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What's your endgame biz? What kind of life are you working towards?

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Chill house on the beach with a grand piano. Donate all my money to music education in my hometown.

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The kind of life that I don't have to "work towards" at all.

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I just want a big yard with space to burn shit and do whatever I want.

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i'm not working

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sex with my wife

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A final solution to the Jewish problem

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no idea desu just going with the flow

short-term goal would be to build a homestead/farm, masanobu fukuoka style

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I want to not have to worry about anything. Don't worry about rent. Don't worry about food/bills. Don't have to worry about my boy's medication.
I'm not going for anything extravagant. that would be wasteful and more stuff to worry about.
If I achieve that level of freedom, then I will find something to worry about (eg start a business). but it will be something I want. Not something forced on me

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expand my ecommerce business into brick and mortars in all metro areas, live in nyc and socal
cute blonde wife and cute blonde kids
grow it to 100M + business then become chairman of the board, chilling and doing WTF i want!

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Not being under a microscope

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I want to neet without feeling guilty.
I have plans to live in a cheap house in a rural area where I can avoid people. I find the 'fuck you' money life to be exhausting, but I guess you don't really know till you have it huh.

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holy fuck

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I'll use my fortune to kickstart a new inquisition against the jews

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I don't want to be on a leash to a workplace. I want to work on things I want to work on when I want to work on them. Sleep when I want, be awake when I want. Be on my own schedule.

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being a barbie girl, in a barbie world

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waiting some autistic kids to finally make it

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Giving away all my money after link hits $1000

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two chicks at the same time

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2 million in retirement funds for myself and also for my brother...we’re both in our early thirties.

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Also sex with this man’s wife.

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investing in biotech, cybernetics, and VR for myself
Investing in robo chics for fellow anons and to piss off roasties back to their initial intended value.

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NEET and playing 10 hours of WoW Classic each day.

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chilling fishing playing games retreat in the woods when i feel like

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big cringe and yikes

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financial freedom. not having to work but choosing to.

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why is she a zombie

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>>13868808 fpbp
>>13868820 admirable
>>13869016 based
>>13869087 you've got to go back

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A McMansion, a new pickup truck, a new boat, and a new Lambo

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i want 2 homes, one in my hometown, one somewhere warm probably in oz.
want to get back into writing and my forgotten first love of animation, funding the real holocaust on the side

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play quake all day

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Play battlefield 2 all day

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I want to make my father proud of me just once before he dies.

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I just want to be able to afford a house without (((debt)))

That's it.

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>make a stack
>save it for retirement
>Add the interest to my normal wage slave check
I just want to be comfy with a nice safety net

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fucking burnout surfer

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Cat'n'Frog cult.

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I would just have money for the virtue of having it. I don't need flash cars, mansions, women. Maybe I'd go on a trip and not try to budget everything like I do now, I'd definitely find some part time work as well just so I stay in touch with reality and not go insane with boredom. I would also start reading a lot and spend days reading and studying on any particular topic of interest. Money's only good if you have it and not use it anyway.

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Do well at internship this summer. Get good grades next year study for gmat.
Graduate get into 1-year Top tier MS program
Concentrate in finance
Get job in finance making 70-80k starting or Join military get out go to good MBA program on the cheap
Get job in finance make 6 figures out of Grad school
Reconnect with old friends, move to HF or PE
Invest in Real Estate
Start my own company w/ old College friends/ trustworthy people with similar interests
Get silly rich
Go into Politics, make name for myself, amass power
Retire when satisfied or sufficiently unsatisfied with achievements
Continue to invest in innovative ideas and industries that can further humanity.
Purchase large property on which to build ancestral home for future generations of my family
Live as long as life is enjoyable after that point, with help of presumably new technology.
Die accomplished, lowed and admired with multiple remnant of my legacy to carry survive when I cease to be, peaceful in the knowledge nobody will know I ever frequented forbidden ‘4channel’

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I'm working to go from being a man to being a woman.

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>no worries about money
>eat good everyday, fresh smoothies, fresh food
>fat brapper gf w/ milkies
>house somewhere in the snow with land, outdoor hot tub, large mining operation also used to heat the place
>vacation to some of the crypto conventions and keep low profile just to see whats new
>business that promotes crypto usage and adoption
>indulge in cyber punk things

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Enough passive income to not have to work. A house on some forested land in a cold country. A tall skinny wife, 3 beautiful daughters and a strong son to homeschool.
And no niggers or kikes left on the planet.

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me too fren

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Bags of sand.

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Sounds like you were raped in the ass in your childhood.

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Thousands of rural mountain acres, self sustainable compound, huge art and craft studio, gym, all kinds of tools. grants to struggling young, white artists to come learn how to make things and live free of coercion from urban bullshit

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a life where i have a beautiful gf and we love each other

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I just realized while taking a big shit that being a (( failure )) isn't that bad, it's just about money anyway...

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Over $10 million USD.

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Huge Library to spend most of my day in, large colonial home, and a respectable+smart waifu.

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Cabin near a lake in southern Indiana, paid in cash. Like six or seven acres so I can have chickens and dogs. Enough to re invest in the boomer market and crypto. Maybe open up a little tap room so I can be literal pic related. Comfy, in my opinion. Good luck all

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Lol wrong pic

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to fix myself.

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When I make it I’m going to invest in immortality efforts. It could happen in our lifetime except faggots want to buy Gucci bags instead of advancing science

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im just trying to make enough to buy my freedom and time back and then ill focus on helping others do the same

if i have enough time after all that ill work on shilling family values to help the nation

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B & R

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I want to move to a nice quiet neighbourhood, near a city maybe but not in it, or if it's in a city then a quiet part away from heavy traffic

I always wanted to be an eceleb for the memes but I feel like my current situation is no good for that (not much money, live in the middle of nowhere with no scenes for any hobby)

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I didn't even know that wtf

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I just want to buy my own house outright far away from my loving family, living with them is literally driving me insane

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Acres of land with a castle, well, armory, and livestock. And want to start my own family name.

Pretty much a neo-feudal lord.

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I want to stop working so I can get back in the gym and realize my full potential as a power-lifter or bodybuilder. Marry a beautiful woman from Nigeria, Thailand, or Philippines that will love me unconditionally. I want to travel and expand my fluency in the languages that I've been casually learning for years.

tl:dr quit my career and pursue my autistic desires

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Hopefully dying in my sleep.

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Based and redpilled

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Hopefully, buy a house and rent it to zoomers so I can live in it for free while they paid off my house.

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At a bit of a crossroads. 22, stable job, qt azn gf and I can do what I love every weekend. For some reason I'm into being a super submissive guy and my gf is a switch....somewhat.
I switch too. I still get off talking to online doms. One of them is literally my goal dom but at the same time I've been brought up to believe I should have a family and everything. What do?

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I want power, wealth, a mansion, a big family, and a Aston Martin

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Emigrate back to my shithole country and start up an oil empire

It’ll never happen but a man can dream