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Now that the US treasury bond yield curve is inverted, how long before a recession? Can a rate cut save the economy this time? Will we see negative interest rates or just 0 percent when we crash? I even read the Fed may literally put money in some people's accounts this time around as a form of stimulus how likely is this?

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one year to a year and a half before recession. no. no idea. not likely as this really a last resort and kinda has big effects on the belief in the banking system.

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Is it really unlikely though? Most of Yurop has negative interest rates and have had them for years now.

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i can see by your spelling you are the same anon who posted about the yield curve yesterday. it's true isn't it. Rates are negative for deposito credits only in EU but not for long anymore. i'm guessing max ending of 2019.

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you say negative interest rates in euroistan won't last but if the US economy crashes so does theirs most likely, making negative interest rates likely

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Negative Interest rates aren't going to work.

The moment the banks start charging 2% to hold people's money in their own banks, people will ditch Fiat for Cryptocurrency.

GG Federal Reserve.

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I h8 ron paul, that crazy boomer fuck.

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I don’t know about a rescission, but you’re not getting a rate cut. It will likely stay put and not decrease or increase.

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and ron paul hates you

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