 50%

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Try having sex then come back to us

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This right here.
The only way BTC goes to 0 is widespread quantum computing breaking 256bit hashes, which a soft fork could fix. Or finding some way to exploit SHA-256. In over 10 years nobody has been able to.

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Their derivative book is 50 tril. The ecb just gonna print 50 tril euro?

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i think zerohedge are right in their criticism, but the market doesn't correct when they expect it to
tfw loaded up on VIX and shorts in 2016

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>electronic currency

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what happens if they don't then?

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that's their total notional value right, and a lot of that is going to cancel out
why would the ecb have to cover their entire notional? if db had 50 trillion net exposure they would be fucked long time ago

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they even have to print 3x of that amount to peace the markets

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bend over

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>Never heard about a technological marvel called battery

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not saying you're wrong, but explain please
covering all the potential losses of counterparties?

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poast stacc

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>technological marvel called battery

what is this crazy contraption?

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preventing panic basically, read up on it:
ray dalio - big debt crisis https://www.bridgewater.com/big-debt-crises/

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> Fiat goes to Zero
> Hurr durr, your crypto goes to Zero too
wow you obviously don't understand the Genesis Block significance. Bitcoin was born out of a Financial crisis to curb central banking instability.

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thanks, ray dalio is great

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Greeks will pay for it
That’s how EU works

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what fucking world do you live in where the free market liberals would ever violate the sanctity of property rights?
They've never even feigned anything along those lines, unlike the US, that has publicly consider not paying their debts.
That would truly FUBAR the economy.

Currently the economy functions as a shared mutual story, as an ideology, basically as a religion.
A crash is when people lose faith in the benefits of the economy, en masse.
Anything that undermines the tenants of this liberal capitalist free market system, would destroy the only thing binding together civilization.

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It's a device that lets a machine run even when there aren't any electricity coming from a wall socket.

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bloomberg bullshit reader spotted

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i've been all day on 4chan but so far your post has been the most ignorant and stupid. congrats.

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I only listen to real journalism like cnbc not some basement neckbeard named tyler

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and gets the electricity from
eth, mean, ether.

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Merkel will just bail them out. This would make her look bad and she wants to stay in power forever.

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>This would make her look bad and she wants to stay in power forever.

I'm not up to date on german politics but didn't she just recently announce her retreat from politics after the next elections?

also kinda related:


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the FUCK are you on anon, cause you would be making more money off of that than whatever investments you have right now.

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Bitcoin was invented with the Great Recession as its inspiration. Truly would be the crowning moment if it performs well during this

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Are you saying the whole grid will collapse? Well, in that case the price of bitcoin, or anything at all, is the least of your problems. You'll need to focus everything on survival.

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Bitcoin wont perform well because its not fucking usable when everyone's making transactions simultaneously. Bitcoin will go down like everything else in a recession. If we had damn near any other coin leading the pack, then we'd see crypto skyrocket.

>> No.13941942

>there aren't thousands of other cryptos to use as currency
My God we are doomed

>> No.13941945


People aren't going to spend their BTC when it's skyrocketing. You won't bee seeing a flood of transactions from the regular buyers.

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if any of those coins got even 20% of btc network they'd show how terrible they actually are, you are braindead and i dont even hold btc

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My take is this: if deutsch bank becomes insolvent, the EU WILL PANIC followed by another European bank picking up the reigns for the Euro and Germany losing its control status for the Euro. Deutsche Bank has fucked up bigly before but this time the EU will give it the axe. This will likely bring inflation in the following years and an immediate massive devaluation against the dollar, but otherwise nothing is going to happen besides a bunch of middle class investors losing their fiat money, lower class paying more for bread and eggs and absolutely nothing happening to the upper crust.

>tl;dr €<$ nothing happens except crypto goes up

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If the fed goes with another round of QE, you best believe BTC going to the moon. The only problem would be the USD it’s priced in would be worthless

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Some of them work rather nicely, anon.
I agree that 75% of altcoins are pure shit, but that doesn't mean that BTC should be the king when there are others that make for great replacements for pocket money.

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holy shit no, if DB collapses italy collapses with it and with italy the euro

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What “PM” stands for ?

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you dont get it do you, they work nicely cause they got shit network load. As soon as they see even 10% of btc usage they'd congest like the shitcoins they are. Crypto cannot be used as a proper currency

>> No.13942121

Why even think BTC would be worth trading for dollars at that point?
If Bitcoin is worth a million dollars but a loaf of bread is now $100....would you trade one BTC for ten thousand breads?

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Not just zoomers. 99.9% of people are going to be completely unaware until it hits them.

This is the plan, it's how the system wants it to be.

>> No.13942152

You can trade fractions of Btc more easily than any other currency. It's the one of best properties of Btc.

>> No.13942165

Lol how you short them for 20x+ then ?

>> No.13942172

Im not saying to convert back to dollars. I’m saying that if dB fails and qe happens, that may be the moment people would rather hold BTC than usd and we see mass adoption

>> No.13942192


There's no way out beyond more QE. They gonna raise rates and kill real estate? No.

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There are plenty of cryptos that are designed with high network usage in mind, I just haven't done any name dropping in order to not show favoritism.
Remember MOONcoin? Perfect example of a micro currency that handles thousands of transactions per second. Stellar works well, Burstcoin is able and so are lots of others....
Besides, how many people would need to use one network at once? With electronic fiat dollars there are multiple networks/banks that have their own sets of users. If VISA suddenly took on AMEX network loads, the system would grind to a halt with traffic.
Multiple crypto networks = multiple fiat networks

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no good solutions available, whatever happens it will be bad

>> No.13942309


Yep. Gonna be horrible for the average joe. What we should be talking about here is how do we profit from it, because *nothing* can stop it.

>> No.13942327

I understand that, but if the dollar inflates and drives BTC up in fiat price, while goods and services also inflate... Nothing has changed in reality. As of right now, you can buy ~8500 bread loaves with one BTC, versus my example of inflated dollar/bread prices.
That's not really a moon, just a shitty currency to trade BTC for.
Ah, but just holding it and removing it from circulation makes it devalued the moment you spend/move it.
You're kind of right to hold it pre-crash, but if you wanna use it IRL you're going to have to find a means of exchange... which has always sucked.
Maybe it will change and people start selling houses and cars for BTC but until then, all we are looking at is hodling piles of digital gold and hedging it in hopes of being the biggest goldberg

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Oh God, YES
*fapping furiously*

>> No.13942393

>max vol 5m during peak of cryptobubble
>vol was mostly dumping on newfags
all shitcoins are useless, are you really this deluded? everyone knows they're for making more sats. How much $ are you bagholding on shitcoins? holy shit

>> No.13942468

No. The most likely cause for the fall of BTC would be a 51% attack.

>> No.13942478

what was their end game there?

a bridge?
a building with stream going under it?

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I hold zero.
Dumped it for ETH during the 2017 bullrun at 98gwei, made lots of money.
But I did use it during 2015-2016. Ultra fast, even mined a fair amount from using the wallet. Good times.
That being said, microtransaction currencies will do very well if a fiat crash happens.

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Digital gold will be like real gold then. Nobody buys anything with real gold, you use it to hedge against inflation. It's half decent at it.

If fiat dies, people put their money in assets. They'll store wealth in btc, and when they need to buy things they'll sell it for a different crypto that functions as the day the day currency. The latter needs to be at least as stable as USD.

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This, but with Marxism

>> No.13942973

Pakcoin mainnet

>> No.13943274

>economy goes to shit
>Great drepression 2.0
>Europe cannot accept more immigrants due to financial crisis
>Fascism rises like 100 years ago
>this time the good guys win

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Pussy magnet

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Why is Deutche bank so important, and why is it so horrifically bad that its stock is going down?

>> No.13943476

Didn they invest in btc? They're gonna have to dump it

>> No.13943572

There are no good guys just your guys and theirs

>> No.13943801

ok but how do i profit? stay liquid bo be able to buy stuff or put money in gold?

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>what fucking world do you live in where the free market liberals would ever violate the sanctity of property rights?

I dunno bro

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i put a big load of jizz down your moms throat does that count?

you can be right in your criticism sure, but also learn to trade around your analysis. 11 YEARS
ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS OF DOOM AND GLOOM from zero hedge and all that has happened since then was the rich getting richer through the buying of equities.

oh and dont for a second think the elites wont go full negative rates on us to save their asses which would pump asset prices even higher as people flood into assets and vehicles where they wont have their money stolen

>> No.13945696

DB is essentially the bank of europe, it holds a shit load of debt. If wiped out would send a catostrophic ripple effect economically and politically throughout europe.
it would be the surest sign the EU as a project had failed. the flip side of this that no one talks about is that the elites would likely say this happened because EU wasnt united enough and that we(the european nations) need to further the solidarity and totally get rid of eu national borders.
This will of course send the eu skeptics into a rage, right wing parties will rise up solidly as people started to out right reject the establishment. The establishment will of course fight back with wave after wave of censorship and possibly even use the rising tensions to establish the creation of the eu army to quell eu wide uprising and protests.

the rich, some of whom will lose their money, but most of whom will be okay because they have their wealth in a variety of assets, namely art,numismatics,watches, gold ,crypto will ride out the storm and use the buying opportunities to get even more good tier richers as prices of equities crater to the group. the cash flow excessive rich will get wiped out.

>> No.13946623

Thanks anon. How will this affect Americans?

>> No.13946893

i dunno if there will be a domino effect or how bad. but USD will rally like crazy as funds seek safe havens,sending yields negative or basically zero.

if domino effect well all bets are off what happens to the US. dunno how much assets us institutions are holding that would be tied to the a deutshe bank credit wide debt collapse.

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>this is unironically the first thing that comes up if you google it

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>unironically believing this
There is an evil in this world and it's face is modernity.

>> No.13947350

I'm european and hold mostly euro, would going full usd/jpy/gold be the best insurance at this point?

Is there any situation where the euro actually gains value against those??

>> No.13947373

Based Deutschebank and its deritives will bring the great race wars to us

>> No.13947377


>> No.13947395

will the usd be the best safe haven this time?

>> No.13947486

HAHAHAHAHAHA i dare you to hold a USD position when this shit goes down.

>> No.13947542


pound sterling should do well out of it with brexit.

>> No.13947554

You kids are thinking 10 years ago
It won't be bailouts this time


Look to Cyprus, that was a test run :)

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>> No.13947658

So glad this is getting more attention here. I've been posting about it for days since it dropped to almost 6euro.
Get your cash out of the banks while you can, or have your deposits stolen just like Greece.
I'm currently trying to explain this scenario to my dumb shit wife who doesn't understand inflation and why we can't just hold our cash under the floorboards.

>> No.13947669

Any idea what Banks are most affected if deutche goea under?

>> No.13947733
File: 119 KB, 550x500, deutsche-lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too many. These are just the major banks with immediate links.

>> No.13947803

ok, so any real advice how to make sure my money is not fucking worthless?

seems pretty risky

>> No.13947820

>Get your cash out of the banks while you can, or have your deposits stolen just like Greece
and put it where? physical gold?

>> No.13947830

We might see a great happening soon. I doubt they can pull off a bailut of this scale


>> No.13947838

Physical silver and crypto legit projects

>> No.13947843

other than crypto the only real 100% verified solution is gold/silver.

>> No.13947855

They'll never let that happen, the vassal states (i.e the pleb citizens) in the EU will pay what needs paying.

>> No.13947857

hint...its IOTA ;)

>> No.13947882

They did let lehman brothers fall, why not deutche?

>> No.13947886

guess I am gonna do gold/usd/jpy/btc/eth/mco/omg

>> No.13947894

but the result will lead to the creation of the ultra nationalist right wing

>> No.13947922

Stupid people will sell their coins yes. As soon as QE3 and 4 kick in to save the 70% devauled US markets inflation will kick the bitcoin hoarding into overdrive. Thats what would happen in theory, in reality the banks will close and wont let you withdraw cash so bitcoin will be surging in USD value simply because its the gateway to the unmoderated financial markets that will be running rampant during such a crash.

>> No.13947949

i wouldnt go into panic mode though, people will just get poorer, but just as a matter of practicality and general "good to have insurance" also keep a months supply of tinned food and water in case of food storages if it gets really bad and people start looting stores.

>> No.13947963

Deutsche bank fud is the Tether fud for boomers

>> No.13947971

bitcoin could probably spike down(panic sellers) then spike up dramatically as the bank bailins are known or bitcoin up dramatically spike up as people in the know are warned before hand that a bank bailin is coming.
apparently russians in cyprus withdrew their money before the bank bail ins

>> No.13947980

oh you have seen the GE debt fud yet sweetie
now thats some other scary shit

>> No.13947993

This but unironically

I've been hearing DB going insolvent since 2011

>> No.13948010

All banks will be liquidated once bitcoin takes over by 2030.

>> No.13948016

Im loading up on btc bch nkn xlm hot zcash

Swiss francs turkish lira norwegian crown and real green us dollars

>> No.13948038

My portfolio going forward is 20% crypto 60% gold and 20% silver, silver is horribly undervalued so will make a good bet.
I wouldn't be putting much faith into shitcoins either until we're out the other end of this bust.

>> No.13948039

Make sure you get your coins off all major exchanges when shit starts kicking too guys. Do you really think the governments going to give a fuck some dumbshit chinks took a couple billion in an exit scam when they have trillions at risk?

>> No.13948065

But look at the stock. It cant go down much more and value is 0.

>> No.13948066

Cut the shitcoins, cut lira and krones too. Francs are usually stable.

>> No.13948086

Why would major they exitscam if they are making huge money on comissions during a bullrun

>> No.13948095

Not ova ere we ain't guvna

>> No.13948119

silver should technically be worth 80 to 140 bucks right now and gold should be 3500 to 5000 bucks.
but do you want to live in a world where gold is 5000 to 10,000 bux.

>> No.13948146

I want to live in a world where my worth isn't stolen overnight in a bank. I want to live in a world where my wageslave fiat isn't hyperinflated in a matter of weeks.

>> No.13948199

sucks for you cuz thats the world going forward

>> No.13948207

It's not zerohedge's prediction it's Charles Nenner's
watch the actual video you retards

>> No.13948225

Hence why I've said a few times to withdraw cash from banks and get into precious metals.

>> No.13948246

only thing you can do to avoid this is to "turn money into things".

>> No.13948265
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Paranoid amerimutts talking about Deutsche Bank and the end of the world... Couldnt care less

>> No.13948270

thread theme.

>> No.13948321

where do you buy precious metals.

>> No.13948372

Varies by country. Some places you can buy directly from the mint and cut the middle man. Other places will do the leg work and charge a little higher than spot price.

>> No.13948380

This image gives me nostalgia and anxiety.

>> No.13948393

if i was to buy on kitco, can you transfer for physical through a mint or gold seller.

>> No.13948437

Not sure what you're asking. If you purchase a bar through kitco, can you sell it later to a mint/dealer? If that's what you're asking, then yes.

>> No.13948475

I'm just wondering where I can pick up the physical coin, I've been looking at silver, it's around 13 euro an ounce, it's buying and selling, confirmation of ownership and verification or purity, I'd like to buy but I know of no reputable buyers/sellers I'm in ireland btw.

>> No.13948500

>nearly all major US banking institutions interwoven with Deutsche Bank
my Dixie rekt

>> No.13948530

>outdated chart by over 6 months

>> No.13948548

I sold all my gold and silver for Link

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How did all these banks get connected to one bank?

>> No.13948578


I have heard that DB is about to break so many times now, and nothing ever fucking happens.
Can someone explain to a brainlet how this is possible? It's been like this for years.

>> No.13948594

Look at the stock. It is been bleeding to death. Its too big to fall, would cause europe to go into major recession. Merkel has said germany wont help, but they dont have Much options soon when stock hits 0

>> No.13948709

Can't help you with reputable places in Ireland I'm afraid. Goldbank in Dublin looks legit though.
Funding and derivatives.

>> No.13948737

thanks man.

>> No.13948783
File: 1.41 MB, 944x1079, 1537566850743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Deutsche bank has a reported 1.3 trillion in assets, yet you can buy the entire fucking thing (more than half the assets) for 6.5 billion dollaridoos. Then why does nobody do this? because the fucking thing is filled to the brim with non performing shit, their closet is full of skeletons and they'll all come falling out soon. Investors dont want to touch the thing with a 100km long pole, the only reason some are still in is because theyre speculating for a bailout. With a bailout the fucking kikes win by covering their losses with government aid (tax), savings, pensions etc. also known as the peoples' money. Why do you think theyre recently started trying so hard to merge with other banks? too big to fail, the bigger they are and the more people they would fuck over the less likely they are to be let falling down because of bailouts.

The worst part is that even if we wanted to bailout, its theoretically even too much to cover, Deutsche is germany's largest bank, yet they'll have an insolvability problem very soon. Euroconstructions like target2 allow countries to be indebted to eachother completely unlimited, European Stability Mechanism and other funds means every euro country will have to help pay, it will drag down the rest of Europe into a major recession. And because of other banks' (mainly southern european shitbanks that are even unhealthier like UniCredit) exposure to their risk they'll come falling down too only worsening the problem.

No matter what happens, the kikes will win, they always win.

>> No.13948788

isn't europe a 3rd world shithole anyways? never heard of a single invention or startup from europe in the last 100 years

>> No.13948792
File: 2.56 MB, 2560x1920, 20190601_105032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Germanfag here. Here is some OC from Dr. Markus Krall. Not sure if you can get his book in english. He is one of the few economist who predicted 2008.

>> No.13948794


They will definitely use a possible DB collapse to start a EU controlled banking union for which they are already pushing.

>> No.13948799

god i hope it implodes
their risks should be punished
if they're bailed out, i hope riots
fuck these banker scum

>> No.13948814


They won´t be punished and any uprising in Europe will be shut down through a possible EU army.

>> No.13948832

that is because you are retarded. most pharma product get invented here and then move to US because there is more money for R&D there. the invention itself is rarely from burgerpeople.

>> No.13948840

Euro army will never go through...

DB will be cut up into bad bank ->nationalized
Good bank->Commerzbank or another major player.
The zombie has been propped up for too long.

>> No.13948892
File: 1009 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190601-025118_Messenger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scared yet? This is an exact replay of the last crisis. Fed pivot to be more.dovish, yield curves inverting, secret meetings, potential for systematically important bank dying.

>> No.13948899

Explain please. Should I keep my money at the local Sparkasse or ING bank.

>> No.13948915

what does this mean?

>> No.13948929

It shouldn't be in any bank.

>> No.13948946

it explains how many banks are at a an equilibrium of incomes and expenses (as you see it is very high), showing when they go into the "zone" of operative loss (when they start losing money)
>annahme ertragserosion 10 % pro jahr
that may be a bit much but otherwise this graph is legit

>> No.13948949


>> No.13948953

bilderberg met this weekend as well.

>> No.13948962

Probably will buy gold stocks.
Only buy silver once it starts outperforming gold.
Gold bull until 2021-2022

>> No.13948984

each bar is a german bank

>> No.13949057


Are you telling me the UK will laugh their asses off when they realize they don't have to pay for anything in the EU anymore?

Further fueling the idea that leaving is a great idea.

>> No.13949082
File: 151 KB, 1815x834, deutsche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems completely fine to me though.

>> No.13949159

Nah brexit won't be done yet and those angloids will have to pay as well :^)

>> No.13949181

HAHA love how the the american sold their bags to deutsche. 10 years later they still hold heavy bags of your normal amerifats credits they long have forgotten.

>> No.13949200

HAHAHAHAH isn't it funny those kikes will make an entire continent pay for their immoral actions hahaha :^)

>> No.13949215

He who falls for it, deserves it. Universal law of karma.

>> No.13949221

>Boomer coins dead
That's a buy signal. All in on btc

>> No.13949223

Where do you put your money before a recession? just keep it in fiat right? and buy stuff once it all starts crashing down :D

>> No.13949231

not if fiat crashes too

>> No.13949236

Buy italian t-bills

>> No.13949241

Kikes can fuck you with hyper inflation

Only safe bet is physical silver or gold

>> No.13949247

All it takes is the first domino to fall for the derivatives market to fall. There won't be any bailouts this time.


>> No.13949253

Oh for sure that NEVER happened

>> No.13949255

Penis Miracles

>> No.13949268

Gold and silver, little bit of crypto to hedge.

>> No.13949292


>> No.13949298

Holy fuck, those pictures are horrifying.

>> No.13949331
File: 54 KB, 640x458, FNJDd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know, Shariah banking doesn't seem so bad now

>> No.13949368
File: 16 KB, 295x234, 12523423456356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit.

>> No.13949427

>unregulated global casino
>hidden from small investors
>hidden galactic bubble
What is this tinfoil hat tier shit? And why the fuck is there such a recent influx of /pol/ babbies talking about derivatives as though they're some dark Jew magic? You just turn on options trading in robinhood or whatever trading platform you normally use you fucking morons, its not hidden from the average person at all and its regulated to all shit. Theres also no bubble here, just winners and losers on the trade.

>> No.13949428

weak and sick businesses should be culled, but instead they're kept alive and infect the herd.

>> No.13949503

It happens.. look at the histories of cryptsy and mintpal who both exited at their busiest

>> No.13949677

ETF is meme paper

If you don't hold it, you don't own it.

>> No.13949915


>> No.13949934
File: 245 KB, 960x651, 834976394687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13950932
File: 152 KB, 426x510, oy vey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.13951127

We already had QE3 retard. And if BTC ever goes to 100k or higher, it'll only be due to hyper inflation, and 100k will be a few days worth of food. Anyone who thinks average people will pile into crypto in a massive economic collapse isfucking delusional.

>> No.13951404
File: 36 KB, 452x678, images_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You buy stock (as in shares of a real company) and HODL until the crisis is over (a year, max)?

>> No.13951484

>I just watched "The Big Short"

>> No.13951632

German economy goes into free fall and they’d drag the rest of Europe with them, then American and Chinese banks would buy the remnants. Also the euro would become worthless

>> No.13951752

i'm hedged if that happens in fact i will be very rich but we are talking about the strongest economy in the world so not much chance of that.

>> No.13951852

They can't bailout trillions in derivatives withouy hyper inflation. This could cause everyone to adopt crypto since taxes will skyrocket(like they're starting to) people will lose faith in currnecy and their government within no time at all. Hold onto your hats lads, this is gonna be one hell of a shit show. This is why you should buy everything, crypto, silver, gold, water filtration, storable food, guns, ammo, and load up those bugout bags

>> No.13951896

not how it works... if you print as much fiat as you want and the debt is all in fiat and the derivatives were debt anyhow there is no reason to increase taxes for a bailout.

>> No.13952138

>buying stock before the recession hits and holding through it
Classic /biz/

>> No.13952256

>bailing out derivatives
First off many can just be left to expire worthless if they are still actually derivatives. For those which have already been executed and count as debt, the simple solution is to let the people on the losing end of the trade go out of business and then carve up their ownings and distribute to whoever was on the winning side of their contracts. Do this in a chronological order for all derivatives held and use accounting to determine which banks should have died when. There will be a handful of winners left that will be allowed to collect on assets of their insolvent peers rather than fiat. Then if there is too much power concentrated into any one of these banks as a result, break it up.

>> No.13952297

What determines the insolvency price?

>> No.13952343

There will be bailouts, the IMF is already planning on how to best implement negative interest rates

>> No.13952362



>> No.13952401

yeah saw that post, shit made me go balls deep back into crypto and gold.
also get a months supply of food

>> No.13952470

if derivs are allowed to explode and they wont be, many companies holding debt will goto pennies on the dollar, like literal pennies

>> No.13952469

i studied finance at one of the better schools i graduated in 2012. traded on my own after a few years.

the truth is that these markets are completely controlled by a global world entity with stop gaps in all the major institutions. the fed PPT (plunge protection team) is just one of these global entities.

deutsche has been teetering on the edge for many years now and has been a meme for just as long.

they stopped the economic collapse in 09, had a scare in 2014 but learned from their mistakes, and in 2016 basically mastered the ability to manipulate markets to the point where every bubble and retracement the last 3+ years has been completely artificial and manipulated.

i lost a decent amount of money shorting the markets in 2014 and learned my lesson quickly. you buy the dips and buy extremely cheap insurance on the run ups on sentiment. look into dynamic tail risk hedging

nothing will happen to DB. it will be bailed out. just like it has been.

this everything bubble will continue until 1 day you will not be able to withdraw cash.

the SPY will drop the max and circuit breaker. 10%, then 20%, and finally 30% which will close them for the day. it will be for some stupid reason too that "no one" saw coming. probably algos, or a financial 9/11.

the whole reason you're in crypto is because of your mistrust in the banking industrial complex. just keep stacking and hope for that day because a new wealth class will flip overnight. don't worry, most of the elite have been stacking too.

>> No.13952582

Thats the point. They go out of business and their assets go out to the winners of the contracts instead of the government printing the the imaginary money they gambled away for them. Any contracts they won or lost after their calculated insolvency date doesnt count for or against anyone. Anybody holding debt for a company that's dated after the company should have died has to just deal with it. Dumbasses shouldnt be buying and selling other people's debts and/or operating with cash they dont actually have.

>> No.13952656

>buy extremely cheap insurance on the run ups on sentiment
you mean buy options when they are cheap?
>this everything bubble will continue until 1 day you will not be able to withdraw cash
seems a bit extreme, are you all in crypto and equities yourself?

>> No.13952719
File: 44 KB, 569x506, 1557764646076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a little scared yes

if I wasnt all in on bitcoin I would be even more scared

>> No.13952741

Ich kann deutsch gut verstehn, aber das musst du mir erklären.

>> No.13952758

you buy stock AFTER the crash not before it jesus christ

>> No.13953132

there's only two ways to achieve that and you know it has to do with the jews
option 1 is get rid of them for good. an option unacceptable to most of us here as we're either not willing to stomach the personal risk, or unable to face cognitive dissonance (big lie)
option 2 is work outside the system. pay as little taxes as possible. participate and encourage black market economies. form links with your local communities. vote against globalist interests
the system would collapse overnight if enough people simply said "no". it takes saying no long enough you're part of a big enough crowd
remember the real point of bitcoin was to be a silent revolution, worming decentralized into our collective subconscious. while btc was successfully subverted, ethereum followed in its wake and even infiltrates institutions with the smart contract paradigm. if eth fails too, there will be a 3.0. you can't kill this idea unless you kill all the people smart enough to have it

>> No.13953239

>unless you kill all the people smart enough to have it
the "dumbing down of the races" is a real thing, anon
enjoy your refugees

>> No.13953249

yes LEAP puts

yes i hold crypto and equities


>> No.13953430

High IQ post.
They will inflate this whole problem away, and negative interest rates will be the new norm in the EU. None of the politicians have the spine to let it all burn and weed out the bad investments. All traditional currencies are now in a race to the bottom. Hard assets, gold, and crypto will be the safe havens.

>> No.13953821

>They will definitely use a possible DB collapse to start a EU controlled banking union for which they are already pushing.

why no one sees this as yet is mind bobbling, they keep thinking elites are dumb...MAYBE THE PLAN WAS TO FAIL

>> No.13954323

>ECB bails it out
And there, that will be it. I've been waiting for DB to shit the bed for 2 or 3 years, but at the end of the day, they will print money and the crash I'm waiting for won't happen. You never pick a fight against central banks. Never.

>> No.13954397

Even if the dollar collapses crypto won't go to zero, it will have to be revalued.

>> No.13954408

To be fair, DB is down 90% from the peak so depending when you bought it, the worst is already behind

The DB bubble has already burst

>> No.13954426

CBDC would be perfect for this.
get rid of physical cash and introduce CBDC with negative interest rate.

>> No.13954448

Bitcoin is BSV. 2gb blocks in July. Have sex, bitch.

>> No.13954457

Meant for >>13941912

>> No.13954478

why LEAP puts and no shorter term puts.

Currently each Friday or Thursday I buy OTM SPX puts 2 weeks in the future. At any point in time my puts expire half 1 week in the future and the other half 2 weeks in the future. Would longer term options reduce Theta bleedout?

>> No.13954488

In other words, I think 2007/2008 could repeat itself, How do I profit from that?

>> No.13954507

>He doesnt know

>> No.13954530

Cash out everything now and wait for the crash.

>> No.13954533

Hold cash and buy once stocks drop 30%+

Then ride the 300%+ rebound

Question is - do you have the brass ones to buy at the bottom and risk seizing the dropping cleaver like a macho hombre?!!

>> No.13954547

Or just invest the cash to bear sertificate

Just make sure the sertificate is not owned by deuthebank lul

>> No.13954578

>Hard assets
This. Although good luck as a private landowner/property owner cos you will get raped with taxes.

Taxation and inflation. The populace will pay one way and another.

>> No.13954590

bargain buy? or will they go lower?

>> No.13954680

>10 year long downtrend

i dunno man

>> No.13954687
File: 42 KB, 646x595, G..UYS....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If l live in a 3rd world south american shithole with dollar as its currency, am l going to get justd too?

>> No.13954844

you're fine if you think it's imminent, but yeah.
you're basically leveraging more for a higher upside.

that said most people can't stomach your type of "insurance losses" because there's literally never a blind 2+ STDEV move

>> No.13955408

This. When the flip does come though will humanity survive it?

>> No.13955493

OP of the thread here. Surprised to see it still going.

Anyways let’s see what DB is trading at on Monday. With the recent Mexico tariffs we probably have a month or two max until the dominoes start falling

>> No.13955912

Absolutely sickening.

>> No.13955930

This right here, next time will be a bail in

>> No.13955937

>the worst financial crisis in human history is months away or less
i want to believe

>> No.13956008

tfw you realize NANO is the patrician choice. when BTC shits the bed during the bull run and feed rise, NANO will reign supreme
*tips fedora*

>> No.13956025

one day, Neo, you won't have to

>> No.13956033

precious metals

>> No.13956034
File: 129 KB, 276x264, 1556060723083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you lived through the 2008 crisis and didn't make investment changes for the future you are absolutely retarded.

10k in pms
10k in guns, ammo, bows, any weapons
10k emergency food
All else in crypto

>> No.13956044
File: 36 KB, 343x361, 1557287827525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13956406

>Would longer term options reduce Theta bleedout?
I would think it is the opposite, that you can reduce theta decay by buying very short term puts?

but what if fiat really becomes worthless too, then your puts are worthless as well, since the stock market would be worth more in nominal value

>> No.13956832


If the spot price for silver is 13€ you won't get one physical ounce for less than 19€

>> No.13956878
File: 945 KB, 850x850, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


current spot price 13,05 EUR/oz
cheapest 1oz coin in my area: 15,70EUR pic related - Silver Owl

>> No.13956910


Average people will pile into anything that keeps it's value. You know, you can't print bitcoins.

>> No.13957017

>the worst financial crisis in human history is months away or less

You said that months ago or more.

>> No.13957196

>he bought meme preps instead of the stock market dip
oh im laughing

>> No.13957214
File: 119 KB, 798x770, D305A020-96B4-447A-B157-AEE793BC73B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf man, you really need eye glasses

>> No.13957220

even trump with his idiotic tweets and trade wars couldnt break the economy i doubt there will be a recession

>> No.13957267

It more like $1.30 away

>> No.13957592

>the worst financial crisis in human history is months away or less
/pol/yp detected, you have been spouting this nonsense for years.

>> No.13957880
File: 468 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-03-25-08-50-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I warned you faggots almost 2 months ago, pic very related. The "new hot trend" was CLO's, these are bassically mortages sold to small cap buisnesses you retards and there are around 2 trillion now of CLO derivatives floating around the system waiting to default. Luckily I took my own advice and pulled all my money out of my house and equities and put it into bitcoin, chumps.

>> No.13957916


>> No.13957980

/x/ is unironically smarter then any other board on the site. All im gonna say.

>> No.13958624


>> No.13958890

But isn't it the same scenario as with the CDS's? Who valuates them? It could take years beofore it actually crashes. In the case of the default swaps. Banks secured a position themselves before adjusting the ratings.

>> No.13958905

How do you know 6,40 is the price of insolvency?

>> No.13958946

it stands for precious metals

>> No.13958964

>if the economy takes a giant shit, people will be pouring their money into assets that cannot be tracked
Most people just back off from participating in the economy when shit hits the fan. You overestimate people's intelligence

>> No.13958991

What exactly happens when a bank like DB goes insolvent? What are the effects on the economy in the scenario of a bailout or letting the ((free)) market rule?

>> No.13959005

The most likely cause for the fall is none of this "holy shit the world is ending" scenario crap (51% attacks, quantum computers). It is what CURRENTLY makes it unusable for real-world applications, save its volatility in USD value: extremely slow transactions due to 1MB block size limit and exorbitant fees for small purchases. Remember that the ability to use it as peer-to-peer electronic cash is what originally gave it value, not just speculative "what's-it-worth-in-dollars-tomorrow" crap.

>> No.13959007

I was going to make a thread about this one day. Back in mid 2017 and late 2016 there was a shitload of threads about how Deutsche Bank is moments away from collapsing Europe and how Italian banks were also in deep shit. Then, silence for over a year. What happened?

>> No.13959015

This this a million times this, can't you see they want another Hitler to rise up?

>> No.13959028

what is the argument here?

>> No.13959046
File: 1.25 MB, 480x480, yield curve.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13959052

>quantum computing breaking 256bit hashes

Are you related to Craig Wright? Only someone with his genes could spout such pseudo-technical fucking nonsense. Do you even know what quantum computing is? Protip: it can't 'break' encryption. AES 256 would take all the currently most powerful computers in the world 900 quintillion years to crack. Guess how long for 512-bit AES?

>> No.13959060

fascism never left.

>> No.13959076

So what exactly can a broke 23 y/o do with this information?

>> No.13959155
File: 4 KB, 205x246, woj36427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope /biz/ advice turns out well anon, it always has

>> No.13959171

The next crisis is a dollar crisis. I think shorting the dollar is the power play. Tariff man is shitting all over our trade partners and creditors. The Fed will be forced to cut rates and print money. Then the truth will be known. QE can never stop. The Fed failed to normalize interest rates and sell off its balance sheet.

>> No.13959322


>> No.13959359

Yes, my ecuapoorian friend. Doubly so, because you won't be able to take any measures if/when the dollar tanks

>> No.13959364

Dollar is world reserve currency Euro is not.

>> No.13959371

absolutely, we've survived through far, far worse man

>> No.13959386

buy crypto and pm

>> No.13959465

Underrated post.

>> No.13959710

I was in Ukraine visiting family a few years back and they sell one ounce coins like 50 cents above spot price

>> No.13959888

And who's gonna join? All the shitskins merkel and israel imported who can't fight worth of shit? That just guarantees a revival of national socialism and I hope it happens

>> No.13959904

the people with intellegience who have to money will be moving into those assets thats the only thing that matters

>> No.13959925

damn wish i could read that thread

>> No.13960047


Don't let what little money you have sit there as cash. The longer it sits, the less it's worth. You need to at least hedge against inflation.

Like the other guy said, buy precious metals and crypto. Take a couple hundred bucks, go to your local coin shop and tell them you want to buy ounces of junk silver. These are silver coins and bars that are only worth their weight in silver. That's your new stack. Then take a couple hundred other bucks and put it in crypto. I won't recommend a specific one.

Also, you want some food and water storages. It's just smart. Have three months supply for every person in your household.

>> No.13960266

so if i wanted to buy a car, should i do it now or wait for the chaos?
should i get a loan for my car?

>> No.13960308

This is a /pol/ tier conversation, retard. Fucking newfags always get asshurt at crossposters

>> No.13960445

Ok guys Im as zoomer as it gets and have basically 0 financial knowledge. How can i prepare/make money off this

>> No.13960616

in theory, shorting the markets. In reality, you wont be making any money with whats coming, kiddo