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Hello frens. I would like to apologize for my inaccurate estimates of LINK being ~2.00 USD right now.

My metrics were wrong due to not expecting FUD from a chainklink adviser and the blog post being delayed

My analytics are formed from pure TA and then I add an "emotional weighting multiplier" for each TA equation for my analysis...

I could have never imagined an "Adviser" FUD'ing the project this close to mainnet or Sir Gay pussy footing with his blog which completely flipped my emotional TA multiplier

I apologize if I've steered anyone wrong or they feel like I led them in the wrong direction

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Where do you see it going this week, fren? Should we buy in before mainnet now or wait it out?

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what happens now

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No need to apologise anon, we all know that anyone that makes price predictions is a fucking retard from the outset. Might as well try and pick the winning lottery numbers.

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what will the blog post say? Big names dropping? Or just boring tech shit nobody cares about?

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I'm not going to lie. I have two windows open in my custom trading app. One is to sale all my LINK for USDT and one is tell sale all my other crypto to buy LINK. It all depends on the result of the blog post

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if this is important to you then sell now and never buy back in. If you've just bought in for "muh big announcement" and then plan on moving on to another shitcoin then sell now and never buy back in.

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oh wow you mean not even a namefag can predict the future? Holy shit stop the press this is news to me.

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this right here!
happy larping you dickhead OP. newfrens and pajeets love you

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no worries you don't matter in our picture anyways bud :^)

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I bet the blog post is gonna blow us all out of the water in a good way. Pun intended.
>that she blows

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Your right, but I still can't believe the CL team has fucked up PR this bad this past week and I'm drunk for the first time in 2 years im so pissed and annoyed

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Your metrics were wrong because you can't predict the future you fucking homo

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If they know their blog post will pump the price, why wouldn't they wait to post it when they lunch the network?

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damn bruh. what's the sell signal?

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>Your metrics were wrong because you can't predict the future you fucking homo

right, I never would have prediected the CL team was so fucking stupid

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That advisor was just a s o i b o i nobody.

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Shut up you German faggot

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Hudson admitted he was wrong in the community Telegram. What a fag.

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>damn bruh. what's the sell signal?
The buy or sell signal is the blog

>That advisor was just a s o i b o i nobody.
soi boi nobodys can fuck with the market by 30 million dollars +

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How rudimentary is your understanding of Chainlink if you think what that faggot said means anything at all, except for an opportunity to shake off some newfags with a retarded fud frenzy?

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>Hudson admitted he was wrong in the community Telegram. What a fag.
too late for the price though. I'm honestly it recovered as much as it did. You guys have no idea how much he fucked the market cap of LINK with his retarded tweet

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Chainlink: Remove this piece of shit as an advisor.

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totally understandable what happened, threw me off too, we need a decently bullish blogpost to go to that $2.00

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>How rudimentary is your understanding of Chainlink if you think what that faggot said means anything at all, except for an opportunity to shake off some newfags with a retarded fud frenzy?

You have no idea how the market works

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ngl i market sold all my link after that fagboi tweeted that

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What info would you see as a buy signal in the blog post?

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literally nothing. just sell as soon as its posted becuase the price will dump hard.

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No I don't. Which is why I bought in 2017 and am holding past 2020.
Incidentally you have no idea either, but by deluding yourself that you do, you can string along newfags and retards who like to hear bedtime stories.

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been thinking that perhaps a securities lawyer-counsel advised against THE blogpost before mainnet.

Do you have a way to analyze daily volume to cut out exchange bots and gauge organic interest.

Any opinions on OMG and 0xbtc as holds after hot/link.

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Satoshi will make ALL the announcements May 31st. Swimming against this current will be futile.

During the fireside chat with Jimmy, Craig will lay the foundations for all of his extraordinary claims, which will include posting independently-verifiable documents and evidence addressing some of the false allegations that have been leveled, and transferring bitcoin from an early block.

There will be extraordinary proof that can be independently validated regarding the Segwit flaw. Similarly, Craig will also discuss the fundamental flaws with privacy coins, such as Zcash & Monero. This will effectively kill "privacy coins" as Craig will show you that it is basically as private as running through Times Square with your pants around your ankles.

Craig will also expose the pure fraud that is binance. He will discuss how these bucket shop exchanges are all squarely within the realm of US control. To say so is not a mere assertion, ‘.com’ domains have been considered to come under US territory for decades now. It is well tested in law. All major exchanges, including Coinbase, will be immediately forced to remove the bitcoin moniker from BTC/BCH/BTG/BTCP and all the other scam forks that have deviated from the whtiepaper. This will all be legally enforceable by his recent copyright approval.

During a Q&A Dr. Wright will also be asked about the court proceedings vs Kleiman's estate. At this point he will reveal irrefutable proof that the TulipTrust is in fact real and the accurate name that Satoshi gave to his enormous stash of bitcoins. Craig will demonstrate how he will take sole possession of the TulipTrust in 2020 once the contract reaches maturity.

Listen, I genuinely care about Anons well being. Cryptoscammers have been trying their hardest to suppress the coingreek conference bcuz On May 31 there will be a sea of red across the board, with the exception of one coin that will rise from the red ashes like a phoenix. That coin is original bitcoin BSV.

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>holds after link.
There is no "after link".

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Yeah I'm sure he feels so much regret after swinging all of his links and buying back in for cheap

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>been thinking that perhaps a securities lawyer-counsel advised against THE blogpost before mainnet.
I did consider this, but they should have made an announcement.

>Do you have a way to analyze daily volume to cut out exchange bots and gauge organic interest.
organic interest is very high, very little bots

>Any opinions on OMG and 0xbtc as holds after hot/link.
no opinion. I am having difficulty keeping up with things tbqh

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someone is open market dumping massive chunks of link lol

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someone is cashing out to go all in holo why u chumps are bagholders lmfao

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wrong trip. fake.
check the archives.

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Would love to know your opinion
Adelyn went to Harvard
Sergey is clearly highly intelligent
Why the spelling mistakes?
The clumsy marketing?
The missing blogpost?
I'm all in but I wonder sometimes what the hell they are doing.

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to what range are we dumping if a dump happens? somehow i can't see this dumping down too far if there's more organic interest than before.

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nope, it's him

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who the fuck cares about short term price fluctuations, we're all going to be rich months from now anyway (those of us with strong hands at least)

you know it if you've read the white paper and understood it

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>Would love to know your opinion
>Adelyn went to Harvard
>Sergey is clearly highly intelligent
>Why the spelling mistakes?
>The clumsy marketing?
>The missing blogpost?
>I'm all in but I wonder sometimes what the hell they are doing.

Too much of a hurry for any "surface level" shit. My biggest complaint from clients over the years is that I get a product to 99% but can't deliver somethign glossy....so I can relate to the sentiment

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this is incredible... i'm watching live as CSW is onstage in front of an audience of 2000 literally getting SLAMMED in the butt by the living embodiment of 0xBitcoin. never thought i would see this happen with my own eyes

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You're a faggot

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I have alarms set to go off to wake me up in my house for the blog post. If it's shit, i'm dumping. I'm on FUD alert x 100000 because of the attitude in telegram and the fucking Adviser tbqh, i hope im wrong

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retard. let me know tell you if you think youre gonna "RICH" in a few months from now youre delusional.

>> No.13887693

Isn't that fud just short term though?
The long term is total moon potential
Why would Gonser be on board otherwise?

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>they should have made an announcement.
Seriously, how new are you to this project?

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i heard you had to go in hiding. true or nah

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>Isn't that fud just short term though?
This is a fickle fucking market. 95+% is based on whale movement and normie emotional movement

>> No.13887709

True. You should sell whole stack - market sell right now please.

>> No.13887710

This fucking lardball looks like mayo in a condom

Get this clown out of here

>> No.13887713

any point in just buying now before shit hits the fan either way?

>> No.13887714

whalekiller advice is for filthy swinglinkers

>> No.13887717

>Seriously, how new are you to this project?
I never expected them to be so tone def during the most imporatant week

>i heard you had to go in hiding. true or nah
I was getting bombarded with pm's and interview requets on twitter

>> No.13887723

Serious question
Do you think "the shirt" has negatively impacted this project? Should he dress more professionally?

>> No.13887734

I would never swing a link. I hold forever. Never sell.

>> No.13887735

what did you say about Holo earlier? I missed that thread

>> No.13887742

Important for traders/speculators they have never cared for or catered to.

>> No.13887746

>Do you think "the shirt" has negatively impacted this project? Should he dress more professionally?
I'm a boomer so I think he dresses like a fucking idiot but then, yall'd make fun of me in my fitted suit and cowboy boots

>> No.13887761

HOLO is my short/mid pic after LINK

>> No.13887762

>I never expected them to be so tone def during the most imporatant week
has it occured to you that they don't care about neets trying to make money off their project? their interest is in the technology, not us. sergey is a philosopher, he's probably disgusted by us anyway

>> No.13887768

Do we know when the blogpost will be coming out?

>> No.13887770

For every TA fag being correct in a prediction there are two wrong ones.

>> No.13887773

Hey OP. Thinkin bout buying some Link. Should I wait til after blog post?

>> No.13887787

when is the blog?

>> No.13887803

>very little bots
Lmao extremely naive. You obviously weren't here in March 2018.

Take a look at the volume in early 2018 and I'll give you a little secret big boy.

>> No.13887805

>has it occured to you that they don't care about neets trying to make money off their project? their interest is in the technology, not us. sergey is a philosopher, he's probably disgusted by us anyway
When you accept 100's of million in capital, you are part of the cog in the capitalistic wheel and no philosophical delusion can let you escape that...I have a degree in both philosophy and physics so can psuedo circle jerk about this all night

yes, TA is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is emotion which I can equate for somewhat accurately except for when the CL team fucks up this bad with fudding their own shit

I'd have your finger on the buy or sale button while refreshing blog.chain.link

>> No.13887816

When I say very little bots, I refer to bots that make a difference in price, not ones just swinging

>> No.13887848

Incorrect, but keep testing your luck.

Woof woof

>> No.13887854

OP can you summarize what exactly in the blogpost will make you sell/buy

Please assume I'm retarded

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It's amazing what the power of autism can accomplish. Link has no use, solves no problems, has no innovative tech. It actually blows my mind what people with autism can do with their parents money.

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the only positive, albeit deluded explanation for the complete lack of PR is that the partnerships are true and there will be great market demand day 1. From my POV Sergey sorta alluded to the need for immediate demand at the NYC OpenLaw meetup

>> No.13887890

>OP can you summarize what exactly in the blogpost will make you sell/buy
If no blog or shitty blog, im selling and rebuying the dip and resaling later. Never thought i'd swing link but if they are fucking their own project this bad, then im taking advantage of it

I don't believe the above will be the case, but it's smart to think about the possibility based off of the actions of the CL team the past 10 days

>> No.13887906

hi op. what do you think link will be worth a year from now on? thank you

>> No.13887923

go away fag we’re past price predictions you either believe in the tech or sell early

>> No.13887936

Oh he thinks Sergey gives a flying fuck what non-institutional investors think! How precious! Naww sweetie ;)

>> No.13887939

>hi op. what do you think link will be worth a year from now on? thank you

more than $2.00 but am drunk and pissed off and annoyed. Too many variables right now. Need at least afew weeeks of data after this cluster fuck to even start thinking. My models have been shitted on so fucking god dma bad

>> No.13887940

Either $1000 or 0. No in between.

>> No.13887943

Chris Sacca?

>> No.13887946

Oh go fuck yourself dude, just market sell all your link and stop using a fucking trip, fag.

>> No.13887949

wtf is this emotional ta multiplier. how do you measure overall market sentiment and convert it into a number.

>> No.13887951

>Oh he thinks Sergey gives a flying fuck what non-institutional investors think! How precious! Naww sweetie ;)

This is the real world with real stakes fren,

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I mean why would you, its a bunch of autistic neets

>> No.13887963

hes larping

>> No.13887965

Hudson isn’t part of the team. He’s an advisor. You’re overreacting.

>> No.13887980

The amount of pink wojaks posted on /biz/ per hour

>> No.13887981

Yeh the real world is Sergey delivering an enterprise grade solution to his enterprise grade clients. Not some guy with trading models. He doesn’t give a fuck about you and he shouldn’t.

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Retarded post.

>> No.13888000

Based and reasonpilled. I’m a fanatic about link, but gotta be real here. Might be time to tether up.

>> No.13888003

>Oh go fuck yourself dude, just market sell all your link and stop using a fucking trip, fag.
not a chance

LINK follows basic TA better than any coin/token out there when you add on multiplier at pivotal moments or suspected pivotal moments

>Hudson isn’t part of the team. He’s an advisor. You’re overreacting.

He's a useless fuck but hit twitter post had huge impact on the market, downstream effects are very real

You people forget I'm in this shit for the little guy and am primarily concered about the little guy getting fud'ed out because of manipulators

>> No.13888009

This. You could never have imagined it which is why you are unironically not going to make it because you and every disgusting khv neet in here all have blinders on

>> No.13888038

It’s not. The team is top notch.

>> No.13888045

You are a histrionic bitch you fucking kook. Some kinda crypto SJW who thinks she's our savior fighting the good fight trying to save us? Falling off the wagon and crying. Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.13888064

Consider the fact that perhaps those faggot whales are fucking with you because you openly disclosed your targets. You're overreacting. Cool off for tonight and come back here later.

Also chase a dip, never swing a LINK.

>> No.13888076

thanks OP I'm a little guy send me some link

>> No.13888103

>the blogpost is the last chance of us whales to accumulate cheap linkies from last moment hedgers or swinglinkers, the more we delay it the more weakhanded you get and the more cheap linkies for us, why would we be in a hurry to release it. If you were in our position would you be in a hurry to release it?
>chainlink will never be this cheap again, this is the last chance to accumulate in one dollar range
>after blogpost link will always be cemented as a legit as fuck project

>> No.13888106


>He's not part of the team. He's an advisor.

You don't see how fucking retarded that is?

Maybe it's an overreaction for someone like you who might lose $30 when this fat fuck who obviously isn't doing much for the team says something that will go in the Link FUD hall of fame days before mainnet release, but some of us have actual money invested in Link.

>> No.13888126

>believe in tech
suck a dick you normie scum. i wanna dump this scam of token on deluded retards like you. thanks for making me rich

>> No.13888138

>whales surpress the price of chainlink below $1
>whalekiller shows up and says he will fight the bots to push link past $1, at the cost of his own stack
>whales stop suppressing the price, link goes past $1, and whalekiller gains trust
>whalekiller makes price predictions ($2), giving hope and euphoria to link holders
>whales let the price grow, then dump and push the price down
>whalekiller pretends to be nervous, saying that he is ready to market sell at any moment, those who trust him now feel the same
>whales orchestrate one final dump to shake out weak hands and increase their stacks
>dump is supported by retail investors who think that insiders know something about the blogpost that they don't
>blogpost releases, swift, docusign, microsoft all confirmed to be data providers
>link moons and whales rejoice

>> No.13888140

pls respond whalekiller. any point in just buying now before shit hits the fan either way?

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If Craig has patents, and LINK moves to BSV, will tokens be useless since they'll just use fees?

>> No.13888174

Very possible.

B-but these digits...

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big brain

>> No.13888177

Checked, whalekiller said he used his whole stack pushing link through 1$, suddenly he has a stack again right before mainnet lol

>> No.13888178

>pls respond whalekiller. any point in just buying now before shit hits the fan either way?
keep freshing their blog page, buy on good news, sale on bad news

>> No.13888183

>remember goys, I'm in this fight to protect the little guys
fucking kek

>> No.13888190


>> No.13888191

I don't trust this whale killer guy desu
Think about it, if you had 150k link why would you sacrifice it to get link above $1 when it would have gone over $1 eventually anyway?
>here let me burn 100k+ so the charts can look good

>> No.13888199

This is a possible scenario. The same as AB's scenario of $3 in May. Have you noticed the pattern? Some tripfag comes and turns the ship around in terms of sentiment but the opposite is what happens. AB's scenario left a huge group of bagholders for 1 year an now, Whalekiller's "market sell everything" will leave a group o suicides behind. Don't retarded. Nothing changed. Don't sell your golden ticket for pennies.

>> No.13888206

How do I know what is good news or bad news?

>> No.13888210

you're a poor faggot and will never make it, so please dump your 5k link faggot

>> No.13888219

Does this make you doubt the project?

>> No.13888220


God, I wish you fucking faggots would all die. There is NO fucking way any of you fucks have a triple digit IQ.

>> No.13888221

you have been one of the better larps as of late
at least you arent a massive faggot
and i thank you for that

>> No.13888240


you spoiled it, it was the final shakeout to kill all the redditors and newfags, you dumb fuck, only oldfags can sustain a shakeout like the one that will come

>> No.13888241

check em boys iron hands lads

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K but why can't anyone answer the question?

>> No.13888265

what time is the blogpost

>> No.13888273


>> No.13888286

Because your question is as retarded as asking "What if the US dollar moved to Korea?"

>> No.13888288

Strap in!

>> No.13888294

It depressed me how thick most were being about your motivation to move fractals up in a timely manner

>> No.13888309


>it depresses me that the goys are doubtful oy gevalt

>> No.13888312

>Does this make you doubt the project?
It does give me a lot of fud honestly, and I hope im wrong

I took a huge leap battling for this project but also, many people followed me after the fact, and I have to sleep with burden of people following me if LINK was ultimately wrong. And that's why I'm drinking for the first night in a year

>> No.13888316

right on the money. pumps us (unnaturally, doing no one a favor, basically like printing tether) then spreads FUD


>> No.13888319

No it's not stupid fuck. Tell me why they'd still need the token when fees are much better.

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>Whalekiller never responds to any conspiracy posts pointing him out as trying to buy up newfag links

Never trust niggers
Never trust kikes
Never trust jannies
Never trust whales

>> No.13888326

Sober up and get your shit together, you write like a completely different person. The whale killer last week would never swing.

>> No.13888332

whalekiller, stop posting on mobile. the jig is up faggot

>> No.13888346

yup, he doesnt know how to address it. NOW he'll start responding to them though

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>> No.13888366

Opinion on FTM?

>> No.13888370

>Sober up and get your shit together, you write like a completely different person. The whale killer last week would never swing.
I'm sorry fren, it's a rough night for me

>> No.13888384

Are you serious?

>> No.13888387

You sound like the biggest weakhanded swinglink faggot in existence when you are drunk lol, never get drunk again, swinglink faggot

>> No.13888402


>> No.13888406
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Checked, whalekiller confirmed for fraudulent charlatan

>> No.13888411


>> No.13888412
File: 390 KB, 1125x1125, frens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks fren.

Should I buy some Chainlink right now, just as insurance?

Your a good guy.

>> No.13888413

basically if you wanted to steal LINK from us, you should've started this way earlier. if you had several months of trust built, your scam could've worked

>> No.13888420
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>You people forget I'm in this shit for the little guy
You're a piece of shit and it makes me happy you got justed

>> No.13888430

I thought you was a link marine. We don’t sell

>> No.13888432

>You sound like the biggest weakhanded swinglink faggot in existence when you are drunk lol, never get drunk again, swinglink faggot
I believe in link fren, I just highly worry about the markets reaction and the shockwave that comes after, even if it's only for a short term. The wealthy will weather it just fine, but I only worry about those with few linkis

>> No.13888433

good news
>it was true. all of it.
bad news
>same powerpoint presentation in blog form

>> No.13888439
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NOT AT $10, NOT AT $100, NOT AT $1000, NOT EVEN AT $10000


>> No.13888450

>I thought you was a link marine. We don’t sell
1000x saleing is more than enough

>> No.13888468


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File: 195 KB, 720x759, 20190528_223119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The wealthy will weather it just fine, but I only worry about those with few linkis

you're such a piece of shit

>> No.13888485

>answering anything seriously about BSV and craig, a literal faggot and fraud
yeah no I don't enable retards

>> No.13888528

I fucking knew it! WhaleKiller is trying to gain our trust to convince us to sell right before liftoff. He is a whale himself. He was the one manipulating the price. Beware frens, I have been following him since the first thread. Something is not right...

>> No.13888529

absolutely based sherlockpost

>> No.13888541

he has never once told us to sell until this thread where he told us to "sell the news".

>> No.13888550

I accused him of this in another thread, and he said something like “i would never tell you to sell, thats not the true linkmarine way” or some shit. Yet here he is getting ready to tell us to sell. He is, at very least, a confirmed liar. Be cautious marines.

>> No.13888560
File: 105 KB, 746x512, pepe-transparent-hug-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe that you genuinely care for the little guy and want to help people with serious advice. Hopefully we'll all be a little better off because of you Whalekiller

>> No.13888565

Yeah, no shit. He wont tell us to sell until right before it fucking explodes and we get left behind.

>> No.13888576

This. This guy beat me to it.

>> No.13888581 [DELETED] 


>> No.13888599

Right!!! That’s what I’m tryning to say. This whole thread is a act to scare ppl into selling

>> No.13888602
File: 218 KB, 220x242, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this infuriates me. fucker quickly tries to gain our trust just to steal our stacks. some of us are seriously poor and impoverished. some marines will seriously end it if they dont make it. i am irate. this is going to be harder than i thought. but this proves our "never swing a LINK" mantra should become absolute law.

>> No.13888604
File: 77 KB, 653x590, 1558404269583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me know tell you if you gonna think it be 1K


>> No.13888606

hes drunk.

>> No.13888613

Whalekiller, why don't you just come out and say that it's going to dump?

>> No.13888625

I will never sell were going to the moon

>> No.13888668

Or this could be part of the plan to shake out weakhands to recover as much Link as possible. What a coincidence this guy opens his mouth after a year and a half and suddenly drops fud right before mainnet. I am not selling, you are not getting my stack.

>> No.13888680

That makes no difference. This was carefully orchestrated since the first thread. He and his whale friends are going to dump the price HARD. He will give us some bullshit about how its over and going to zero, using the trust he has gained from us so far. People will believe him, they will sell, and the price will go to the fucking moon. Mark my words.

>> No.13888722
File: 44 KB, 400x204, 1500656261060.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Link Colonel here

You will never get our stacks you grubby fuck. Link Marines will NEVER sell in the face of the enemy!

>> No.13888725

because its not gonna dump. He just wants your stack.

>> No.13888761

Be warned, it still could dump. He is going to use the dump to scare you into panic selling.

>> No.13888775
File: 2.57 MB, 3024x4032, EEF2AFC7-E881-4E47-B672-31AB2E45633D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t trust a fucking whale. They give less shits about the small guy. Whales eat the small fish to survive!!!

>> No.13888790

all this whale shit, sounds like uncle oldfag, astro tier larp.

>> No.13888797

A likely COA. This should be required reading for any nulinker.

I have 2 close friends that run one of the crypto-hedge funds in SF. I always ask their opinion on projects. Early on everyone knew CL/SC was legit. One quoted me as, "solid AF" regarding CL.

The but here is that every other legitimate token (based in the US, this doesn't apply to incompetent projects like Dadi or ShipChain) from late mid 2018 to early 2019 was steadily accumulated by these people, largely based in SF.

It's not just individual whales, it's also a lot of these firms that have been playing what is called the binance shuffle over the course of over a year.

Where else do you think there's even the remote possibility of some individual allegedly upsetting bot trading that was "suppressing" the price below 1USD?

>> No.13888798
File: 218 KB, 2048x2048, E721AAF5-5960-4FA5-BD30-23CB91714811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you, you clout chasing larping faggot. You never posted pictures of your setup even when asked repeatedly. The only thing you did was correctly guess there would be strong resistance at $1. MY BRAINDEAD VEGETABLE GRANDMA HAS MADE LESS OBVIOUS STATEMENTS. And here you go again with the next phase of your shitlarp. Trying to fud mainnet by saying that you will sell your link if the blog ends up being a disappoint. How about you quit dancing around the question which many in this thread have asked. What in your eyes would the blog post need in order to not be a “disappointment”?


>> No.13888817

If this whalekiller fellow's goal was to cause a dump, he has failed miserably, chainlink has stayed above a dollar thus far.

>> No.13888821

absolutely based marines arriving in force to btfo this faggot larper. every one of you lads WILL make it

>> No.13888845

I unironically only invest in projects lead by white men

>> No.13888857

Whales eat motes of dust.
>To spite ahab, you cheer for the murderous white whale. The whaler doesn't feed and alighten the peasant. The whales do!
This is all so tiresome.

>> No.13888862
File: 278 KB, 1241x1532, fack u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Back then you said you didnt care if you lost money in link because you had a comfy job and had already made it. Why the fuck would you sell then?

Fuck off faggot larpet

>> No.13888865
File: 559 KB, 640x640, 1557104673310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


$1000 EO 2020

>> No.13888872

Die whale wannabe! $1000 EOY

>> No.13888877

(Or they eat giant squid)

>> No.13888898

He probably lost LINK swinging and is trying to get back in

>> No.13888903

He said he was a boomer ITT. Did he ever come off like a boomer this past week? To me he did not.

>> No.13888907


>> No.13888914
File: 62 KB, 840x544, 1558193768588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's more like there's a jewish whale pretending to be a white whale to be honest

>> No.13888938

I'd also recommend looking into which VC and hedge fund firms in SF invested into SC/CL.

They're a likely source for your whake groups.

>> No.13888959

more larp lol, bigwigs in suits are not signing into binance to buy monopoly money

>> No.13888981


What's the big idea with this "blog" that's supposed to come. Didn't Sergay already do a post a week ago about all the possible CL uses?

>> No.13888992

Your previous post was already good enough to discredit anything further you have to say.

>> No.13889024

this post is late, but you are so full of shit
>You people forget I'm in this shit for the little guy and am primarily concered about the little guy getting fud'ed out because of manipulators
meanwhile you are actively violently FUDing you fucking enormous faggot, damn and i thought you were cool

>> No.13889036

we need to put all swinglinkers on an island then set place on fire

>> No.13889049

This has got to be the first time someone apologizes for his price prediction in /biz/.
Relax, if anyone was stupid enough to take your estimate as a word of god and then blame you for it being false, he wouldn't be able to make it in any case.

>> No.13889052


What's the tweet? I've been out of the loop.

>> No.13889061

Yes yes, Madagascar. It's been proposed many times.

>> No.13889099
File: 274 KB, 2035x1360, KEdh5NB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fact that the vast majority of oldfags left/a shitton of newfags joined biz is the reason why a low quality larp like you exists today, and it's the most bearish thing since hardcore 2017 FUD for link. 90% of you will be shaken out from mainnet till the end of June, you won't understand/handle what's coming if you haven't lurked everyday for the past 2 years. Fucking screencap this.

>> No.13889137
File: 3.96 MB, 1367x2048, 11C6BA34-9CE9-487C-B38E-7DDE04F75144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sergey doesn’t communicate often in social media or internet channels. His main focus has been speaking frankly at conferences and developer meetups, so when he speaks publicly to the community (linkpilled marines included), its not a normal event. Add in the fact that mainnet is only days away with (potential) additional big name partners revealed who will start using the network and you have some excited stinkies. That means under no circumstances should you sell your linkies until after the 30th, IMO.
t. Top 200 link wallet

>> No.13889141

If you don't see what this LARPer is doing, then you are an absolute newfag brainlet low IQ retard and you'll unironically never make it.

>> No.13889174

This. Nobody even gets my pls buy Mobius shitposts anymore.

>> No.13889195

Anon please make a throwaway somewhere I can reach you, I'm fucking disgusted of nubiz and want an actually meaningful conversation about link

>> No.13889233

What is this larper doing?

>> No.13889249

have you questioned whether the hudson fud was organic? that level of negligence is insane at such a crucial moment in shaping the market sentiment.

>> No.13889306

claiming to be the anti-fud jesus of LINK marines while fudding as hard as anyone ever could (effect magnified 100x because of proximity to mainnet), thus, he was likely a fraud from the beginning attempting to win trust so that nulinkers would follow his bear call right now, giving him cheap linkies on the subsequent dump

>> No.13889307

>That makes no difference. This was carefully orchestrated since the first thread. He and his whale friends are going to dump the price HARD. He will give us some bullshit about how its over and going to zero, using the trust he has gained from us so far. People will believe him, they will sell, and the price will go to the fucking moon. Mark my words.
negative faggot, im gaining nothing from this god damn shit show

>> No.13889323

Take into account that these kiddos are even unironically expecting something like the reputation or penalty contract tomorrow (if they know what they are) and for sure they never heard the term 'simplified mainnet', if the value of link would've be dictated by the education of its nuhodlers it would be wiped out of existence in months. Luckily we have tokenomics
>the hudson fud
My god, please stop breathing

>> No.13889339

All the good will you amassed was reduced to ashes with this fucking thread. You don't even sound like the same person which means that the immediate result it people not believing a word you say from now on. You're passing the image of an unstable mess dude. Your time in the limelight is over.

>> No.13889340

I choose to believe you. I probably won't swing it though as I always fuck it up. Don't let these posters put you down. Also please don't make a habit of getting drunk whenever you're feeling down either.

>> No.13889353

literally nothing hudson said was even wrong

>> No.13889362

>You don't even sound like the same person which means that the immediate result it people not believing a word you say from now on.
Don't care, I tell the truth

>> No.13889365

Lair you know what you got yourself into. No one with large amount of money is doing this much for nothing...

>> No.13889384

This. He fucked up a few other aspects as well which is why I'm surprised he didn't hit the reset button with a new tripfag yet. This board immediately started memeing that Hudson was responsible for the dump. It's about as accurate as saying Chinese new year caused the dump last year. The dump comes when the biggest holders want it to. Aside from very very very early sentiments this board does not control as much as it tries to give itself credit for.

>> No.13889387

>nothing hudson said was even wrong
but that's the fud

>> No.13889391

I gain nothing from this and at this rate, no one is gaining anything. You are right, it looks like it was a waste

>> No.13889396

how do you turbo autists not get that what Hudson said was medical grade FUD? The market doesn't get that he was just being a pedantic faggot, and no he's not technically* wrong, but he also never clarified that they solved it as much as it matters for smart contracts to work in the real world for everything useful

>> No.13889404

Hey nigger today I'm bored af, you're a post away from getting doxed for good and biz will take care of the rest like a clockwork. You fucked up when you opted for the (((most secure))) tripcode, that second exclamation mark will be the last nail in your coffin. This is my first and last post, make your move

>> No.13889412

>I tell the truth
You tell your "truth". Nobody knows what the fuck is gonna happen. You're just trying to spread fud which goes directly against what your persona was trying to accomplish. You even said that swinglinkers would swing on a rope and now...you're saying you're gonna market sell...those 2 propositions don't work together. No way around it, you're a fag. Nobody should listen to a word you say.

>> No.13889416
File: 239 KB, 1127x151, wk0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As someone who is retarded and sort of bought into the WhaleKiller larp before, FUCK this kike. Never selling.

>> No.13889419
File: 174 KB, 617x1280, creatine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it was the hudson fud and i'm the victim cause i sacrificed my entire LINK stack and financial freedom to help autists on a mongolian basket weaving forum
hahahahahaah WHO EVEN BELIEVES THIS SHIT hahahahahaha i remember when LINK larps were high IQ and entertaining
>pic very much related

>> No.13889424

i'm curious

>> No.13889425

Checked sir.

t. Major

>> No.13889429

Ahhh the first brainlet's mainnet, how sweet

>> No.13889434


>> No.13889465

Thank you for posting this. Guys investigate now? These whales can cause serious damage

>> No.13889519

Where is the best place to buy chainlink?

>> No.13889520

You told us you lost 100k, why sudenly too negative ? You are okay flushing down 100k and you have rough night because price is not 1,4 but 1,2 during the clasic correction after it went almost 3x ? I call this bullshit. Nothing is going up in a straight line forever and theres been a lot of better fud than some fat fucks that have never discussed chainlink claiming some bullshit

>> No.13889522

I believe you. I have the same concerns. I have a lot less to lose though so I'm just going to hold anyway.

>> No.13889533
File: 11 KB, 175x252, face 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I tell the truth

>> No.13889546
File: 52 KB, 446x435, pepheus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop selling LINK

>> No.13889571

im riding this baby to zero or to 10k there is no selling between uncle oldfag whale killer larpers can go fuck themselves

>> No.13889576

>why sudenly too negative ?
As I've said before. I didn't sacrifice so much for the fucking team to shit their own project and flush it down the drain in the most important week of the project. If I would have known they would have pulled this god damn shit, I never would have fucking invested so much time and money into saving this shitfuck

>> No.13889579

>e is no selling between uncle oldfag whale killer larpers

>> No.13889591

>we either go to zero or we lose it all

>> No.13889595

>asks for a private email so he can talk about sucking dick one on one
>makes zero points aside from "muh tokenomics"
>addresses criticism by calling someone a brainlet in a sentence with words out of order
KYS newfag

>> No.13889615
File: 19 KB, 360x353, Dm4uUh9W0AIcIHF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're going to dump after mainnet aren't we

>> No.13889617

Tokenomics, brainlet

>> No.13889621

I am financially ruined.

>> No.13889636

stop trying to be the hero.

we don't need you.

go do something esle

>> No.13889656

Isn't this a guarantee of crypto? It always happens. Either hold through it or sell now.

>> No.13889670

based Steve

>> No.13889673

Almost certainly, but if you sell you're still retarded since the risk of missing out this once in a lifetime opportunity outweighs way too much the modest profit that you're gonna make if you swing it perfectly (which you won't btw)

>> No.13889677
File: 318 KB, 735x350, FUCK WHALES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13889716

What if Hudson Jameson is in fact whalekiller.

>> No.13889734

I’m almost certain it is.

>> No.13889758

If that were the case then I believe that would mean that he gave warning of the Fudson comments with the "86 hours of terror" thread. right? just thinking out loud

>> No.13889765

How did one of the team fud chainlink? By saying the blogpost was getting postponed? Why is that a big deal? That's also not an excuse to dump on us we all know you're one of the whales

>> No.13889769
File: 10 KB, 224x224, E19AD71A-24CC-4BA5-9A31-230F0C8CF7F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13889789

He’s probably also drunkanon who claimed he got his ass chewed by the team and they shut him down.

>> No.13889798

deposit fiat onto coinbase pro, buy ETH, send ETH to binance, buy LINK/ETH pair

>> No.13889816

I missed that thread. Why would it be Hudson though?

>> No.13889822

You dummies this isn't WhaleKiller. He wouldn't sell his LINK for fear of losses, he was purposely losing it to fight bots. Don't fall for FUD. This is the 1000x have some goddamn patience

>> No.13889830

Hi WhaleKiller on ipad :^)

>> No.13889841

If you truly mean what you say I am sure you can help anons buy dips in the future, don't take it so personally.

>> No.13889850

Fits the profile. Oversteps boundaries.. don’t want to do the same so I’ll stop there.

>> No.13889854

> Be hudson, an adviser that to this point has been quiet.
> Know when a spike due to NDAs lifting will occur
> Wait for buying to start dying down organically
> FUD to tank price further

>> No.13889872

Dong be surprised if when we hit the mid .90's to mid 80's by the morning of the 30th.

TA should always consider possible upside and downside objectives relative to current trading price and market structure.

Ask yourself. Where were the recent highs/lows? Have those highs/lows had a recent retest? If so, where would a whale want to enter/exit above/below recent market structure.

And last but not least. Whats the median between point a and b. We've yet to hit that median (aforementioned sub dollar level) and if we do then it will be just in time for new "smart" money to look at LINK as a bargain given it's recent highs.

>> No.13889892

ChainLink is BitConnect 2.0! Stay away! Decentralized Oracles? Who thinks up this nonsense?! What’s gonna Pump next? Decentralized Warlocks? Decentralized Wizards?

>> No.13889914

He built up trust by making some calls that were quasi-correct due to his own market-making. Made the real gullible anons think that he was on their side pushing price up. Dumped the price hard. Posted "86 hours of terror" and encouraged us to never sell. 86 hours is up after not that much volatility like the thread claimed. Gets on his namefag account and fuds publicly to get even more swingies to dump even after they thought they were "safe" after 86 hours of terror. This induced even more panic selling. All the while he's buying.

is this the basic premise of what you're proposing?

>> No.13889959

He has the same tripcode. Its him.

>> No.13889968

I’m saying it’s probably more simple than that. I think he’s the proverbial millennial attention whore with zero self awareness.

>> No.13889987

Feels good being so fucking deluded that I'll never ever sale regardless of what fud is trading currently. I've done my research and no amount of fud could convince me to sell. This was always supposed to be a 5 year long comfy hold.

>> No.13890013

Ah, the clumsy M.O., and the seemingly identical intentions of both Hudson and WK at the same point in time.. Now I'm starting to see.

>> No.13890018


>> No.13890065

Imagine having your assets frozen by the SEC for something you did so publicly on Twitter and a forum that tracks all IPs.

>> No.13890067

yes we do, if you do not see how this was intentional then I am starting to question your intelligence, also don't be so emotional, getting drunk for the first time in 2 years? are you just asking to set yourself up for failure for life? this little stunt of getting drunk and having a sell order for all your LINK would be the first, of many mistakes that would literally take you to your rock bottom, you need to check yourself dude.

>> No.13890083
File: 1.37 MB, 1242x2208, image0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any comments/thoughts, oh dearest whalekiller?

>> No.13890106

What if he’s being told too

>> No.13890146

there are invisible forces at play, if you have them on your side, chainlink has this force on its side, sergey could literally fulfill all the pasta concocted on here, and they would still succeed, there are bigger things at play here than just money buddy, don't be so binary.

>> No.13890150

If you actually understood how big this project is you wouldn't be worrying about minor movements or price suppression.

>> No.13890167

if you have this reaction, YOU ARE THE LITTLE GUY, don't be so arrogant, and reactive. im starting to suspect you are in on the fud. if thats the case I hope you literally get raped up the ass.

>> No.13890175

>not using dark theme
How can you stand it

>> No.13890200

he probably fuckin is, i'm pretty certain this piece of shit is trying to get new hands to sell.


>> No.13890209

if you have them on your side you can't lose*

>> No.13890221

why do you have doubts? the only project right now that has any credibility is chainlink. its a cross chain middleware that solves the oracle problem in a beautiful way. i never sold 1 link and will never sell any not until atleast 1000$ you really think we are joking here? your boomer habits make you think this is impossible, but thats the magic of crypto. no one was ever able to predict that btc would reach 20k$. you sound like a complete nulinker and a fucking sswinger...muhhh short term price movement. you are talking to battle tested holders that held and dcad through 1$ to 17 cents link...you sound like a complete pussy...drinking for the first time in years? what a fucking pussy.
the 4th industrial revolution is not a joke, the middleware that will solve the oracle problem will be worth more than the whole crypto.

>> No.13890223

you can pry my linkies out of my cold dead hands fag

>> No.13890229
File: 55 KB, 500x600, sergeyracist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the anon who offered to buy you a stake once things take off, I offered this when you made the thread for your faggy twitter page, I have a new offer faggot, it will still be a big juicy delicious steak, but it will be frozen, solid, and I will proceed to use it to bash the fuck out of your skull, until i can see your white meat, I might even take a chunk if I can penetrate deep enough, you need to sit the fuck down and realize what board you are on you piece of shit. I'm quite familiar with nashville don't fuck with this board.

>> No.13890237

he does not, he is just trying to shake weak, stupid hands.

>> No.13890263

have some respect you fucking ingrateful newfag jesus christ the absolute state of you poor fucks

he has every reason to have doubt since time and time again bitcoin has proven to be the only coin worth hodling long term. go back and look at the coin charts since before eth newfag and let me know how many of those coins are still around. eth is still new and now that we know bitcoin can handle smart contracts it might only be a matter of time

>> No.13890298

You're a larping piece of shit whalekiller.

Do not get doxxed.

>> No.13890304

No he's talking about a ChainLink advisor tweeting that ChainLink doesn't solve the oracle problem.

>> No.13890310
File: 142 KB, 1221x1007, KYS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally kill yourself, you don't know shit.

>> No.13890315

that's right, listen to this anon... forreal.

>> No.13890320

>I-i-i don't like what that anon said so I'll just plug my ears
try not being a dumb faggot and then maybe you'll make some money

>> No.13890331
File: 612 KB, 960x916, bendthyknee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have already made 300%+ on my initial, got any other dumb shit you want to say?

>> No.13890338

He is a fucking cringe faggot

>> No.13890339


>> No.13890352

300 rupees still won't get you anywhere, Prandeep

>> No.13890358

how did I know that was your next attack? you fucking kikes never change...

>> No.13890369
File: 1.06 MB, 1115x934, fuckyoujew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stay seething big nose, no one is falling for your tribe's tricks anymore, the game is up, your time is running out.

>> No.13890613

Fuck off & fuck your larp

>> No.13890855

Lol how is DADI an incompetent project, its one of the only ones having actual adoption. It may be shunned by the crypto community, but its getting increasing recognition and customers in the publishing world and beyond. But your post is a larp anyway, no real-world businesses are on binance surpressing the price of chainlink lol.

>> No.13890898
File: 791 KB, 2560x1580, 1525292798002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Their KYC got "leaked". At best massive incompetence at worst heinous.

>> No.13890913

Its upsetting to find out that Whakekiller is an actual retard. I expected better

>> No.13890984

Third party kyc provider got hacked, not their own. Happened to lots of projects at that time. And has absolutely no relevance for their business.

>> No.13890993

bullish for chainlink.

>> No.13891030

*This is bullish for LINK.

>> No.13891043
File: 1.10 MB, 400x400, 1550054919654.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you say so boss. Easily enough to tarnish a project though. And it has.

>> No.13891065

As I say, it has been shunned by the crypto community, which has enabled me to accumulate a big stack at 2M marketcap. Now its rising from actual clients buying in and node stakes. Until biz realizes this, it will be 5x and when reddit finally jumps in, it will already have done a 20x.

>> No.13891080

*As I said

>> No.13891091

My sides!!!

>> No.13891244
File: 134 KB, 500x902, 13t5kz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry but why are you all pretending the link team is a bunch of pros? They are just some cash grabbing normies who are way over their heads and all of you are so emotionally invested in what these guys will put in a blog post, lmfao beyond belief. Biz is officially the new reddit.

>> No.13891894

Sergey literally invented the internet with his mind in 1948

>> No.13892450

Exactly. I don't understand this part of it at all.

>oh no bots are keeping the price down before it's even being used! This cannot continue! I'm going to sacrifice my whole stack a week before the mainnet to stop this!
Assuming this entire thing isn't one big larp it makes 0 sense unless he really wants to be a /biz/ eceleb like assblaster

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