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>$100 in my checking account
>$9000 worth of LINK in my hardware wallet
am I stupid or a genius

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anon, I...

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Trips of truth

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>he bought link, unironically
It’s gone too far /biz/

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>I have about $1800 in checking/savings
>have a little over 4K LINK

Sad to know I won't get to 10K LINK before Thursday.

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Just keep your head above water and it'll all work out. I'm in a similar position.

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>he fell for the hardware wallet meme

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satan please

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Confirmed. Checked. Winning locked in.

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Checked fren. KEK in this thread?- I think so.

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You are exactly me OP. Putting the last of my money in LINK tomorrow and trying to find the best way to store it off an exchange.

I feel like I've already made it.

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11k link

4,000 saving

15,000 credit card debt

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>board is 90% chainstink
>trips occur

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You're stupid for not having at least $50k worth of LINK, newfag

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Both. Store your link on a paper wallet

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10k link
12k debt

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Considering you're using a hardware wallet you are what we call a sheep

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$1k in bank
$70k in link

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im getting my wages garnished soon (:

cus i have not paid them one penny back

when i get my wages garnished im just gonna quit my job and daytrade link

i already make an easy 50 dollars a day trading ink and playing video games whille im high

im actaully getting tired of all this. im gonna kill myself

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$98 in checking
lt. col. stack
50k in 401k
8k debt

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$0 checking
$3500 cc debt
10k link
lets fucking go

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2k in savings
15k in link
thinking about using the rest of my savings to buy more stinkies

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Neither man you'll just be poor lol.

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same situation here OP but zero in the bank

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$30 checking
10k in link

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You will make it. 1k in my checking. 50k in link. I already quit my job too.

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>100k Link
>0$ checking


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1.5k in checking
15k in LINK

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0 checking
0 link

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>9k LINK
>750$ in checking
>5$ in savings account
>0$ in debt

Id dump most of the checking into LINK but coinbase keeps rejecting my card for some reason.

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Use coinmama

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whoa there KingK

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>99% of my net worth in crypto
needed these trips, thanks anon

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Welcome to my personal hell OP. Soon to be heaven.

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100k link, $40k in bank

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Genius. You'll always be able to get $1 for $1 but Chainlink is gonna cost way way more than $1 in the future.

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100k in binance nd my ledger
7k in the bank
Let’s go

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this is so based

knowing how much of losers a lot of the people here are, i hope we become ultra-rich with link just so we can be turbo-neets on steroids and be smug about it.

"yeah i was 20K in debt and didn't have much money in my bank account and bought a bunch of an internet meme token that some guy named assblaster shilled to me on an anime forum where a bunch of unemployed losers discovered that the team that ran the company we were investing in was a 2 man team working out of a nail salon and things kind of just took off from there really."

the bible had an improper translation when it said that "the meek will inherit the earth."
i think the word neets hadnt been invented yet. "The neets will inherit the earth." God always had a plan for us.

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>$700 in my checking account
>$60,000 worth of link in mew
been living like a poorfag for the past year

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>just a potato

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>$0 checking
>$180K in debt
>12K link
let's fucking go boys

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$1000 in my checking account

$21000 in LINK...

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Dubs confirmed eternal sadness. Sorry fren.

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Checked the time trips

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2k in account
3k links
would like to buy more but those USDs will free me from my slavery. neeting it up in SEA starting in sept

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>$524 checking
>$1846 savings
>$1100 in BTC and ETH
>$3k+ debt

I'm never gona make it lads, but some of you will and I'm rootin' for ya.

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You're going to neet in SEA with 2k?

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At this market cap I think you’re an idiot

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Checked. This thread is blessed

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I only have 5.5k link and I feel overextended. If I really wanted to I could get 100k plus. Reading this thread I just put in another $25.

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$700 in checking account
$35k in LINK
$3k for riding random shitcoin pumps then dumping profit into more LINK

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Fuck of turbo nigger you’re not part of our krew and friendship

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>green id
>frantically starts searching for next binance pump

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I just have no idea how one justifies putting so much of their net worth in this. The shame I would feel if it failed would kill me.

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get a load of moneybags over here

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its not a meme when I can trade off the wallet, and no transactions can be broadcasted unless I sign them with hardware interaction. Cold storage is the only option for safety in cryptocurrency.

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moron linkie LOL

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500 link
10k debt

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7k in checking acct
20k in savings
17k spread across HOT and LINK.

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No risk, no reward. If it was safe, everyone would do it.

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6k in crypto
1k in savings
7k credit card debt

I have to win bros.

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no it literally meant what it says

when the meek inherits the earth things go to fucking shit, just look at what's happening now. The bible predicted clown world

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