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I'm here for the job interview..

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Hey, so tell me about yourself

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Next time I suggest you bring kneepads

*Unzips dick*

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Hey, you have a better hairline than 90% of /biz/. You're hired

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me too!

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I wear a gold chain, have tattoos (never would do face or anything dumb), wear nice clothes and own a business and have been self employed for closing in on a decade. Fight me.

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for all the tattoos and body mods this cunt still looks s o i af

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no laughing matter, anon

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Chainlink investor

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.. at least he has the LINK-symbol on his stomach..

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how much money to unfuck my head?

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>self employed

being "self employed" (aka unemployed) is usually the only option for tattooed degenerates

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When can you start?

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delete this

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why do white people have the highest rates of mental illness, pedophillia, serial killing, etc?

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Just as prevalent in India, middle east and east Asia
>mental illness
I know for America anyway, black people are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than any other race
>serial killers
Think that might be true, but the number of serial killers have declined rapidly in the last 20 years.

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Why do niggers commit 50% of crimes, despite being only 13% of the population?

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Isn't it amazing how tattoos can cover up an out of shape body?

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>forced to live in poverty by a white majority
>unfairly targeted by police
>disproportionately convicted by the courts
go back to /pol/ retard

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If you think it's so unfair here, why don't you go back to Africa? I'm sure your fellow negroes will be much more accepting of you there.

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Nobody is forcing them to live in poverty.

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My girlfriend likes guys that have tattoos like that. She doesn't know I know but I do.

Why would a 27 year old girl want that? "I'm such a free spirit and I'm so angry at life and I work at home depot cutting wood all day"

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he has Chainlink tattoos all over his chest

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he has "BRAPHOG" tattooed on the right of his forehead??

Literally ONE OF US

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How else do you get legal slave labor?

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Yeah nigga you told that whyboi wassup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and u nigga we run dis shit rite here!!!!!!! Whybois can never recover.....they be keepin is down and making us po n shit.

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because black people are forced to live in ghettos, not given the same education as whites, and arrested for crimes that whites aren't (such as selling weed), not given job opportunities, used as slave labor in private prison, and slaughtered by the police for sport?

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see >>13935571

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nah that's not it guess again

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She handles wood all day if you know what I mean.

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t. Retard
If you think it’s all the “system” bringing them down, go move to the ghetto and see for yourself retard. The majority of black people are lacking frontal lobe development because they are thousands of years behind in evolution, they are literally sub human.
Even black people I work with I notice are a tad slower on critical thinking or anything of that nature.

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white people commit more violence than black people, but black people are charged more due to institutional racism

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>self employed
Lol!!! So you work long hours and pay taxes in the highest bracket?! Thanks to your contributions we can pay off the niggers to not riot and keep the economy doing well for capitalists like me.

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True. Case in point: the perpetual "war on terror"

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Poor b8

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jewish war

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Typical poorfag betamale

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do the needful, sir

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Kikes aren't White, buddy.

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I'm sorry, but the filming for Michael Jackson's Thriller took place in 1984. We may have a role for you on an upcoming HBO sitcom however.

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>who's gonna be interviewing you?
>Anonnette Brishka
>hold on lemme check on the system
>hm, your name doesn't seem to come up in the system...
>are you sure you are at the right place, anon?

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If you're gonna say to that then you'll have to admit that whites are either collaborators or slaves to jews because I don't see any of them in politics media or finance opposed to it.

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