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Exchange - Current Price 266 Satoshi - 0.001583 USD:

Mining guide:


Useful sites:

Free doge:
http://indogewetrust.com (promo codes: "install gentoo" or "suchpromo", "such bad doge many sorry", "buildandshoot.com", "sent ;)" or "buy amd")


Days until next halving:

Want the DOGE coin to succeed? This is how you can help:

Ask btc-e to add DOGE to their exchange:

Donate to the original doge owner:


Join #do/g/ecoin at Rizon now.

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wew lad

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lel wad

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Good post

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where is santa

>> No.13953

yall mutha fuckas need jeebus

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Thank you, I missed the daily reminders

Also Ozy is a thief and a troll, don't believe his lies

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Reminder to read this shit


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Next halving in 90 days

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>watched the magical millionaire eat up all the small sell orders on bter to 290
>for some reason the others exchange prices followed

>> No.13976

either sleeping/working or lurking.

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Did we break amdoge?

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what r u talkin bout m8 doge has done nothing but drop since the halving

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>implying Bill Gates needs to work

>> No.13988

He's kill

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He just got hired as an advisor to the new CEO of Microsoft, so I guess he does. He's admitted to being a workaholic, too

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he was up very late yesterday.

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Yes, me too.

For fucking nothing.

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what happened?

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people got buttmad because amdoge couldn't make a crypto coin with less than 16 hours notice.

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if the client was fucked, that's not amdoge's fault actually. and yeah, 16 hours notice is nothing.

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So you're mining it as of now? Where can I download and get started?

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Nobody really got butt furious over it

>> No.14056

was it not entertaining?

I had fun.

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I just undervolted my R9 270s to 1.125v and now BAMT keeps underclocking them to 950MHz and the hashrate drops to ~330. Did I do bad?

>> No.14063

what caused the problem, though? pool, client or something else?

>> No.14064

Amdoge gave up. He might restart the coin later

>> No.14065

yeah I guess we were mostly getting annoyed at the wolong shills.

and also the idiots who thought we were into 3.0 for any form of profit and got mad about not getting to mine it.

also amdoge was learning as he went since he'd never done anything like it before.

no matter what happens amdoge really deserves a pat of the back today for his effort.

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i think we should go for a clean non-premined release on sunday or sth.

>> No.14071

No, the network is dead now no new blocks since 2am. I solo mined most of that shit within seconds of having it all set up.

It was fun for a minute, we should totally actually seriously launch this again later with real pools

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We were talking last night about making a LGBT Coin called QCoin maybe for a pump and dump or something because it would have a lot of support obviously

Just throwing that out there because the threads are gone and I want it to stay in people's heads

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lots of problems mostly just little things.

I think to end up with it was the pool.
also messing up the launch
not having a windows client
and the demoralising effects of wolong shills and lack of sleep.

we might bring it back but it's shelved for now.

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It was the pool I think, but there was also an issue with finding blocks to fast, like, every 2 seconds.

Goddamn those Wolong shills are obnoxious. At least the Stable™shills and LTC guys are funny, but wolong's crew is so transparent and self serving.

I wanna put this effort into actually making a funny coin though, like Comedy Gold as was suggested

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yeah. from the screenshot it looks like he got pretty far. a lot of stuff has to line up to have both a working client and infrastructure to connect to.

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The thread is actually still alive here: >>13082

>> No.14086

does it have any more ideas behind it other than being a <word> coin?

because wordcoins are kinda done at this point.

although I did just see a Nicholas cage coin.

coinye 2.0 most likely

>> No.14088

Okay lets do it with or without Amdoge, he doesn't have much appetite for this and the wallet source is there already

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I think the LGBT coin is pandering a little too hard, but stupider things have made money, so I guess anything's worth a shot.

The thread was still up last I saw.

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Yeah but there's been much worse coins that go on to do pretty well

>> No.14093

The idea is that a lot of social justice warriors would be quick to snag it up just on the novelty alone

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amDOGE is pretty much the only one I trust with the wallet password for a fair launch

it's the disadvantage of us being anon

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But plz stay respectful of his work, this guy already gave so much to the community

Coding all this shit in less than 16 hours ? This guy deserve a gold Sotchi medal

>> No.14100

yeah once we get a compiled windows wallet.

test out some pools

and mine a new genesis block then we're kinda ready to go.

amdoge really did kick ass yesterday.

>> No.14102

It's not like he transplanted a heart.

What's the point of all this decentralization if we are in the hands of one man?

>> No.14103

Just wait, let's rethink this a make an actual viable coin to Pump and Dump

>> No.14104

he's just the dev.

it wouldn't centralise anything.

also it's still just to fuck with wolong anyway.

>> No.14105

Just overclock them from cgminer settings

>> No.14107

I don't mean to nag, but does anyone know what's going on? Did I undervolt them too much? They were 1.215v

>> No.14111

amdoge has kept these threads going for months. he's invested a lot. that's good enough for me.

>> No.14113

yeah just a bit of a delay to get a bitcointalk thread trending up and actually attract none /g/ miners worth a shot I guess.

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cause you are anonymous and you are legion

he is the true one and has to carry the burden

>> No.14115

After a minute or so they drop back to 950

>> No.14121

>It's not like he transplanted a heart.

I didn't see anyone helping when he didn't know what to do about the already mined blocks contained in the source.

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Premining is basically centralization.

All coin releases should only receive coins as donations. If the community wants it to succeed, they will either donate, or do the work themselves for free.

Premining is bunk.

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I'm fine with that, but let's change the name and the logo, fuck the pandacoin shit, I'm sick of Wolong and his crew get butthurt and coming here to cry about it.

Just make the [s4s] coin Comedy Gold, that's actually got some appeal and at least sounds different from the other PnD shitcoins.

I'd actually like to try and use it here if it was worthless for the lels

>> No.14132

This, the wolong shit is done guys. Lets have a fucking legitimate shitcoin.

>> No.14135

T-thats a-actually not a bad idea, weaboo kun

>> No.14136

we already have doge.

>> No.14137

Comedy Gold is a funny name.

>> No.14143

>we could open a store that sels topkeks for LELS

>> No.14144

Well yeah, and Doge is great, but the difficulty is high and obviously anyone would jump on top of every new coin to come out now, even if it's dumb, just because everyone's either looking for the next doge or they just wanna pump it.

Exactly, people love this stuff and it's actually pretty fun to do

Arigatou gozaimasu

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>> No.14147

not totally since their are a few nice coins out right now with like a 0.5-1.5 premine.

it's really something you got to take on a case by case basis really.

but for total crypto virgins I agree it's good advice.

In most cases premine = stay away.

premining = bad.

>> No.14154

Yeah but we need to quench our thirst for high volume mining. Nobody is going to tip eachother dogecoins anymore. Everybody is too much of a jew.

It could also be the currency of /biz/. A lot of people here are really butt hurt about missing the doge train and shit up these threads.

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Yes amDOGE is great, and I was there too. Nobody actually helped him cause none of the people were able to take some initiative or leadership.

I would love to help him, but the only field I am competent for is makin some OC to promote those kind of events.

But amDOGE worked so hard to provide some lulz to the community and fuck up this fagget wolong, and has given us lot of fun and generosity those 2-3 last months. He is truly the generous king of /biz/. I wish I knew him IRL, he really seem like a great person.

>> No.14150


Let's not get deviant here. Just because you missed the boat doesn't mean we need another coin.

>> No.14151

let's decide this when more people are here

>> No.14158

Dude, everyone here is balls deep in doge, but we're also all over new coins to mine for 4 hours to get a bazillion of them and dump it for Doge.

Also I wanna tip worthless shit in huge amounts to autismos on 4chan again

>> No.14159

Shuddup, I definitely didn't miss the boat.

>> No.14164

Holy shit I had no idea, thanks for reminding me anon!!

>> No.14165

you can do this with PND. That's actually the goal of PND.

>> No.14166

Yeah of course, I wanna get amDOGE on board anyway since he worked on the pandershit

>> No.14160

i think difficulty will go down a bit. doge is still near the top on mutlipool.us' profitability list.

>> No.14162


plz im desprut 4 doge

>> No.14172

mr. wolong pls go

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yes plz tip for my ass burger


>mfw didnt received a tip from /biz/ yet ;_;

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Phew, I thought I was the only one who forgot

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I'll tip you in Nice™Coins or Comedy Gold once we make it

>> No.14180

>mfw didnt received a tip from /biz/ yet ;_;

some people are still scared from last nights greedfest

>> No.14186

We spread ourselves too thin last night with all that panda stuff and lose our focus on the greater goal

>> No.14187

yes well, with the mood here today it's like we're having collective amnesia or something.

we had a perfect storm of shit yesterday, though, so it's understandable. /pol/, wolong and crypto crash at the same time.

>> No.14191

I'm over yesterday, let's just put it behind us

>> No.14192

yeah it was kinda like watching cats try to cooperate while amdoge worked himself to death.

>> No.14194

If we want a new coin we have to make it big. Like really big, better than the "new" coins out there. It must stand out. To achieve this we need a serious plan, a strong name and plenty of time.

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selling topkek for 2000 lels

(this sounds so great)

>> No.14199

I truly believe that dogecoin is one of the last successful altcoin because it seems like everything after dogecoin has been regarded as a Pump and Dump Shitcoin even if it was highly innovative. It seems like every coin that is being pushed into the market is being pumped then traded for DOGE so I wouldn't worry too much anon. We are not looking to make anything revolutionary, just a couple more DOGE.

>> No.14200

In case anyone has the same problem, I fixed it by lowering the thread concurrency.

>> No.14206

I agree

if we want to get serious about making our own not attack/troll coin it's got to be a real long term project with good ideas behind it.

>> No.14201

or we can just make lels, the currency only useable to buy topkek

>> No.14202

Maybe we can get some Yuros to buy up a bunch of topkek to sell for lels

I think he had /some/ fun with it, but yeah, we're useless. I'm still amazed it kind of worked though.

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You may save this walruse image for 1000 comedy gold

>> No.14216

i want an honest answer
is doege becoming kill, the killer of kills?

>> No.14211

I only have 1500 lels, Would you be willing to only part with 3/4 of your topkek?

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Nah, the only reason doge worked is because we all had genuine fun with it. If you aim to be THE NEXT BIG THING™, you're pretty much sealing your fate, so fuck it, let's just do what 4chan does best and make something super stupid and have fun with it.

>> No.14219

We don't want to do that. If you want to get big, you will need to get a whole bunch of normal fags involved. Do you have any idea just how big dogecoin has gotten from reddit?

People aren't just going to start dropping doge all of a sudden.

>> No.14222

i can buy topkek and make a store, you have my word
ill eat some and then send it to you

>> No.14220

With proper viral marketing and hype on btctalk.

>> No.14221

We could make a high reward scrypt-jane coin that uses KGW retargeting. I don't think there's a scrypt-jane coin like that.

>> No.14225

if only you other timezone guys had bumped the threads. there were only like 8 new replies in the bitcointalk thread after I went to sleep

>> No.14224

I seriously wanna buy some topkek from you

>> No.14230

yeah I'm very interested in /g/ making a crypto eventually.

it's not like we really have a rush to push it through either since a lot of us are doing fine holding our doge.

certainly something to discuss.

>> No.14231

Eh, it was too short notice, but I think we could do a legit coin as a result of this fiasco

>> No.14236



>> No.14238

Guys..im getting the shakes i need a new low difficultly coin to mine. Its friday night and I have no shit coins to day trade.

>> No.14233

yeah lets make lelcoin!
>lel to the moon!

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Yes guys I agree, as soon as amDOGE comes back we should stop this greedfest for a little while and definitely help him (if he is still interested in this project)

The easiest way would be to put a threadly reminder at the beginning of each new thread to keep us focused.

If wolong wins this one, he will thinks we are his own private whores

>> No.14235

Fedoracoin was made by /g/

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>spend hours on halvening oc
>upload to reddit
>removed by a bot "your account is to new to post website addresses"
>"to new"

>> No.14239

Well we made Fedoracoin, which actually wound up being worth something sorta. So I guess that was a win, and if something as retarded as TIPS can make it on cryptsy and whatever, then we can do it again easy.

>> No.14247

Also Billy Markus who is one of the creators of dogecoin said that he browses /g/ dogecoin threads when he was being interviewed.

>> No.14248

monacoin, value increased 5 times the last week, difficulty 7 or so


>> No.14244
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We can make something truly powerful.

>> No.14245

yeah kinda.

but it would be better to start from scratch really.

>> No.14246

I dunno anon, help us code Comedy Gold and we can insta-mine a shit ton of it

>> No.14251 [DELETED] 

anyway its very hard to get tips on plebbit nowadays

You need to be a real artist and spend 3+ hour on an OC for it to really stand out and get visibility

>> No.14252
File: 167 KB, 555x555, wol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw wolongcoin (WOL)

>> No.14253


+ /u/topkektipbot 50 lels verify

>> No.14255
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We already did

>> No.14262

Don't mine MONA, you'll scare the nips and kill it's support. Just buy some if you wanna back it

>> No.14263

Doge is the most powerful, we need something powerful enough to trade for doge

>> No.14258

Well i do live in Japan. Can I can get my jgf to translate shit for me

>> No.14265

we're like the black ops of doge. outcomes vary between intentionally and unintentionally hilarious.

>> No.14264
File: 1.10 MB, 2592x1944, 234234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

took this pic a few days ago, im lazy to take one more. 1 topkek actually costs 0.35 turkish liras, which is about 105 doges.

>> No.14268

nah that narcissist would love it.

>> No.14270

It doesn't need a lot of power if we can mine a zillion of them.

I'm telling, Comedy Gold sounds unique and kinda funny, people would be into it, and I'm sure we'd get a lot of good OC at least

>> No.14274

Donth throw your >2mh rig on it and youll be fine

>> No.14276

I support comedy gold over lel. Everybody in the world understands comedy gold.

I agree that we should wait until more people wake up.

>> No.14277

thats the trick, he is so full of love to himself he would pump it to moon just because of that and then when moon we dump it

>> No.14283

no need for legit coin, purpose of panda was to get as big as possible in that short amount of time to interfere with wolong. I don't see it as failed. People are not happy with their hashrate with the vertminer and would probably jump to a normal scrypt coin. we just need to get more steam behind it

>> No.14289

Yeah, just keep bringing it up and see if amDOGE is interested in tweaking what he worked on, it shouldn't take more than changing the wallet logo and swapping the names

>> No.14295

And there's no rush to get it out either.

>> No.14293

i'm helping amdoge with the windows build this weekend if he's up for it.

>> No.14299

Not at all, if anything we should make sure it won't suffer from a miserable launch, and try to keep it a teensy bit secret so we can reserve most of the early mining for /g/, maybe, I dunno, nothing shady though.

>> No.14301

Should I mine mintcoin?

>> No.14307

Well if it's our coin then we will probably find out before everyone else anyways

>> No.14309

You're overreacting. Things got done to complement the impressive work of amDoge.
It was just über late and we were few.

>> No.14313

He/she is a neet anyway, so a little work wont kill him/her

>> No.14312

I am, it's alright. Wish I bought a bunch the other day when it was half the price it is now.

Well yeah, so we don't need to publicize it that much aside from a little hype on bitcointalk

>> No.14321
File: 1.04 MB, 1105x942, 1391991142217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14319

yeah, there was a lot of stuff happening, both in public and behind the scenes. we got 90% of the way there.

>> No.14332

It would have worked just fine if we had an extra day. Oh well, guess we should have invested in the Comedy Gold™ Standard

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>> No.14423


>> No.14434
File: 34 KB, 287x400, wololong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Wolong National Nature Reserve houses more than 150 highly endangered giant pandas. The reserve is also a home to many other endangered species including: red pandas, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer and many precious plants. Wolong gets up to 100,000 visitors every year."

"In June 1980, the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda was established at Wolong"


>> No.14435

i hope santa knows that we are in >>biz now

>> No.14447

I really think comedy gold would work.

>> No.14452

Is the battle of pandas lost ?

Couldnt connect before thanks to our dear moderators

>> No.14457


lol'd everytime

>> No.14464

You got hit by that too? Normally I'm not a shitposter but the combination of new board excitement and >>1000 excited me and I succumbed to the darkness.

>> No.14465

so now that doge rewards halved, what do you guys think is the most profitable altcoin to mine right now?

potcoin's difficulty is still pretty low

>> No.14472


>> No.14477


I swear some moderators of this new board are working with wolong

>> No.14482
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>yfw wolong is a moderator

>> No.14495

Off to le reddit we go

>> No.14494

he paid off moot.

>> No.14508

I also want to buy kek. Problem for me is that I'm in Gibraltar and I've only seen them IRL in Morocco and I am not gonna pay a ticket to go there just to buy kek.

>> No.14510
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>> No.14519

Is it good?

>> No.14520

>wolong shill plz

>> No.14532
File: 1.56 MB, 670x680, dogegirl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw waiting for price to drop below where I sold

>> No.14538

no one? ;_;

>> No.14551
File: 974 KB, 300x225, 3ZLMYmN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14548


no shit: panda 2.0 is pretty profitible right row, regardless of what the wolong haters (among whom i count myself) say

>> No.14549

why not just us multipool? or do you mean something that's not on an exchange?

>> No.14559 [DELETED] 
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>> No.14579

yeah, there are several types of it and i buy them frequently.

>> No.14577

Well, I mined Wololo's coin all night and got .2 BTC worth. Difficulty shot up fast.

>> No.14600

LEAFCOIN at 9 satoshi. Probably going way up. Just a tip

>> No.14601


>> No.14598

I have 0.5BTC, when do buy?

>> No.14608

Now. It might fall slightly and slowly for the next few days, but there really isn't a better time.

>> No.14612
File: 128 KB, 281x222, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well that was fun yesterday.
What do we do with the PND? Relaunch it?

>> No.14626

what happened? you were making a pool when i went to sleep. did you release it?

>> No.14636

Short after wolongs coin launched I set up a pool http://bamboohouse.no-ip.org but apparently there were a number of things wrong with it.

>> No.14647
File: 71 KB, 425x640, 1390951337013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning amdoge, we've actually thought about taking your hard work so far and kinda making a legitimate "Comedy Gold" coin with a legitimate pump and dump

I just woke up as well so maybe someone more educated can fill you in

Basically we realize that wolong's coin was kind of a success and there's no point in flunking him now but we can make another coin just for fun to trade for doge, i don't know much about it but I'll let someone else explain more

>> No.14651

Hello amDoge, had a good rest? :)

>> No.14653

amDOGE what you think on leafcoin?

>> No.14656
File: 196 KB, 471x305, Panda ruse wolong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hey amDOGE, threadly reminder that you are the greatest.

If you are still up for it, definitely !

>> No.14657

BTC/LTC rising again.

>> No.14658

This is the shittiest idea. You must be two on this board wanting this.

>> No.14665

you realized, that the hype you created gave wolong a nice liftoff?

>> No.14660

"comedy gold" sounds kind of forced to me.

>> No.14672

I've been saying this all the freakin' time and no one listens... People are just retarded I guess

>> No.14673

I actually sell those in my store

>> No.14669

I don't really have any idea what it is I was just gathering the sentiment of what people were last talking about

And there were at least 10 people talking about it earlier

>> No.14686
File: 400 KB, 735x522, Pandacoin 3.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Everybody suscribe to this


Also maybe you can post your work so far here too amDOGE :3

>> No.14681


>> No.14692

I see.

I couldn't get much.

It doesn't look very interesting.

It's in no way a necessity. I also have no idea how to maintain a coin.

I doubt. It was pretty hyped to begin with.

My work?

>> No.14687

Samefagging, hopefully. Either that on this board has gone full retard already. ComedyGold? A new Fedora P&D? /biz/ plz.

>> No.14697

Any idea why the PKR wallet is not syncing ?

>> No.14700

nyan faucet's payout is doubled for a few days.

use my referral if you want: http://www.nyan.cat/nyancoin/?id=1484

>> No.14701

amdoge I have been brought to my senses and I retract my post about the Comedy Gold thing

>> No.14708


it's syncing by me

u updated the.conf file ? check the bitcointalk thread

>> No.14715

not syncing for me either. i wrote the conf file too. i have 1 hard mined pkr on my pool account and couldn't get it on my wallet.

>> No.14713


>My work?
yes, wallet, pool etc... I may not be the most reliable though to discuss this with you, couldnt participate yesterday thanks to wolongs moderator

>> No.14726
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>> No.14728

Wallet is here https://github.com/pandacoin-official/pandacoin.. The pool was just default mpos.

>> No.14735


hmm weird, u sure u added the .conf file in appdata/pkr file ?

here is what i got in it


>> No.14737

>private profile

>> No.14741
File: 109 KB, 640x426, Wolong_nonono.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also guys, if you want to participate, feel free to shitpost


This is the official subreddit for wolong scam coin

>> No.14743

Dogecoin general just isn't the same anymore

>> No.14746


>> No.14757

Are they even still using it? I thought it was pumped and dumped and now it's just bagholders.. They're not trying to turn this into an actually crypto when it was "In Wolong We Trust" On it are they?

>> No.14754

What we need to do is assess if there's still a chance to fuck with Wololong's scam coin as was originally planed, and capitalize on top on what has already been done in that regard by amDoge and the others /biz/g/uits.

I am new to everything crypto and lack vision as to what's possible and what's not.

amDoge, what do your guts tell you?

>> No.14763

*actual *has
I'm tired

>> No.14774

Damn we went to 249 for a second there

>> No.14778

It's gonna drop to the low 200s in the next few days.

>> No.14780

whys it gonna drop?

>> No.14787

Because people are shitting the bed with the halvening not making doge instantly worth 600 satoshi.

>> No.14782
File: 90 KB, 629x629, 1042867452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ok feel free to participate here


upvote this shit. much thanks

>> No.14789

I would say we try a relaunch or rather the official launch. The guy who opened the btctalk thread got a message from a poolowner who was interested.
Lots of people are disappointed with their hashrate on the wolong coin and I guess we could build up steam again, especially over the weekend.

>> No.14799

sent ;)

>> No.14800

I'll correct myself. I don't see it going low, low 200s, but I'd say a base of 230-250 for the next few days seems reasonable.

>> No.14810
File: 60 KB, 500x340, Protect_your_shibe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ok keep up the upvote and comments, we are on the front page

>> No.14817

Let's just say I'll leave it up to you people. I'm not compete with another coin, I'm rather here to provide the things necessary to realize it.

So the same thing again.

>> No.14824

*I'm not here to

>> No.14844

Depends how much you hate money.

>> No.14838

Would it be smart to sell my doge now?

>> No.14840
File: 255 KB, 721x403, yuru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bought .2BTC worth of doge at 275

>> No.14852

I still have domain bamboohouse.info if we serious about this realpandacoin thing. I can bind it to someone's pool or faucet or whatever you want with it.

>> No.14862

>So the same thing again.

yeah, I think it was a little chaotic yesterday. The small timeframe, board migration and multiple Santa visits.
I think the original purpose of this coin can still be achieved

>> No.14867


Also can one of the mod of realpandacoin delete this ?


Or replace it with the realpandacoin wallet of amDOGE

>> No.14863

Get excited.

>> No.14887

Things we still need for PandaCoin launch:

1. Website
2. Windows Wallet
3. Pool (Kinda sorted)
4. Manpower

>> No.14890

Hang in there brother. I bought at 223 and sold at 255 when it first hit 290 (shouldn't have sold). I spent 1 day grabbing my ballsack waiting for the opportunity to still make profit. And that oportunity came and I bought at 252 (the lowest price for a couple of hours, talk about luck uh?)

>> No.14892

Well I would like to make more by buying back in lower if that's what you're suggesting

>> No.14896
File: 251 KB, 350x430, 1339136739653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>neighbor pops in, no idea about cryptocurrencies
>yo can you do me a favor, copy this game for me?
>sure *goes in room*, he sees my mining rig
>holy shit, you'll reach the moon like that

>> No.14911


>> No.14908

have do you pronounce doge?

>> No.14912

Rhymes with vogue.

>> No.14913

Dogecoin not the most profitable coin to mine yet the multipools are still targeting it. What does it mean?

>> No.14915

So, buy in now. We're on a bit of a downward trend, but that's recovering from the huge surge of a few days ago. BTC is cheap at the moment, and doge isn't surging or freefalling, so now's a reasonable time to buy. Depends how long you're willing to hold. The big sell walls are pretty high up.

>> No.14916

dodge with open o.

>> No.14919


fuck yeah vote brigade

>> No.14920

Do you pronounce it like this guy? https://vine.co/v/MazLbHTTWKd

>> No.14922
File: 17 KB, 463x296, Screenshot_5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot pic

>> No.14926

because they know it will reach the moon.

>> No.14930


will you fukin stop crying in those threads every fukin day ?

>> No.14940

Is LEAF going up in the next few days?

>> No.14937

Things keep going wrong, even when I listen.
On top of that I lost my BTC I had in SR and I'm horribly paranoid.

I'm really sorry though, you're right. I should just accept it.

>> No.14946

things only go wrong when you sell it.

community is still growing, moolah is doing work, halvening effects on the market should appear in one or two weeks

>> No.14942

he is just fishing for big tips. someone sent him like 0.2 recently

>> No.14949

Alright. Before that I will test for what exactly the problem with the pool was.

>> No.14951

why don't you try something stable™?

>> No.14962

amDOGE do you know why BAMT is underclocking my cards to 950mhz?

>> No.14969

tffw stablecoin is about to fall off coinmarketcap compleatly

>> No.14964


ikr, thats why I am fukin mad at him. This guy spend his shit in drugs, always act retarded, but since he always come crying around people always give him more. He does not deserve it.


/buttmad over

>> No.14973

Do you think that 500 DOGE will soon be worth 40 minutes of work?

I'm using DOGE to help motivate some group members on a fan project.

>> No.14977

is it still possible to launch it without premine?

>> No.14986

How insulted would you be if you were paid 50 cents an hour?

>> No.14978

In like 5 months maybe

>> No.14980
File: 337 KB, 400x290, 7aa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


OK guys keep working on this, we are #1 post on wolong shitcoin subreddit.

But keep acting kinda retarded, otherwise the mods will delete it

>> No.14982

It wasn't premined. If you mean reset the blocks then yeah.

>> No.14984


>> No.14996

Ehh it's used as a form of motivation, not a replacement for an actual job.

>> No.14990
File: 73 KB, 1000x286, lolol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14993

of course he doesn't deserve it, but the people that tip him dont do it for him. they do it for themselves.

They need miles around to remind them they are better off. if they stop feeding him he will disappear and they will have to reflect on their own situations.

That said i like miles, he reminds me of loveable old Gil from the Simpsons.

>> No.14998

lets do that
And please compile it for windows before launching it

>> No.15013

It's times like this I'm glad that our containment board got mixed with /pol/, because I can see a few people from there reacting to this statement and it should be funny.

>> No.15016

Bitcoin is rising way faster than dogecoin at the moment

>> No.15025

435,000 Wolongcoins atm

44 satoshi each

>> No.15019




>> No.15021


Yes amDOGE.

Relaunch from scratch. I think we need to find a couple of experienced pools to help with relaunch.

>> No.15023


>but the people that tip him dont do it for him. they do it for themselves.

I hope you realise it miles. Plz its not too late to change. I am being harsh but it is for your own good.

>> No.15032

It's just that it is difficult to really mine any amount of DOGE that could be profitable.

I only have like 2000 DOGE mined from several days this month.

>> No.15034

I know that feel man, I would've made 100,000 doge so far if i hadn't listen to these retards

>> No.15035

I don't like this place.

>> No.15048
File: 50 KB, 1136x640, selection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never accepted doge from anyone though.
I only accepted POT because someone was getting really upset when I refused to give them my address.
I did the same thing with my dogecoin address because someone was really pissed off too, but I don't think anything came of it either way.

>> No.15049

I already told amdoge to disregard that post, please try to keep up

>> No.15051

When the halvening happened I got a 10k tip from on IRC.
Some girl got tipped 2 mill to write on her tits "I Heart Moolah"

>> No.15045


We're sticking with the original amDOGE plan

>> No.15065

I wish I had tits

I would stream league of legends all day and only accept dogecoin donations

>> No.15067

I Heart Santa.

>> No.15058

Fuck off, gollums. We've been through multiple crashes in this fucking community, and you whine about 40 satoshi? Get real, assholes. And don't talk smack about santa

>> No.15059

What happend to the guy who worked on the website? He said he was currently compiling the windows wallet last night

>> No.15060


They were probably laughing as they typed hodl while they dumped their doges at 294 all over our aspie faces.

>> No.15068


>> No.15071

I heart amDoge

>> No.15072

This. Just do something dirty for the money. Girls have it easy. Boys too if they're careful and show off their buttholes.

>> No.15075

miles pls

>> No.15084

What should I mine today?

>> No.15077

I-I'm about to buy Moolah 50% of my doge, is that a good move or a bad move?

>> No.15081

Some guy offered moobs but he said no moobs.

>> No.15086

+1 for this.

don't do it to compete but do it for the lulz so we have a new coin we can all mine together & have many good times.

>> No.15091


amDOGE we should just relaunch.

We've already put big effort into the reddit pages, twitter, facebook, bitcointalk etc so we can't change anything now on panda 3.0.

Let's take the time to do it right and get legit poll involved.

>> No.15101
File: 83 KB, 1024x576, very valentine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

amDoge, look at this OC I just made

>> No.15093

yes. Moolah is creating a p2p exchange, do you realize how big this is?

>> No.15098

I would like to know also

>> No.15099

Alright then. I'll try to figure out what's wrong with the pool before that though.

>> No.15105

>is that a good move or a bad move?

>> No.15114

And make the release at a time that is good for both europe and US.

>> No.15108

Young, fresh boypussy is where it's at.

>> No.15110

Moolah is becoming plebbit's santa, so I'd say it's a good move. But who knows, maybe he runs off with the money?

>> No.15118

Whatever he is, it was impressive. He tipped lots of people shitloads. Over $8000 worth in a few minutes.

>> No.15128


>>15093 (You)

Uh, what?

>> No.15125

I wonder why Moolah is giving millions away when he is collecting coins for investment?

>> No.15130

Caveat emptor.

>> No.15143

I think one is the user moolah, the other is the company, no? The user moolah got tipped by netcode pool like 10 million for the tipbot

>> No.15139

and provide a binary client for windows

>> No.15152

W-what do you mean? That it's vaporware?

>> No.15150
File: 16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>>15093 (You)

>> No.15153

I'm not sure how to feel about this.

There was one in place but couldn't be used, see https://github.com/pandacoin-official/pandacoin/commit/047085..

>> No.15155

Eh?If bitcoin rises then so does Doge

>> No.15168


>> No.15164


>> No.15165

What do you think about the confirmation times now? I am waiting 20 minutes in a transaction and it still doesnt have any confirmations.

>> No.15219


when is pandacoin launch you smelly foot ape?

>> No.15483

Sounds like a plan :)

>> No.15504