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Give me literally one use for a decentralized oracle, that can’t be done well enough with a centralized system.

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Scamming retards

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>well enough
We know you think hormones, clothes and makeup help you pass well enough, but you're not fooling anyone.

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Give me literally one use for an ecommerce website, that can’t be done well enough with a telephone sales system.

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define: well enough

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There's ... none? oh god....

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I miss the personal touch. Nowadays with these computers you can't look the person in the eye and shake their hand.

It's the same with decentralized oracle solutions. Used to be that there was someone who controlled all the information in my life, it was curated. Now it can just come all willy nilly from who knows where! I'll keep my money in baseball cards thank you

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Give me literally one use for an email, that can’t be done well enough with a fax system.

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Give me literally one use for a blockchain, that can't be done well enough with a relational database.

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Saving users >1% of their money per contract than is offered by the best competing centralized service. I’ll wait.

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Complex multi party financial instruments. Imagine 4 large banking entities in 4 different countries. When A settles with B then B wants to automatically pay C, and when C gets that money it wants to move half into a particular derivatives contract, and keep half in its accounts, while paying a fee to D, who also wants to pay a dividend to A and B.

Relying on a third party to do this is insanely expensive because of the number of checks and balances, and finding a reliable third party that A, B, C, D all agree on is difficult.

When you have a bulletproof piece of secure software that every party can look at in advance, and can see that as soon as everyone has played their role the payments WILL be made according to the agreed terms, and that at no point are you relying on company x or middleman y or even jurisdiction z to input data or process payments, then you have a superior solution.

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Sure but that doesn’t sound like you need oracle to perform that. How does it rely on real world data? Also large financial institutions don’t want their transactions to be publicly viewable, so its completely out of question they would use anything like this.

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Determining if Israel has a right to exist

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there isnt any

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Keeping track of niggers and jews in a decentralized manner

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Uh, the whole point is to be decentralized. A centralized system will always perform better, but can it be trusted?
Nice bait tho, OP you silly faggot.

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generally centralized systems can be trusted because they are owned by a company that has more to gain by being fair than by scamming their customers

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OP, I think you're missing the point.

Chainlink can still succeed if some number of blockchain projects need it, and those blockchain projects see adoption.

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the point is security and trust in data feeds - not necessarily cost savings. paying more for higher and higher levels of security is part of the model.

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This is the only good answer I've found. I know RSR plans to use market data provided by link to acquire collateral to support their stable coin. It seems kind of like an incestuous relationship to rely on other cryptocurrencies to pan out for your meme coin to pan out, but I guess it worked for ETH.

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>be decentralized blockchain project
>use an oracle whose code is made by a centralized party
makes you think

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Will link allow btc and eth be traded without the need of safu funds? That in and of itself is pretty big

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t. dunning-kruger sufferer

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>name me one thing you can do with a decentralized blockchain that you cant do with a database

fucking brainlet

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Literally a strawman hivemind argument congrats you're retarded.

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But your premise is kind of dumb no?

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No its a good premise because literally 99% of meme coins are vaporware and never see any real world use pajeet.

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Ok moron, I'll humor you. The centralized oracle goes down. Someone didn't pay the power bill. What happens to your application now? This is one example of literally infinitely many.

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What abhorrent post and you wonder why you get those responses lmao

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Oh ok you are actually legitimately retarded, not even in an insulting kind of way. Thanks for clearing that up.

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This is the true blackpill. Blockchain in general has very few legitimate use cases besides scamming retards out of their money.

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what is private key management and trusted execution?

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>well enough
^the problem^

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