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Why does the economy always need to grow? Why is it so important that Starbucks have 35,000 locations instead of 30,000? Why is "growth" the measure we use to determine if an economy is healthy or not? When do we abandon the pyramid scheme and start focusing on sustainability?

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Stop being anti-Semitic.

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Stop asking questions anon. Just be a good anon and invest. Contribute to the growth.

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continued growth is the only way the host doesn't die.

The parasites (jew) want to keep their cattle from dying, for now.

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Economic growth is a proxy for population growth. We've been trying to hide the fact of falling birth rates through financialization. Soon, Europe and Asia won't be able to bear the costs of it anymore though.

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Stagnation leads to decay and death. We don't have the option to just put things on pause.

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Keysian economics

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Capitalism run amock.

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Kek, I've heard this line from so many busy bodies. They get livid when I say their work will be forgotten within a few months after their death.

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Cool it with the anti-semitism. Take that kind of shit to /pol/.

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btfo communist

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It means they can increase the money supply without causing inflation among the plebs.

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