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Literally shaking right now

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Gonna make it after all.

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Is there a bigger tell of a scam than "hurrr we'll burn the tokens guy'ze!!"

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Why is it a scam because they burn tokens? The team owns 5M tokens and a massive ICO whale held 7M. They came with a plan to buy back his coins over a certain period.

Personally, I'm happy they are doing this so I dont need to worry about a whale dumping on me.

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>Why is it a scam because they burn tokens?
Why create tokens in the first place if you're going to burn them?
The only effect is you artificially reduce the supply.

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And to make matters worse, they're talking about "circulating supply".
Meaning they're going to burn tokens now, and then release tokens from the non-circulating supply later.


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So how much did they buy back? It only says they bought a large amount and will burn 1 mill.

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They bough 2M will burn 1M and are using 500k for a learn and earn campaign

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Because only 26M tokens are in circulation. Just like any other fucking project out there, there are tokens out of circulation 25M of them will never be in circulation as they are stuck in a loop between owner wallet, client wallets and validation wallet. The team has 5M token fund locked for 5 years and their big ICO whale had 7M. They made a deal with him to buy back the tokens over the next few years to remove unpredictability of a massive whale dump

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You literally make no sense. Of course they burn tokens, just like many projects out there to increase scarcity of the asset. No idea what is so hard to understand. V-ID is legit as they come.

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>to increase scarcity of the asset
Like printing money to artificially increase the supply of money.
How are you not understanding this?

So why would they burn any tokens?

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Wrong. The tokens were owned by the private investor. Nothing was artificially created or destroyed. Here is a link to the telegram b/c it seems like you are confused. t.me/vidtoken

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>Nothing was artificially destroyed.
So they didn't burn the tokens?

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Answer me: >>13912154

Seems like you're the one who's confused.

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>what are share repurchases
>what is valuation and mcap

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2019 biz in nutshell falling for every scam in book but to be so retarded to think this is bullish!!!! HAHAHAHAH MY TIES

Burn Circulating Supply to pump up price so you can dump your bags (2x Circulating Supply in team hands)


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you know your shitcoin is a scam when it plays fuck-fuck games with token buyback and burn to get attention

ride the bump then gtfo

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>They printed 64 milion rc20 tokens
>They burn xx amount
>Nothing was artificially created or destroyed LOL

Bonus is all fgrom project who literally does not need token or any tekonomic shananigans

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No you know your project is shitcoin and scam when it uses crypto/biz lingo


fucking crynge!!!!!

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What does any of that have to do with burning tokens being a scam tactic?

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Aren't Token Burns™ a thing, because it introduces less volatility, by incentivizing long term investors to get in early and keep to keep their investment for a while?

It's a dividend model. Why are dividend a thing?

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It's a completely arbitrary and artificial way of "make money go up now".

>hey guy'ze, we just "burned" a bunch of tokens, so the tokens you have just became rarer for some reason!

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Last time I saw something fudded this hard it was LINK. Thanks for the signal biz. I will take a look at V-ID.

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Shaking because you’re a drug and cock addict?

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Binance burn tokens every quarter and look at the result. BNB at ATH.

Only an idiot would think this is a bad thing.

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I mean, if you assign a certain amount value to something, and suddenly, there is less of that thing - of course that assigned value is going to increase, because it was valuated on how scarce that thing was to begin with?

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It's a completely artificial way of reducing supply.

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>Last time I saw something fudded this hard it was LINK
Did you faggot just compare a project that's trying to solve the oracle problem with a business that hashes files and sends them to the blockchain?
Are you this desperate?

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What is the point that you are trying to make? I don't understand why artificially reducing the circulating supply is bad practice.

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Ofc its fucking scam but bnb is scam on idustry level just because some idesx 0 liquidity shitcoin does it dosent mean its going to pump

>tf. its gona PAMP anyway desu because its idex shitcoin shiled on biz at start of bullamrket but that was not point of arguments....


Nice metric!
I fuded like madman bitconect, confido and substratum before you usould check them out!

Just fuded ftm claming tis not next eth to tech illiterate monekys and go grab a bag to while at it

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If someone publicly names project "whale shrinker" you can bet your ass they are calling they project "dumping on retards" in private

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No one wastes their time and energy to comment on posts they are invested in. You probably sold and dont want this to moon again so you can feel good with your decision. Its ok just buy back its ok.

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he's making the point that the token is not needed, they can burn the whole supply and it would pump temporarily but then the price will drop because it is shit and deserves to stay at shit marketcap.

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>You probably sold
true, made x4 on this
>so you can feel good with your decision
I'm not an npc bud
>Its ok just buy back its ok.
the pnd is over, why the fuck would I do something this stupid when harmony is just around the corner

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Is this some coordinated FUD?

Great contributions to the conversation we were having.

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Why would anyone shit out X amount of tokens, knowing they're going to start deleting batches of those tokens?
What functionality does this provide, other than "hurr token is now rarer so price go more up"?

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You are bumping us continually thank you.

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I would assume that this is a good model for generating income early on for your business, where the model also becomes lucrative for early investors, since they had a chance to acumulate early.

You are essentially just buying shares in an idea. As a reward for investing early with a long-term mindst, your shares appreciate in value (if the idea is successful)

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Don't forget the ability to convert tokens to equity in 2020. Yes you are buying shares into an idea real ones.

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Why do you want it to have some sort of functionality?

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Because the point is that tactics that serve ONLY to increase the price, are artificial and scammy.

Like Rolex buying back unsold stock and destroying them to keep up the illusion of scarcity.

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I love this thread, shitcoin that is not even needed got totally destroyed by based /biz/raelies.

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Would you say that tactic works for Rolex - and are they really big bad scammers for doing this?

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If this were actually confirmed and not just a rumor, it would be devastating for Rolex.

Shitter brands like from the Richemont group do this, and they're shitters for a reason.

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Well, I know for a fact that Nike does this with their shoes, and that works really well for them. I guess it's a Free market tactic?

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you increase shareholder value by burning tokens......... imbeciles REEEE

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Because they can't get those shoes sold and they have to do something with them.

If you're burning tokens, why did you create them in the first place?
The ONLY reason to burn tokens, is to artificially reduce supply.

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No, Nike actively acquires certain models back, to create scarcity (especially limited edition variants)

I get it, you are here to FUD - not really to have a discussion.

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I honestly don’t understand how /biz/ can still think this is a scam... They have a working product and paying customers. You can confirm both of these with very minimal research.

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People want their buys to be filled before fud turns to shilling power

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You'll have to source that one, bucko.

Their official narrative is that they only do it with unsold stock.
Nike is engaging in the opposite of scarcity, pumping out new Jordans to the point of saturation.

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Any coin that tweets dollar signs next to their name is a scam

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Its the token symbol
Educate yourself

And the "hashtag" is not only used for twitter its also used for numbers

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It's not an illusion of scarcity retard, it would actually make their stock more scarce and increase the value or remaining shares. How is that a bad thing for your shareholders? Comapnaies do things to increase the value for.their share holders. Since VIDT will be tradeable for a security token next year, this is exactly what they're doing.

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Alright, I can't really provide you with any articles, but I have immediate family that works in Nike CS, and here is how they do it:

Every time a new shoe comes out, Nike knows that there are loads (and I mean a ton), of individuals and agencies, especially in Asia, that have scripts set up to buy large quantities of shoes. They do this since Nike doesen't launch the same products in Asia that they do in the rest of the world.

Nike, knowingly, actually let's them do this. The point of this, is that Nike can actually claim these shoes back during the delivery process, because systematic reselling of their products is not allowed. As you might have guessed, this is just an excuse to claim the shoes back. Most of these shoes never see the light of day again. They are simply removed from circulation - "burned" if you will. This is done to increase the hype around their brand (The currency that appreciates in this case).

I had to go somewhere else, hence new ID.

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I went years not knowing that thanks anon

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this is a nikethread now

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June 1st

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